Monday, August 11, 2008

Show - Panther, August 14th, 2008

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 - at Daniel Street Club:
PANTHER w/Digital Leather, Fiasco, Eula, Electric Bucket & Murdervan

Daniel Street Club
321 Daniel Street
Milford CT
$5.00 - 7:00PM - 21+

DIRECTIONS: Click here

Portland, Oregon's Charlie Salas-Humara is essentially the one-man band Panther, who has toured with the Gossip and Ratatat. Known for his unusual chaotic dancing, his eccentric noodlings involve a melting pot of funk, disco, soul, and electro. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, he moved to Portland in 1995 with his band the Planet The, who stayed together for a decade. At a solo performance night where people from different bands played acoustic, Salas-Humara sabotaged the night with drum machines. With encouragement from friends, he continued experimenting as Panther. The result was Secret Lawns in March 2007, which includes guest spots from members of YACHT, White Rainbow, Plants, Point Line Plane, and E*Rock. After adding drummer Joe Kelly (formerly of 31 Knots), Panther switched to Kill Rock Stars for 14 Kt. God. (

Digital Leather take their cues from late ‘70s/early ‘80s synthpunk pioneers such as The Screamers, Nervous Gender and The Units. This Arizona-based one man band relies on just keyboards, drum machines and vocals to set the scene of gloomy electronic desert landscapes and gay night club discotheques. This is the life of Sean Foree, who created a masterpiece in his one bedroom apartment in Tempe, Arizona. Live, he borrows members from The Wongs, Reatards, Lost Sounds and Destruction Unit. His music is sure to appeal to fans of the current rebirth of keyboards in punk... but Digital Leather surely push the boundaries of that.

Fiasco: They’re not out of high school but they’ve already been through the press circus. They’ve never gone on a major tour but their Brooklyn shows at DIY spaces still hit overflow capacity. You could blame it on the hype, but Fiasco never would’ve left their parents’ basement if these kids were just another garage band.

As for Eula (a CT Indie fave), Electric Bucket and Murdervan, we're talking homegrown rock action. Lots of fun here from these high energy garage/punk/pop/noise rock bands!

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