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Monday, February 28, 2011

Partners Café (in the BASEMENT)
365 Crown Street
New Haven, CT

9 PM - Free - 21+ to taco

TACO PARTY is a multi-media exhibition whose soundtrack is rare music through space and time.

DJ sets by:

King Panos (Kings)

Rick Omonte (Shaki Presents)


Jimi Patterson

Video collages by: Jimi & Emmy

NBA Jam on the projector? SWISH!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nude For Satan! NightBitch, Part Deux, This Time It's Sleazier

It's been a while since we last heard from our own home grown denizens of doomy sleaze metal, and in that time the band has been very busy, preparing for some new releases, playing shows and generally raising a ruckus with their unholy racket. I checked in with guitarist Ryan Adams to get the low down on what has been going down with the 'Bitch these days as they prepare to play a show with sludge legends Eyehategod on Monday at Daniel Street in Milford.

So what has been going on with the band, since the last time we spoke?
Lots going on since we last spoke.

I heard you changed vocalists. What is the situation on that?
We have amicably parted ways with Phil Swanson and our drummer, Chris, is now handling vocals in addition to drumming. We played our first gig as a three-piece last month with our friends Black Pyramid and it went quite well. Chris keeps faithful to Phil's melodies and phrasing while putting his own personality into it and the result is pure sensual menace! We couldn't be more pleased with his performance.

The "Sex & Magic EP" was recently released on vinyl and there are plans to release on CD, can you tell us a little bit about that?
The "Sex and Magic" LP was released by Cyclopean Records on December 7th and sold out by the first week of January. Select American and European distros may still have some copies in stock and I believe our friends at Redscroll Records in Wallingford have a few as well. We have set a certain number of our own copies aside for both the EYEHATEGOD show and our upcoming appearance at No Life Fest in Boston in early March to take care of our friends and supporters here at home. With regards to a repress... time will tell. Jason and Cyclopean did a tremendous job and we cannot thank them enough. It really came out beautifully.
Phil, despite no longer being in the band, has been an invaluable ally to the band and while I cannot divulge any proper names at this time, it looks as though he has found a very well-regarded European label to release "Sex and Magic" on luxurious digipak CD format. Hopefully these will be in our hands by summer.

Do you have any new material that you are working on?
Prior to our trip to Dublin this past September, much of the time we would have devoted to writing new material was spent perfecting the Hour of 13 set. Since our return we have written and demoed four new macabre fantasias, one of which, "Disrober", we will be debuting on Monday. It is as much an homage to the occult / sexploitation films of the 70's with their cryptic rituals and otherworldy atmosphere as an experiment in focusing our collective will upon one specific and ignoble goal. "Nude for Satan", indeed!

~photo: aaron michael pepelis

What are your upcoming plans for the band?
We plan to take a break from live activities after these two shows to focus on writing and recording for a full-length. We have been fortunate enough to attract the attention of some excellent labels and we would like to precede the full-length with a 7" to showcase the new vocals and also include a cover for the B-side. We are also Hell-bent on returning to Ireland to sleaze with our brothers once again, bless their fucks.

Has your mission of "bringing a sleazy strut to the Connecticut music scene" changed?
Thus, our Hell-ordained mission of sleaze has not changed in the slightest. If anything, it has been crystallized. There are so many influences - musical, aesthetic, chemical and carnal - that play a role in shaping Nightbitch's refinement, evolution and forward-regression that each practice is like some reprobate alchemical experiment. We never know what it will yield, but we can be sure that GOD WON'T LIKE IT!
"By cryptic ritual compelled...
Nubile flesh...
Nude for Satan"

So there you have it. No reason why you should miss this show!

Misery Index
Thy Will Be Done

Monday, February 21
Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford, CT
7:00 pm - 21+ - $16

Buy tix online from Manic Productions or scoop them up in person at Redscroll Records.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Duchampion S/T

Duchampion are a melodic indie rock, pop driven, post-hardcore-ish band. I read online somewhere that one of the guys in Duchampion studied with Alvin Lucier (I Am Sitting In A Room) among having a handful of other academic musical fun. So, like the other solid and similar local act Fugue, you can hear the brainy compositional spine in their sound, but also like Fugue, they still manage to feel spontaneous. The new s/t record's production is pretty slick, but the one complaint is that the vocals are very very thin. I had mentioned the D.C. band Faraquet when I talked about Fugue in December, but I think maybe Faraquet and Duchampion have even more in common. Duchampion might want to check out the LP The View From This Tower to get those vocals better for next time around. Whatever, though, all the guitar work is intricate as hell and the drumming super tight. Check out the whole thing on their Bandcamp.

The LP is available in an edition of 500 black 12"ers. Purchasing the LP also includes a free, high-quality digital download in a format of your choosing. $15 USD.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ferocious Fucking Teeth

BEER MISSILE (a Brushback pic? - turns out, no)

Lots of neglected emails came in during several weeks of chaos. At the top of all the shitty press releases was a message from Ferocious Fucking Teeth. Sick ass heaviness. Thank you for giving me some solid stoner-core to enjoy this morning. There's something old school in their sound too, like those Thrasher Skate Rock compilations from whenever that was. They get into time changes that go beyond half-time stomp, but still reserve their right to leave a boot print in your face, they squawk with effected vocals, and use whatever recorded whacked out mumbles that appear on Hounds, the last track on their eponymous 7". The band is nice and raw. Their page reads: 5 Piece heavy jams, detuned guitar, low ass baritone, two sets of huge drums and cymbals, and torn up throat cords. New London CT. Guess they have a full length on the way. Between that, the new Oiltanker and a new Iron Hand, 2011 may just shape up to be an alright year.

Catch these bastards on March 28, 2011 at Daniel Street with The Funeral Pyre, The Secret and Black Pyramid.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video: I Watch The Sea by The Mountain Movers

I Watch The Sea by The Mountain Movers, from their cassette Get Out

Get Out EP cassette tape (CCA004) $6.99 FREE shipping in USA. Limited edition, made and assembled at Car Crash Avoiders HQ, released February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Scars To Prove It: Pristina Makes Brutal Art Out of Life's Hard Times

Pristina's music plumbs the dark side of the human psyche. Since forming in 2003 the band has a waged a war against generic trends in heavy music forming their own sound, that is equal parts hardcore and metal, while mixing in vertigo inducing samples, and a noisy aggressive streak that would make them the perfect match for the Amphetamine Reptile record label of the mid 1990's. It is aggro as hell, and takes no prisoners.
According to bassist/vocalist Brendan K Duff the band formed with very simple goals.
"We formed as a reaction to what the trends were at the time. All these bands were out trying desperately to be the next Killswitch Engage or Atreyu or bands like that. The scene was getting really lame. We were trying to be the complete opposite of whatever was popular," said Duff.
But their arrival at their sound, didn't happen overnight and it took a lot of trial and error.
"To be honest, in the beginning we were a mess. Very obnoxious music for the sake of being obnoxious. It took a couple of years in the practice room and playing out to find ourselves and our sound. We really just stopped caring what was going on outside of our own band and started to evolve into what we are now. I know we aren't and probably never will be for everyone. However, I think we are truly doing something pretty unique in the sense that are no bands out there who sound like us," said Duff.
This evolution of sound is most apparent on the band's newest record, "The Drought (Ov Salt and Sorrow)", released late last year on Trendkill Records, it features the best parts of hardcore and metal combined into a living breathing beast of a record, that culminates in the epic 23 minute album closing title track.
In a world where singles rule, the band, which also features JP Fernandes and Mike Ratboy on guitar, as well Michael Banfield on drums, shows its dedication to its art, by crafting this monstrous epic. Combining fuzzed out hardcore and metal riffs, creepy spoken word samples, raw throated vocals, a freaking drum solo in the middle as well as a clean sung coda. It's controlled chaos at it's best and shows the band at the height of their creative powers.
"The concept of a 23 minute song was born out of a desire to write something challenging and different from anything any of us had ever done. I honestly feel that these days music is losing itself and many people seem to forget this is an art form. Even heavy music. The industry is so concerned with "units" and singles and above all profit. I personally find that more often than not, what's out there is really just disposable media. In all genres. We really just wanted to do something completely different. I mean, bands writing really long songs has been done before, but as I said, in the end we simply wanted to challenge ourselves and make some real art. The song means a lot to us. We honestly spent almost an entire year writing it, " said Duff.
But just because they had a kick ass sound and a swirling monster of a song, it didn't actually translate into interest from the get go. It took a while for labels to get interested and realize they had an excellent record on their hands. It was a struggle.
"Oh man, there were problems from jump street. Very long story short. As I said, it took almost a year just to write the thing. We had no real label interest at the time so we had to save up the money to record ourselves. When the title track was done, we shopped it everywhere and no one was interested. They basically all said that they liked us and what we were going for but they weren't interested in releasing a 23 minute, single song EP. The title track was originally meant to be a stand alone piece. In that time, we just decided to record more music we had written. By coincidence all of them together sounded cohesive and decided putting them all together would be a really strong LP with the 23 minute song as the coup de grace. After shopping the LP version, we found labels to release both the CD and vinyl versions. Unfortunately from there, there were more problems with delays and all other kinds of bullshit. At least it finally came out, but from conception to completion it was a four year ordeal, " said Duff.
This shows that sticking you guns does pay off in the long run for a band. But as much as this was a success, Duff faced other challenges in the form of an addiction to heroin, it started out slowly, but soon he became a full blown addict. And he learned a hard fought lesson.
"It's not that it was a secret at all, but I only started opening up about it in public very recently. I figure that maybe somehow it can possibly stop some kid out there from following that path because it's a bad scene and never ends well. Ever. It changes you. It really changes you," said Duff.
It started simply enough.
"Basically I fell into the trap that a lot of people who use heroin do. In 2002, I blew out my back really bad and became addicted to pain killers. I was abusing them so heavily that in order to get enough I would have to lie to doctors about losing them. Filing false police reports all over the country saying my bag was stolen that had the pills in them. At one time I was seeing three separate doctors who were all prescribing me pills. Eventually I couldn't bullshit them anymore and found I could get heroin cheaper and easier. From there I started to spiral down," said Duff.
From there he became a full blown addict. His whole life revolved around finding enough money to get his daily fix before he would get dopesick. Everything else became secondary at that point, including family, friends, love, sex, passion and music. His health started to decline giving him liver problems that he has to this day. His skin and eyes turned yellow and he had bruises and stretch marks all over him. He spent most of his life drooling, sleeping and puking. It took his life completely over, but he eventually did have enough.
"Every bad thing you've heard is true. At some point I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself anymore. I had to make a change or die. So I entered recovery in 2007 and have been clean since. Aside from falling off a few times in the beginning, I've been clean since. I'm on a drug called suboxone and couldn't have made it without it. Also my wife and my band helped greatly," said Duff.
The band and it's front man have fought various battles and have come out on top, or at the very least with a kick ass new record and a senses frying live show. So come down to Cherry Street this Friday and witness a band that wears it's scars proudly, yet uses the experience gained from those scars as the impetus for some kick ass music. You will be glad you did.

Manic Productions In Association with Goatcult presents:
Revocation, Pristina, Scaphism, Katahdin
Friday, February 18
Cherry Street Station
491 N. Cherry Street Extension
Wallingford, CT
8:00 pm - 21+ - $8

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Keep posting updates on the Facebook fanpage for the next week or two.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Gay Blades, Vuvuzela,Those Mocking Birds

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Space
295 Treadwell St
Hamden, CT

All Ages - 7:00PM - $10

Buy tix now

bios via Space

Over the past three years, The Gay Blades have built an international following on their side-stepping demeanor, their unpredictable live shows and, of course, their unhinged manic sound. But while their fan base is still marveling at how the larger-than-life duo can fill aural spaces so completely as a two-piece, the band is ready to unveil their sophomore album, Savages, which promises to astonish both their current devotees and future fans alike.

Those Mockingbirds from NJ released their debut EP in mid 2010. The EP debuted at #1 on the Amazon Movers and Shakers chart. Those Mockingbirds recently released a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" and are writing new material for a follow up record.

Vuvuzela - Classical Harp, Upright Bass, Piano and Eccentric drums compose despondent circus esq. songs with odd meters. Josh and James from Kiss Kiss are joined by Stephanie Babirak and Ben Goldstein in the odd musical combo.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joan of Arc, Out Like Lambs, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

Wednesday, February 2 2011, Manic Productions presents

254 Crown Street
New Haven, CT

9:00pm - 21+ - Free

bios via Manic

Joan of Arc:
Based on their roots and their hometown, it's not surprising that Chicago's Joan of Arc blends post-rock's atmospherics and punk's volume and dynamics. Singer/guitarist Tim Kinsella, drummer Mike Kinsella, and bassist Sam Zurick came from the emocore band Cap'n Jazz; when that band broke up, the trio wanted to change their musical direction. They did just that when they started playing with keyboardist/guitarist Jeremy Boyle and guitarist Eric Bocek in summer 1996, removing the boundaries and structures of punk and including more experimental elements like tape loops and electronics.

Calling themselves Joan of Arc, the group went on tour with their friends the Promise Ring (who also featured ex-Cap'n Jazz members) in August 1996. Joan of Arc's live set met with a strong, positive audience, just in time for their first 7" single, Method & Sentiment. After spending the fall of that year writing and recording, the band re-emerged in 1997 with A Portable Model of Joan of Arc, their full-length debut. The album continued Joan of Arc's evolution into an equally hard-hitting and progressive outfit that appealed to emo and post-rock fans alike. The following year they returned with How Memory Works, a more clearly stated version of their ambitious style. Joan of Arc rang in 1999 with the release of Live in Chicago 1999. Gap was released a year later. In February 2003, the band returned with So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness, although plans for a much bigger release were skirted to the side. Three months later, that extra material found its way onto In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust, capturing Tim and Mike Kinsella's darkest work yet. After moving to Polyvinyl, the band recorded the experimental Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain and released the album in 2004. Eventually, All at Once, which the band described as a "casual folk-drone record," arrived in 2006 on Record Label. In October 2007, the band scored the creepy and instrumental Orchard Vale Soundtrack, and Boo Human arrived in 2008.

Joan of Arc's lineup remained in flux throughout the 2000s, with Tim Kinsella always remaining at the center of the group. In 2009, the frontman decided to reach out to his former bandmates and assemble Don?t Mind Control, a unique record featuring 18 different bands. Each group included a one-time member of Joan of Arc, and the resulting album included songs by Vacations, Ghosts and Vodka, and Pillars and Tongues.
Polyvinyl Records.

Out Like Lambs:
“Man, I love me some sorrow and soul in my indie folk. Songs that seem so long that they abandon all ‘formulas’ and ‘methods’ of songwriting and just go with the flow. Natural ideas and sounds. I think Out Like Lambs does it so well. Huge, vast, wonderful soundscapes that seem to reach beyond any speaker system. They just stretch. It’s not overwhelming at all, but definitely euphoric. An orchestra of light acoustic sounds and progressively soulful vocals. I am in love.” -Stop Sleeping Yo

The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die formed in the fall of 2009 in eastern Connecticut and play a unique brand of post-rock-damaged second wave emo. Their songs are written about the joys and pains of being alive from a collective perspective.
Topshelf Records