Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ralph White @ Willimantic Records on Sunday 7/1

Former Bad Liver Ralph White takes his gripping avant-garde folk brilliance to Willimantic Records! He will be playing at 1PM so get there early and enjoy an early afternoon of interesting music! Playing a number of different instruments and having his own VERY unique style, this show is going to be interesting as all hell!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: pools are nice “Then you’re thinking too much” by Mike Spinelli

Pools are nice is the best band name for this band’s sound. The quartet, hailing from Orange, provides a lofi garage funk sound to get you through a hot summer’s day. I would love to be cooling off in a pool right now, with two brews in my floatation device. So yes, pools are nice, and I think it’s safe to assume the band agrees with that statement as well. Their latest EP, “Then you’re thinking too much” is a must have for all post-punk lovers.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Man Forever / People Of The North / The Moving Company / Atrina @ Acoustic Cafe 6/27

Acoustic Cafe is putting on an awesome show Wednesday, featuring all new music from members of Oneida (whom I love!). Come down and hang with cool people and experience the awesomeness.

The Young bring their high lonesome desert rock to New Haven

The music of Austin, Texas' The Young brings to mind the open and dusty expanses of their home state. They play a gritty form of rock powered by distortion that is perfect for long drives with no particular place to go. One can see precedents in their sound in various artists from the 70's who decided to turn up and jam out. In fact, on their new record "Dub Egg" it was their intention to make a record that mimicked some of their idols.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Danbury Lie's New Album

Recently featured on CTIndie's Summer Mixtape D60 (on side A of the RED tape), The Danbury Lie sent us a link to their new record, eponymously titled, which is a well crafted set of like-minded songs. The album is presented below in 1 single stream containing all tracks in order.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kid/Astro - Disaster Sounds on Seagreen Records

Kid/Astro is an up and coming CT band featuring Jordan of High Pop, and 3 other like-mindeds with a penchant for high energy, fuzzed out rock and roll! Their new record "Disaster Sounds" is out on Seagreen Records (100 tapes are coming in August).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Wee Bees - Sunset Parade EP

New Haven's The Wee Bees may have gotten the inspiration for their name from this guy but their music comes from a long relationship with pop music.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Plus - Cerulean Dream

Are you ready to be submersed into a sea of electronic sound? The Fairfield artist, Color Plus, is the captain of this voyage. Prepare yourself a glass of the finest whiskey and enjoy the ride. Color Plus’s beat tape, “cerulean dream” is not one to be missed.

Color Plus - My Three Suns by CTINDIE

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diogenes in Hell - Venus Dominating the World

Diogenes, greek philosopher, creator of the Cynic school of philosophy, I believe... Anyway one could probably write an entire article on the band name alone. So, rather than bore you with all that, lets talk about the music. Diogenes in Hell, from what I gather, consists of one fellow: Ariel is his name... I think... The sound of this mysterious project is minimalistic and utilizes sub-bass quite heavily. The soundscapes resemble something Robert Fripp might do if he was influenced by Apple Seed Cast. I can't help but think of Bedhead too when I listen to "Venus Dominating the World."

Diogenes in hell - we Are free by mexicanrobots

Connecticut's own Gary Higgins: "Red Hash" and beyond

When Gary Higgins went in to record his debut album "Red Hash" back in 1972, circumstances were much different for the young folk singer. There was an impending jail sentence looming, so he went in and recorded and album of urgent songs, that would some 40 years later become heralded as the birth of psych-folk. Though, the album originally disappeared quickly on first release, its legend grew, garnering a bunch of fans such as Ethan Miller (Howlin Rain) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance), with original copies of the album going for very high prices on the collectors market. Drag City re-issued "Red Hash" back in 2005 to great acclaim. It even lead to a very well received new album from Higgins in 2009 called "Seconds", as well as a re-issue of some pre-"Red Hash" recordings in "A Dream A While Back" in 2011.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Don Preston: A Grandfather of Invention

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of finishing up an interview with Don Preston over the phone, in between the American and European legs of the Grandmothers of Invention's current tour. My first interview, in person at their Infinity Hall show, had crashed and burned due to technical difficulties with a digital recorder, ironically enough considering that Don's career has always been strongly centered in the technology of the times. What follows is a rundown of the personal history he recounted to me, as well as some individual snapshots of his crazy stories and specific experiences in the past 40 some-odd years.

Royal Thunder bring their bad ass hard rock to Wallingford this Friday

In an alternate universe, a band like Atlanta's Royal Thunder, would be full on rock stars, and their passionate, and well crafted, riff rock would be played on heavy rotation on whatever local commercial rock radio station is in your area. In an age when many bands considered hard rock or metal, are getting slick, soulless and a little cliché ridden, it's nice to find a band that is flying the flag for high octane, no bs riff rock topped with soulful vocals, which are provided by their take charge front woman/bassist Mlny Parsonz.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spotlight On: The Stomping Ground in Putnam CT

Northeastern CT has been known as quiet, perhaps even uneventful. Well, no longer! The Stomping Ground has opened it's doors to the public and plans of having an eclectic mix of events and music to keep everyone enthralled!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Speedy Ortiz - Sports EP

Sports EP finds Speedy Ortiz expanding on the intricacies of songwriting that was being hinted at in the Taylor Swift b/w Swim Fan single that came out in march. Their instrument tones and mixing is still at an all time high and this clarity allows all of the lush details each member expertly adds to be noticed.

GET YR SKA ON THIS MONDAY 6/11 @ The Heirloom Arts Theatre

The Heirloom Arts Theatre is bringing the ska right to your face on Monday June 11. The Void Union; The Nix86; Stop Exploding, You Cowards! will be there. Will you?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheerleader - Cheerleader

Cheerleader - New Daze by mexicanrobots
Hailing for the Harford, Conn area, Cheerleader indulges their audience with sonic cotton-candy; lush and dreamy pop. Their debut EP, eponymously named, is short... very short... two songs... which is quite disappointing, since it is so damn good. The group's upbeat overall sound embrases the classic 'indie-rock' sensibilities while still keeping the music fresh and interesting. There is a slight 80s feel, but I think it's just because of the drum machines. Cheerleader is a primarily keyboard/synth driven group, with dreamy guitars chiming in dueling with the buried vocals.

Estrogen Highs - Irrelevant Future

Estrogen Highs - I wanna be tall by mexicanrobots

Meta-modernism is the new post-modernism--reimagining threads of the past to create nostalgic, yet fresh new sounds, images, or writing. Somewhat different from how Post-modernists deconstructs what once was and rebuilds from there--it lacked the nostalgic feeling. New Haven's Estrogen High's newest record, "Irrelevant Future," certainly fits the meta-modernist movement quite well. Though, perhaps I am reading in to them too much. Their revival of 77 Style grimily mixed with Brit-punk shimmers through their quite impressive recording while simultaneously creating a fresh look at these ancient styles. (I could swear they recorded it on tape...) A lot of bands try to be another band. For example, some bands might mimic the sound Wire, or The Chills, or Joy Division... The key word is mimic... Estrogen Highs do much more than mimic, they reinvent and transcend the sound in which they are influenced by. From listening to this record, it sounds like they take much influence from Wire, Pink-Flag era, yet, as i mentioned a second ago, they have completely taken the sound and made it their own. This is hard to do.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1974 at Zen Bar June 9th; New EP: "The Return"

The opening of 1974's new EP, "The Return," reminded me of what I've been uncovering while delving further into the seemingly endless discographies of King Crimson, Yes, and other older bands. This was in line with what I'd read about 1974, and thus precisely what I expected from them. But halfway through the first short track, the band started to pull in numerous other genre influences, and to push out a more eclectic and unplaceable sound.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ramming Speed bring full tilt metal to New London On June 7

Thursday, June 7, 2012

El 'n' Gee
86 Golden St
New London, CT

$10.00 / All Ages

w/ Phobia, Strong Intention, DxCx, InTheShit, Spitting Black, Throne Hunter, American't

Since 2005, Boston's Ramming Speed, have been bringing their crossover influenced, crust-tinged thrash to the masses, releasing one full length (2009's "Brainwreck"), a couple of EPs and a split with fellow brothers in arms, ANS, on the Tankcrimes label. A notorious horde of road dogs, the band has played almost anywhere and everywhere, not only in the United States, but in Europe also, where their set at the vaunted Obscene/Extreme Festival drew them raves from the European press. Since the band, with a line-up that features new members Blake Chuffskin on guitar and Ben Bagonen on bass, along with mainstays Peter Gallagher on vocals, Kallen Bliss on guitar and Jonah Livingston on drums, will be playing direct support to Phobia this Thursday at the El N Gee in New London, we decided to send Livingston a bunch of questions on a varying bunch of topics and below are his answers. Enjoy. And don't forget to check out the show.


The Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury have a nice Friday night planned for you! HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS plays with LIFE ON REPEAT, FOREVER CAME CALLING, FAILSAFE and more!

King Tuff w/ Habibi, Medication and Jacques Le Coque @ Intercambio 6/10

Intercambio is the place to be. Everyone knows it. Now you have even more reason to go as they are having rising fuzz prodigy King Tuff Sunday 6/10!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

CTIndie Summer Mix Tape(s): D60!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The CTIndie Summer Mix Tape is here, and it is so big we had to make it 2 tapes. After whittling it down to one song per band we got submissions from 35 CT bands! A 120 minute runtime makes this Double 60 minute tapes, or D60 for short.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Grimm Generation Exposed: All You Need To Know About This Enigmatic Band (Or Didn't Want To)

photo: Joe Yunckes

When they're not winning over a tough crowd of metal heads or rocking the house at flower festivals, the Grimm Generation, which features Jason P. Krug (acoustic guitar), Carmen Champagne (vocals) and now talented avant-folkster Lys Guillorn (lap steel, banjo, mandola, and glockenspiel) along with guitarist (and Fleshtones enthusiast) Dave Hogan, who joins them for live excursions, like to answer questions about themselves. In celebration of their gig coming up at the Liquid Lounge at the Connecticut Science Center on June 8, as part of the organization's "Bedrock Birthday", where they will playing four sets, two full GG sets, as well as a Guillorn solo set, and a classic GG set with Hogan, we decided to send principals Krug and Champagne a bunch of questions. Here are their answers. One thing, the questions were answered as a duo, unless otherwise noted, or if the question was addressed to a certain person in the band. Duh! Anyway, enjoy.