Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Plus - Cerulean Dream

Are you ready to be submersed into a sea of electronic sound? The Fairfield artist, Color Plus, is the captain of this voyage. Prepare yourself a glass of the finest whiskey and enjoy the ride. Color Plus’s beat tape, “cerulean dream” is not one to be missed.

Color Plus - My Three Suns by CTINDIE

Who needs words where we’re going? Color Plus’s first track, “Fortune Tellers (No Need)”, quickly gives a taste of what to expect, a serene and dreamy experience. His music gives the feeling of floating on a cloud. 

Color Plus’s work resembles a combination of Brain Gang Blue’s hip-hop beats and Washed Out’s electronic style.

My favorite track off of “cerulean dream” is “My Three Suns”. Each note is carefully constructed to paint a portrait of a wanderer through an open field. When the bass bumps, you feel the true power behind the track.

This album is for anyone with an interest in ambient music. Slap on a pair of headphones and go lose yourself.

Don’t miss Color Plus playing live June 26 at The Space!

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