Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: pools are nice “Then you’re thinking too much” by Mike Spinelli

Pools are nice is the best band name for this band’s sound. The quartet, hailing from Orange, provides a lofi garage funk sound to get you through a hot summer’s day. I would love to be cooling off in a pool right now, with two brews in my floatation device. So yes, pools are nice, and I think it’s safe to assume the band agrees with that statement as well. Their latest EP, “Then you’re thinking too much” is a must have for all post-punk lovers.

The EP is low in calories and is best served through your speakers on full blast. The lofi attitude of these tracks provokes a rebellion to the monotonous day people find themselves in. Although it may be hard to discern the lyrics, all that needs to be heard is the raw feeling of the emotion within the vocals. Just take a gander at the second track, “weirdo”, and you’ll see what I mean. It really doesn’t matter that the lead singer is cryptically proclaiming “and if she breaks her toes I want to be there for her”.

My favorite song off “Then you’re thinking too much” is “natasha(you’ve got tomorrow)”. I’m a sucker for anything pop punk, see my bio, and this satiates my pop punk hunger. Right from the opening guitar riff, you can hear early Brand New influences.

Pools are nice are doing something really cool and I’m excited to see where their headed. Support them by checking out “Then you’re thinking too much” on their bandcamp!

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome band!!! Can't wait to see them in July at Cafe 9 in New Haven.