Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diogenes in Hell - Venus Dominating the World

Diogenes, greek philosopher, creator of the Cynic school of philosophy, I believe... Anyway one could probably write an entire article on the band name alone. So, rather than bore you with all that, lets talk about the music. Diogenes in Hell, from what I gather, consists of one fellow: Ariel is his name... I think... The sound of this mysterious project is minimalistic and utilizes sub-bass quite heavily. The soundscapes resemble something Robert Fripp might do if he was influenced by Apple Seed Cast. I can't help but think of Bedhead too when I listen to "Venus Dominating the World."

Diogenes in hell - we Are free by mexicanrobots

The record is very slow paced and ambient, if you will. With a nice set of speakers the album is very enjoyable; on laptop speakers... well, make sure you are listening to the album with good speakers, a sub also helps. Ariel explores the minimalistic genre thoroughly, taking one on a sojourn through a dark and troubling dreamscape--adorned with nightmarish bass and haunting guitar riffs. His indistinguishable vocals are whispered in your ear like a secret... yet, while feeling intimate, at the same time, feels far away and creepy.

The album is worth a listen for anyone who enjoys minimalistic post-rock musix. I look forward to hearing more from Diogenes in Hell.

Ariel has 4 albums available for sale on bandcamp--this particular album being one of them. All of Diogenes in Hell's albums are available here.

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Anonymous said...

description, worded nicely, as i share the same experience. excellent concentration music. it definitely grows on you the more you listen, too. (even though it is great first time) i recommend a full listen of the album!!!