Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Show At The New Hawaii

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wish I had a pic of the Cease and Desist order from the liner notes of Depression Era Music

The New Hawaii
139 South End Rd
Southington, CT

8:00 PM - Donations welcome, especially for the touring bands

florida=death (last show in ct? fuck that)
Fat History Month Allston / Boston
Ugh God - Philly
Da Comrade - Philly
Graph - Northampton

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grass Widow, Broken Water, Atrina

Wednesday, April 27 2011 - Manic Productions brings

254 Crown Street
New Haven, CT

9:00pm - 21+ - Free

Grass Widow:
Although it makes some sense to lump Grass Widow in with the Vivians, Dum Dums, and various other "girl groups" that rushed onto the indie underground stages of the late 2000s, the San Francisco-based trio is actually a slightly different animal. Formed, predictably enough, in the late 2000s, the group is comprised of Hannah Lew, Raven Mahon, and Lillian Maring; the three utilize the same sort of egalitarian, D.I.Y. embrace of collective creative possibility embodied by Rough Trade heroes such as the Raincoats, Essential Logic, and Kleenex/LiLiPUT. There's simply no denying the influence of the first wave of British D.I.Y. bands here -- whether it's deliberate or not -- yet while Grass Widow certainly work with the raw ore of a bygone era, the final product remains of their own time.

Like the aforementioned bands did with the more derivative, brutish aspects of England's Dreaming-era punk, Grass Widow subvert the laconic fuzzed-out punk wallop of their contemporaries by embracing a skittering, disarming approach to rhythm, one born equally out of innovation and necessity. The group's distinctive three-part vocal approach likewise creates an off-kilter moodiness that further complicates what are ultimately rudimentary post-punk tunes. The effect, when it works, can be quite impressive; when it doesn't, it still feels inspired. The band's debut, a self-titled full-length, appeared on the tiny Make a Mess label in 2009; it was followed shortly thereafter by an EP on the prodigious Brooklyn label Captured Tracks. After a move to the Kill Rock Stars label, the trio released their debut record, Past Lives, in August of 2010. (bio via

Broken Water: Formed in August of 2008, and hailing from beautiful Olympia - WA, Broken Water are the latest noise vehicle for Kanako Wynkoop and Jon Hanna of Sisters. Abigail Ingram of Olympia's Congratulations joins the pair playing bass. All three members contribute vocals which adds to the depth of the sound. Arguably a forward progression from what had been created by Sisters, Broken Water now stand as one of only a few Olympia bands that carry the torch that'd been lit by Unwound in the 90's. (bio via Radio is Down)

Atrina makes music that is equal parts minimalist melodicism, counterpunctal cacophony, and decibel-pushing dissonance. Angular, but accessible. Complex, yet catchy. Eclectic, and electrifying, Atrina sounds like they mean it—with an " earnestness matched by technical expertise and solid songwriting, deep, heavy riffing, a brooding and moody sensibility. Singer Kelly L’Heureux sounds impassioned and entirely straightforward, her voice creating a compelling push-and-pull between vocals and band." Effortlessly blending sharp melodies, dynamic guitar rhythms and honest intensity, Atrina's sound harkens back to some of indie rock's greatest—Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders, Blonde Redhead, Slint, Radiohead, Helium—while looking forward to create a sound that’s all their own, as evidenced on their 2 self-released EPs, including 2008's {beautiful evidence}. (bio off Manic's site)

Grass Widow tour:

April 2011
27 -- New Haven, CT @ BAR -- w/ Broken Water, Atrina
28 -- Providence, RI @ Building 16 -- w/ Broken Water, Songs for Moms
29 -- Portland, ME @ Aphoadion -- w/ Broken Water
30 -- Belfast, ME @ Free Range Music Festival

May 2011
24 -- London @ Tufnell Park Dome -- w/ Chain and the Gang
25 -- Paris @ TBA
26 -- Zurich @ Binz
27 -- Munich @ TBA
28 -- Graz @ Ladyfest
29 -- Budapest @ Szabad Az A
31 -- Vienna @ The Arena

June 2011
01 -- Clandestino @ TBA
02 -- Chiasso @ TBA
03 -- Geneva @ TBA
04 -- Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero
05 -- @ TBA
06 -- Marburg @ Cafe Trauma
07 -- Berlin @ Marie Antoinette
09 -- Amsterdam @ OCCII
10 -- Utrecht @ dB's CAB
15 -- London @ Dalston Victoria

Broken Water dates:

April 26th 2011
The Loft
New Brunswick, NJ

April 27th 2011
254 Crown St. - New Haven, CT

April 28th 2011
Building 16
Providence, RI

April 29th 2011
The Apohadion
107 Hanover St. - Portland, ME

April 30th 2011
Free Range Music Festival
Belfast, ME

May 4th 2011
The Magic Stick Lounge
4120-4140 Woodward Ave. - Detroit, MI

May 5th 2011
The Dojo
4640 E. 10th St. - Indianapolis, IN

May 6th 2011
Cooper Permanent Records (Day)
1914 W. Chicago Ave. - Chicago, IL

May 6th 2011
Mortville Permanent Records (Evening)
2106 S. Kedzie Ave. - Chicago, IL

May 8th 2011
19th and Charlotte
Kansas City, MO

May 9th 2011
Jackpot Saloon and Music Hall
943 Massachusetts St. - Lawrence, MO

May 13th 2011
The Comet
922 E. Pike St. - Seattle, WA

May 15th 2011
1489 E. Hastings St. - Vancouver, BC

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

33rd Annual Meriden Daffodil Festival

Saturday, April 30 through Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hubbard Park (directions)
Meriden, CT

April 30, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and May 1, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


This spring marks the 33rd year for the Annual Meriden Daffodil Festival. The Meriden Daffodil Festival is a family oriented event, alcohol free, with plenty of food, crafts, fireworks, children’s activities and a parade. The food tent houses up to 50 food vendors all from community non-profit agencies, each selling at least one unique food item.

For Rob DeRosa, this is his 13th year as Entertainment Coordinator. He definitely keeps busy in the local music scene, playing Connecticut bands on his radio show Homegrown on WESU-FM and releasing music on his label Thin Man Music. Plus, he'll be MC'ing on the third stage at B.O.M.B. Fest this year, introducing George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic among others. It is largely due to DeRosa's decade plus involvement that live music became a major part of the festival. "We started with two stages, now there's three. We'd do another if there was enough room, but there just isn't." DeRosa works closely with anywhere from thirty to forty volunteers at a time, often including the bands themselves, helping to make the Daffodil Festival a successful event that draws upwards of 100,000 people. And lucky for festival-goers, the weather forecast for this weekend looks like it will be near-ideal conditions.

Saturday night ends with a fireworks display, which will begin as The Stepkids performance finishes. "As things get darker and darker," DeRosa mentioned, "things will look better and better" with the projections that will be happening behind The Stepkids segueing into the fireworks. The Stepkids will also be playing Daniel Street, on May 2, opening for Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and then again at Trinity College on May 3.

Don't forget to check out the merch tables. In particular, The Ivory Bills will be celebrating the release of their new album at the festival this year.

Here is each stage, with performers:


Welcome Stage:

Freshly Squeezed
The Furors
The Ivory Bills
Eran Troy Danner
The Stratford Survivors
The Reducers
Echo & Drake
The Stepkids

Bandshell Stage:

Surge Chamber
The Frank Critelli Band
The Manchurians
Columbia Fields
Kicking Daisies
Jimmy Hat

Food Tent Stage

Chico & Friends
The Gonkus Brothers
The Church Street Revue
River City Slim & the Zydeco Hogs
Raise the Rent
Caravan of Thieves


Welcome Stage

John Fries & the Heat
The Sawtelles
Plume Giant
The Zambonis

Bandshell Stage

The Michael Cleary Band
Ticket to Ride
The McLovins

Food Tent Stage

Tommy Lourdes
Just Friends
The River Street Band
The Shinolas
Kelli, Sean & Wayne

Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Anvil Doesn't Care What You Think

New York City-based black metal wrecking crew Black Anvil’s blistering and blasting attack, which is gritty at times, reflects the band member’s lives in the Big Apple. Over the course of two records, they have proven that they have the fortitude to become one of the top United States Black Metal bands in existence today, despite what some internet trolls might lead you to believe.
You see, all three members, vocalist/bassist P (Paul Delaney), guitarist G (Gary Bennett) and drummer R (Raeph Glicken), did time in hardcore heroes Kill Your Idols before that band ended and the guys followed their hearts down a darker musical path.
“We formed about three years ago, maybe a little longer. There was no decision after Kill Your Idols came to a fold, rather a natural hunger to express what needed to be expressed. We are a vehicle for the higher power that speaks to us, hence we are only doing what we need to do,” said Delaney.
What they needed to do, was release two incredible black metal albums and become one the leading lights in USBM, even if some people on the internet can’t get over the fact that the guys in the band used to be in a hardcore band. To some people playing a different form of music means that the guys aren’t completely true. Well, those people are idiots, and if you think the band cares about stuff like that, then you are sadly mistaken.
“However at the end of the day, it isn’t what people think of us that gives us a boost. We don’t need a thing from anyone. Us accomplishing what we have thus far is proof of that. As for the hardcore/punk connection…it’s easy for someone to assume this and that, again, we don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks on this matter, because no one is close enough to the core to even comprehend or form an accurate opinion on what our “trueness” is,” said Delaney.
You would think their trueness score would go through the roof especially after Darkthrone drummer/vocalist and metal tastemaker Fenriz has given the band his evil blessing. Delaney believes this has helped a bit, but at the end of the day it’s all about what the band feels inside.
“Fenriz passing on some kind words along was well respected because I’ve been in touch with him and it’s an opinion I respect for many reasons, mainly because he’s in the know and it’s cool to hear,” said Delaney.
Their first record, “Time Insults The Mind”, released in 2009 on Relapse, laid down the template for their punishing sound while their most recent one “Triumverate”, released last year also on Relapse, further cements their rep as a fearsome crew. It’s their merger of traditional black metal sounds with a hardcore, living in the city vibe that makes their music so special. In a way, it’s urban black metal, one more informed from life lived in the city than some Norwegian wood.
“We are from New York, musically (not lyrically) there is clearly a huge influence from hardcore, or at least a tougher New York vibe, it’s how we were raised. We are actually all from New York. But as I said, the real drive is beyond the instruments and beyond us,” said Delaney.
There is also a definite punk rock aspect to their sound; one that Delaney says is natural to playing the type of music that they play.
“There is a rawness that I think is necessary. And that’s basically how it comes into play. It’s more of a natural occurrence. Even on a bigger sounding recording, the raw edge is in your playing. So, it’s something we can’t escape,” said Delaney.
Regardless of what you think, Black Anvil has crafted some fierce black metal that may draw on hardcore and punk, but is no less true than some of their counterparts. Witness their sonic devastation at Daniel Street this coming Sunday, with CT black metal upstarts Ipsissimus and avant-garde black metalers Krallice, along with Withered and Morgirion. You will be glad you did.

Manic Productions Presents:
Black Anvil
Sunday, May 1, 2011
Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street, Milford, CT
7:00pm – 21+ - $12 ($10 advance)


April 29 Somerville, MA Pa’s Lounge
April 30 Poughkeepsie, NY The Loft
May 1 Milford, CT Daniel Street
May 21 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie
***All dates from May 29 thru June 3 w/ MARDUK, AURA NOIR, PANZERFAUST, HOD***
May 29 Montreal, QC Café Campus
May 30 Toronto, ON Wreck Room
May 31 Chicago, IL Reggie’s
June 1 Detroit, MI I-Rock
June 2 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s
June 3 Brooklyn, NY Williamsburg Music Hall

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunspots, Girls in the Boy Scouts, The Gentle Stunts

Saturday, April 30, 2011, CT Indie presents at Arch Street:

Arch Street Tavern
85 Arch Street
Hartford, CT

9 PM - $5.00 cover - 21+

Facebook Event Page

The Gentle Stunts: new indie rock band, fronted by Cal McNamara of Werewolf Police. Based in Berlin. This is their first show.

Girls in the Boy Scouts: indie pop from Hartford - members include Dave Rozza, Matt Sargent, and Deric Shannon [Wooden Man Records] among others.

Pigeon Pigeon by Girls in the Boy Scouts

Sunspots: If you pulled the rusting factories, odd urban centers, and dairy farms of Connecticut into a sound, you’d come close to a band like Sunspots. The Hartford-based band started writing songs in the Summer of 2009. They recorded a handful of these songs in a converted factory mill, and have since developed into one of best live bands in the blossoming Hartford music scene. They maintain a rigorous performing schedule across the Northeast and recently venturing southward across the Eastern seaboard on their Winter 2010 tour.

The group is known for their combination of sun-soaked, richly harmonized arrangements with moments of no-stranger-to-the-Companion-Fuzz guitar rock (often drawing comparisons to "Summerteeth"-era Wilco or Steve Malkmus). While maintaining projects outside the band ranging from experimental music groups to rhythm-and-blues bands, Kevin, Fredo, Matt, and Charlie are returning back to the studio (this time enjoying the ghosts and hallway reverb of a loaned decrepit Hartford mansion), the group's first self-produced, full-length album will be released in April 2011.

Chubbastock at Trinity on Main

Saturday, April 23, 2011:

Trinity On Main
69 Main Street
New Britain, CT

$10 - Doors 1:00 PM

Facebook Event Page

Omar dropped off this bill, so Hot Mess is playing instead - members of Black Churches and Chalk Talk, and their friend Gabe on bass.

Seafood Sam (2:00- 2:30)
Connor Waage (2:45 - 3:15)
Mc Penny Pecker and The Electric Dylans (3:30 - 4:00)
Martin Luther King (4:15 - 4:45)
Robin Hood (5:00 - 5:30)
FigureHead (5:45 - 6:15)
Footnotes (6:30 - 7:00)
Fugue (7:15 - 7:45)
Hot Mess (8:00 - 8:30)
Black Churches (8:45 - 9:15)
The Guru (9:30 - 10:00)
Chalk Talk (10:15 - 10:45)
Bottle Up & Go (11:00 - 11:30)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This week, 98.1 WQAQ is giving away a pair of B.O.M.B. Fest tickets. They are posting daily song clips chosen from the B.O.M.B. Fest 2011 lineup on the "B.O.M.B. Fest" tab of their website. Once per day, you may enter to "Name That Artist." Every correct answer gives you another chance to win!

The contest ends at 1 PM on Friday, April 22nd, and a winner will be randomly selected from all of the correctly answered contest entries. The winner will be announced on the air at 2 PM that day, so be sure to tune in to 98.1 FM in the Hamden/Cheshire, CT area, or you can listen online at

If you don't win this week, they are doing it all again the following week, from April 25th-29th.

Show Review: The American Dollar, The Files and Fires, Wess Meets West, Martin Luther King

Words: Monica Lyons
Pics: John Kritzman Full set of photos HERE!

On Wednesday, April 13, The Files and Fires kicked off their album release with a show at the Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury along with performances by The American Dollar, Wess Meets West, and Martin Luther King. I was very surprised to see that the initial small crowd inside the venue didn’t get much bigger as the night went on. In fact, it was the smallest show I’d ever been to. Nonetheless, the undersized gathering made for a more intimate performance for who was there.

I stood from the balcony inside the venue as Wess Meets West began as the first performance of the night. The band played as a giant projection screen behind them displayed different sequences of images, such as reverse footage of moving cars, which pleasantly synched up with their sound. They laid their melodic foundation and really get into the heaviness that evolves throughout their songs. I’ve seen Wess Meets West a few times before, but no two performances seem alike. They did play their ever popular “The Mountains are Shaking at the Roots,” in which guitarist Sam Stauff and bassist Erick Alfisi intensely chant the title and join Brian DiCrescenzo in loud percussion hits. Wess Meets West exceeds any three piece band expectations to produce passionate rhythmic elements, deep emotion and a seriously genuine feel. At the end of the night, I picked up a copy of their latest project, The Sun The Moon The Master, which unfortunately, in my opinion, falls short in capturing their immensely large live sound. Wess Meets West is definitely a band to be seen in the flesh.

Martin Luther King disrupted the ambient theme of the night and brought pop-punk intensity full of strained vocals and catchy fast-paced rhythms. Their presence felt really young and earnest, displaying sincerity and emotion in their sound. I appreciated how straightforward they were and didn’t use any trendy effects or complicated, over-the-top progressions. It was disappointing that not many people were there to watch their performance, but the existing crowd made it a point to stand directly in front of them. Martin Luther King’s set was brief, but they excitingly announced they’ll be playing in Chubbastock in New Britain on April 23 for anyone who was interested.

The American Dollar gave an aesthetically pleasing performance as the Queens-based duo synched their songs up with deliberately vivid, abstract films on the projection screen. It was easy to zone out listening to their mesmerizing sound while watching powerful images of atomic bombs and surreal landscapes. “If you go to our website, which is, we have references for all the different people who made those videos on there,” told drummer John Emanuele. Their songs flowed from slow and hazy into an intense and dramatic climax as Richard Cupolo played keyboard and guitar with almost no visible emotion. The experience of their live performance was captivating, but my only hang up was that it was almost too long of a set. Listening to The American Dollar while sitting on the side of the venue and staring up at the towering artistic visuals almost made for a better show.

The Files and Files played last, incorporating songs from their newly released second album, For People Talk Lightly. The emotion and ambiance surrounding The Files and Fires is truly beautiful. They are able to incorporate elements such as soft, classically influenced piano chords and repetitive snare and crashing cymbals to create a deeply unique, almost eerie, sound. Sam Stauff, guitarist of Wess Meets West, filled in as bassist for the band that night. Clips from Planet Earth displayed on the screen behind them, with cheetahs ripping apart gazelles as the band played songs such as “Red and White.” Though the themes of nature matched fairly well with the wholesomeness of The Files and Fires, I thought the images were rather distracting at times, like when people couldn’t help but laugh at a huge visual of birds mating on screen during their performance. Despite this, the mood was light and personal as fans from the crowd blew bubbles into their set and band members laughed and popped them midair. The band’s new material was handed out for free, creatively packaged in a paperboard sleeve and tied with string. “It turned out really well,” said Tyler J. Smith, whom plays keyboard and electronics for The Files and Fires, “we did a lot of layers on the album so it’s sort of a lot fuller than the live sound, but we try to make it sound as full as possible by adding a lot of noise. I wrote out some string arrangements for two of our really good friends, so we had some violins on it too. I’m really happy with it.” Though no strings were present at the Heirloom that night, the Files and Fires captured their usual atmospheric feeling. “One thing about our sound; we try to be very dynamic, texturally as well as level-wise,” Smith told, “the songs tend to come from some place small and wind up some place larger.”

Monday, April 18, 2011

B.O.M.B. Fest has moved to Hartford

Merry Picnic has a detailed post regarding B.O.M.B. Fest's move to Hartford. The Comcast Theater will be hosting the two day event now.

Also in Merry Picnic's post, they touch on how over 500 local Connecticut bands tried out for the 25 slots being offered up for B.O.M.B. Fest's local stage. It's an impressive number.

Naturally not everyone is happy with the change in venues, or how many of our favorite local bands didn't make the cut for the local stage. Maybe turn that frustration into an all local band festival at Western Connecticut State University?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Metal Dudes Just Want To Have Fun: Introducing Red Blade

photos: Phil Hovey

When you come right down to it, music should hit you in the pleasure spots in your brain. There should be some sense of fun to it and you should not always be so concerned about how uber-technical or torturously heavy one can play. While there is always room for bands that push the envelope, there is something to be said for a band that just hits you on a visceral level and makes you want to get up and move, whether that be dancing or headbanging, depends on your choice of music.

In metal, the quest for the next extreme sound sometimes sacrifices fun and pleasure for technicality, heaviness or just plain noise. Sometimes the fact that music should be fun and that good songwriting trumps all, gets lost in the shuffle.

Ben Erickson, guitarist for Milford based punk/metal band Red Blade, came to this epiphany after going to multiple metal shows in the past few months.

“We were going to a lot of shows and there were bands that were playing ultra-technical, or really heavy and it seemed like they were playing to the other musicians in the audience. It just wasn’t doing it for us. We wanted to do something more straightforward, be melodic, yet heavy and retain the hook,” said Erickson.
So he recruited his friend, bassist Jon Conine, who he had played with in experimental punk band Electric Bucket, Vulures drummer Dave Parmelee and vocalist Jacob Royer of Horsefeathers and the band was formed earlier this year. They played their first show on March 27 and already have an excellent four song demo making the rounds.

The best way to describe their music is that draws on the best parts of punk and metal and makes it their own. There are tracing of traditional metal bands such as Iron Maiden in the galloping rhythms, along with fuzzed out punkish riffs, the occasional ripping solo as well as catchy hooks and memorable choruses. In a way, they are like Nate Newton of Converge’s other band Doomriders, albeit more New-Wave-Of-British-Heavy-Metal inspired creation. The intent is the same though. They both want to create music people can have fun and headbang to, in the most simplest of ways. It’s just catchy riffs, great vocals and ripping solos. It’s a celebration of metal.

Erickson said when he was writing the music for the demo he was heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, old-school Metallica and Slayer. It shows in the music, because if anything, the demo is an excellent introduction to what this band is all about.

“Cronos” starts off with a horns-worthy riff before breaking out into galloping rhythm with some slightly psychedelic solo accents and some great singing from Royer. “Reconile” is a speedier number, with a more thrash metal influence, while “The End Of Immortal” starts off all doomy before breaking into more of the galloping pace, throwing in a slightly atmospheric breakdown before it finishes with a headbanging riff. “Violent Child” mines a more straight forward hard rock/metal feel and features a wicked solo from Erickson.

The band’s old school ethos will continue when it comes time to record a full length to follow up the demo. In fact, they have plans to keep it very old school when it comes to its production.

“We are going to use no computers on it,” said Conine. “We’re going to do it to analog tape and get the sound of the band playing in a room together. It will be all killer, no filler,” he said.

With their old school approach, and heart in the right places, along with some killer songs the band looks to make an impact on the already burgeoning Connecticut metal scene. In the past few years, it looks like metal has made somewhat of a slight comeback with bands like Ipsissimus, Night Bitch and Pristina making waves inside and outside of the state. If Red Blade continues on the trajectory promised on their demo, it looks like you will be hearing about them soon. They have a lot of potential to be another awesome band from the 203 area code, which bodes well for a band that has one simple mission.

“We want it to be like you see it on stage, and BOOM it hits you, and you get into it and have a good time,” said Erickson. “We are definitely for fans of old school metal.”

Catch them Monday, April 18 2011 at:
Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford, CT

8:00pm - 21+ - $8 (Buy tickets now)

With (bios from Manic):
Jucifer, founded in Georgia in 1993, are pioneers of the sludge/doom metal two piece. They are notorious for their use of massive amplification, and for their entirely nomadic lifestyle since moving into their tour vehicle a decade ago. Early on, Jucifer shared stages with many underground legends, including Lubricated Goat, Bloodloss (Mark Arm/Mudhoney), Melt Banana, Melvins and Eyehategod. Years based in Athens, Georgia from 1991 until 2001 were pivotal both for Jucifer and the Southern scene itself, which has evolved to strongly reflect bands such as Jucifer and contemporaries Harvey Milk.


CT's own Clearlight Industries blends a huge array of disparate influences into its own eclectic style. Straight ahead rock styles mix with progressive tendencies,doom-influenced rock segues into improvisational space jams.....all brought about with heavy use of electronics and synthesizers giving you an interesting fusion of sounds that is as cohesive as it is bipolar.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CONTEST! The Pains of Being Pure at Heart ticket and lithograph giveaway

Monday, May 2 2011, Manic Productions presents:

photo: Pavla Kopecna
Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford, CT

7:00pm - All Ages - $15 ($13 advance)

Want to win a pair of tickets to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Daniel Street on May 2nd, AND a limited edition Pains lithograph? Send an email to answering the following: What is your favorite Pains song and why? Winner will be picked at random.

Second place winner will receive one limited edition Pains lithograph!

(Winners will be notified the week of April 25)

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Belong by Slumberland Records

bios from Manic's site:

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is a noise pop band which formed in 2007 in NYC. They consist of Kip Berman (vocals, guitar), Peggy Wang (vocals, keyboards), Alex Naidus (bass) and Kurt Feldman (drums). If you are into dreamy ’80s-sounding indie pop then this band is for you! For fans of The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, Black Tambourine, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc. Slumberland Records

Also on the bill:

Twin Shadow is the stage name of musician George Lewis Jr. Lewis was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida, before eventually relocating to Brooklyn and adopting the Twin Shadow moniker. In 2010 he released his debut album Forget, produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. The album has been described as “steeped in 1980s new wave”, “building from streaks of haunting synth textures” and “hazily new wave-tinged pop”. 4AD Records

The Stepkids are futuristic electro soul recorded on a reel-to-reel; soaring harmonies sung by three singer/songwriters; Kandinsky-esque visuals that make for enigmatic live performances. The Stepkids groove is a startling, yet sexy, fusion of punk, jazz, West African traditional, 1960s folk, neo and classic soul, classic funk and 20th century classical; think T.Rex meets Sun Ra, Sly Stone meets Stravinsky, and Dylan meets Dilla. Philosophy and literature provide a conceptual schematic, from existential musings (“Legend in My Own Mind”), to the work of Charles Bukowski (“La La”) and Plato’s theoretical “Allegory of the Cave” ("Shadows on Behalf”). Add to this a vested interest in the recording process, and you have an imaginative album of Technicolor brilliance expertly self-engineered and self-produced. Live, kaleidoscopic projections by experimental video artist Jesse Mann consume the stage with light for a multi-sensory experience. Stones Throw Records

Pains tour:

03/31 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church *
04/01 Washington, DC Black Cat *
04/02 Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle *
04/04 Athens, GA 40 Watt Club *
04/05 Atlanta, GA The Earl *
04/06 Birmingham, AL Bottletree Cafe *
04/07 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks *
04/08 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's *
04/09 Austin, TX Emo's *
04/10 Lubbock, TX Jake's *
04/12 Sante Fe, NM Corazon *
04/13 Tucson, AZ Club Congress !
04/15 Indio, CA Coachella
04/18 Visalia, CA The Cellar Door *&
04/19 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall *&
04/21 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge *&
04/22 Seattle, WA The Crocodile *#
04/25 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock Social Club *
04/26 Milwaukee, WI Turner Hall *
04/27 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall *
04/28 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall *
04/29 Bloomington, IN Rhino's *
04/30 Columbus, OH The Basement *
05/02 Milford, CT Daniel Street *
05/03 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club *
05/06 New York, NY Webster Hall *%

! = w/ Warpaint, Twin Shadow, PVT, Catwalk
* = w/ Twin Shadow
& = w/ Catwalk
# = w/ Seapony
% = w/ Big Troubles