Sunday, October 4, 2009

florida=DEATH - Depression Era Music

florida=DEATH released their new 12" EP titled "Depression Era Music" on Hot Air Press. If you haven't heard it yet, you are totally missing out. This is a completely unique and fantastic record. From the obscured liner notes (written on the back of a Cease and Desist order) it looks like this album was recorded at The New Hawaii, by a ton of collaborators. It seems like it's a ton of improv performances recorded, mixed and mastered together.

Once you start listening to the first few notes, it becomes apparent that this isn't your average local release. At times it's beautiful, at times it's deafening and abstract, and at points it's just plain old fashioned badass. There's so many sounds that leak in and out of the mix: hints of choruses, blasts of E6-styled horns, swirling microphone hiss, garbled vocals, and machinery sounds leak through the mix here and there. There are elements of pop, electronica, hip-hop, and even death metal all mixed together into one psychadelic stew. Sometimes it slows down as if your record belt is wearing out, at other times, there are really short straightforward indie pop songs strewn about in the mix. The EP ends with a beautiful keyboard part under thunderous drumming while there's some melodious singing. Unfortunately, the 12" is only one sided, and with music this good, it really leaves you wanting another side.

This is seriously one of the most unique releases I've heard in a very long time. It's impossible to categorize, and it's just one of those records you just have to hear to appreciate. I recommend snagging it if you can, apparently there's only 200 of these made, so act fast. It's fucking mindblowing.


Brushback said...

I haven't bought this yet, maybe you've convinced me now...

CT Indie said...

I've been dying to hear this, it's all John has been talking about for like two weeks!