Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blues Control and Estrogen Highs

Blues Control hits Bar in New Haven with New Haven natives Estrogen Highs on Sunday Oct. 18th. You'd have to be insane to miss this. Blues Control puts rock through a blender and then runs it through a couple of distortion pedals. Estrogen Highs crams rock, rock, rock and catchy vocals down your throat. I've heard they are one of the best live bands in CT so this isn't one to miss.

Both have new albums out, both of which I recommend:
Blues Control - Local Flavor
Estrogen Highs - Tell it to Them

21+, Free!

254 Crown Street
New Haven, CT


Brushback said...

Yes, the new Estrogen Highs LP is very recommended.

John H. said...

Very very recommended.

Brushback said...

I'd go to a lot more shows at BAR if they didn't all start at 10pm on a Sunday night. And, if the parking around the club wasn't ten bucks during the school year.