Monday, November 30, 2009

Think Quick - The John Hughes Demo

Think Quick is offering his new 30-song demo album for a free download. While it's almost impossible to listen to it and not make a comparison to The Postal Service, it's unique enough not to be called a direct ripoff. Songs like "congratulations you have been reflected to receive two free ipod nanos" and covers of huge hits like "Hollaback Girl" and "Better Off Alone" are clear evidence he's not afraid to show a sense of humor - it's a lot less introspective than similar bands, and a lot more fun to listen to. I mean come on, the album's called The John Hughes Demo. While 30 songs can be a bit much, and there's a lot of unpolished raw demo tracks, it's still a fun set of songs that shows a lot of promise. He's definitely someone to watch for future releases.

Russian Circles Tonight

Monday, November 30th, 2009: Russian Circles with Young Widows and The Phantom Family Halo

Happy Thanksgiving all. Obviously we were too deep in states of gluttony to post sooner about this awesome show. Kill your post-holiday Monday blues by heading down to Daniel Street tonight.

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford CT

$12 ($10 adv) - 8:00PM - 21+


Russian Circles is a three piece instrumental post-metal/post-rock band from Chicago. Similar to fellow Chicago residents Pelican, Russian Circles play epic, sprawling music which runs the gamut of heavy discordant metal to soft delicate passages. On Suicide Squeeze.

The DC/Chicago/Louisville connection has been a long-standing triangle of similar ideas, ethics and sounds, and Louisville, Kentucky’s Young Widows keep that spirit alive. From the reverb-drenched inspiration of the Regulator Watts/Hoover family to the bass and drums lock-groove perfected by Shellac and the Jesus Lizard, Young Widows gladly wears influences on its sleeve. Ex- Breather Resist, Black Cross and The National Acrobat. On Temporary Residence Ltd.

The Phantom Family Halo may be most immediately notable for its pedigree -- members of indie rock royalty The For Carnation, Slint, Dead Child, et al. But, it's the band's sound that becomes the most remarkable upon first listen: Think Syd Barrett jamming with Hawkwind or the 13th Floor Elevators in the height of the Krautrock frenzy, or The Birthday Party subdued to play a rendition of “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.” Others have described the Louisville, KY quintet as a unique crossbreed of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Tangerine Dream and Marc Bolan, or Scott Walker fronting Roxy Music.

~Grabbed these descriptions from Manic less because I was being lazy and more because each is dead on!~

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Parts and Labour @ Bar - Dec 6th

Brooklyn's Parts and Labour hit BAR on the 6th to help sooth you into finals week. These guys bring the perfect mix of noise and structure to blow your ear drums while keeping your feet moving. Opening up will be CT band ATRINA. If youre looking for a new band to check out in the CT scene and are a fan of EITS or GYBE, ATRINA would make a good choice. Oh yeah, the best part is that it's FREE!

December 6th

Parts and Labour
Doors: 9pm
Cost: Free

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Melt-Banana at The Space

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009:

Melt-Banana at The Space
The Space
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden CT

$12 - 7:00PM - All Ages




Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock group founded in 1992 by friends attending Tokyo University for Foreign Language. Their hyperactive music palette draws influences from experimental rock, grindcore, no wave, psychedelia, hardcore punk, and post-punk.

Shortly after experimental rock avatars Arab on Radar disbanded in late 2002, vocalist/guitarist Eric Paul set about forming his next project, the Chinese Stars. Paul recruited Arab on Radar drummer Craig Kureck, former Six Finger Satellite bassist Rick Ivan Pelletier, and guitarist Paul Viera to complete the unit. While the Chinese Stars were slightly more conventional than Arab on Radar's provocative chaos, the band was noisy and weird enough to find a home on Skin Graft/Three One G, which was also home to Paul and Kureck's previous band.

Brava Spectre are a spazz jazz / art grind / noise-metal bebop quartet from New London, CT. This will be the CD release for the bands first full length album.

Bobb Trimble and The Flying Spiders @ BAR - Nov 29th

Low on cash with nothing to do on sunday?

Hit up BAR to see psych folk legend Bobb Trimble with the Flying Spiders and Cali band Cursillistas for FREE.

Nov 29th

Bobb Trimble and The Flying Spiders

Doors: 9pm
Cost: FREE

Safety Meeting Presents...

Safety Meeting is bringing 3 killer bands to Rudy's in New Haven, and you should be there. I hope you're ready for a night of intense rock, because with these three bands, there's no way you'll be able to sit still all night.

Saturday, Nov 28th

The Vultures
The Black Hollies
Lord Fowl

$5 cover

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hartford Indie Music Showcase

Tomorrow night, at Up or On the Rocks in Hartford is an Indie Showcase featuring:

Echo and Drake
Laura Ganci
Sea Shades
Hi-Planes Drifter

Show starts at 9pm. Come on Hartford, shows like this don't happen often, especially not at Up or On the Rocks!

No Values at Cafe Nine

Tuesday night is "No Values" - the first in a series of a monthly events at Cafe Nine.

Each month, 2 DJs will play punk/hardcore/indie/r'n'r/psych hits of today and yesteryear, with a local/regional band sandwiched in between, playing a 45-60 minute set. For our first installment, DJs Tim Daltrey and Donovan will be spinning and local band WRY will be performing.

No Values
Every Tuesday at Cafe 9
Doors @ 9pm, goes till last call

Oberhofer - oO0OoO0Oo

Everyone's talking about Oberhofer, and with good reason. The *CT-native is poised to be the next big thing. It's trendy, messy indie pop similar to big blog bands Girls and Wavves. Danceable keyboards, buried surf guitar and punk snarls seem to be the trend right now, and this has all that. But where most of those hot bands are lyrically shallow and the music is totally fleeting, songwriter Brad Oberhofer's songs cut much deeper. The over-gained, lo-fi vocals are just icing on the cake to some intelligent, catchy songs. And you can't beat whistling and handclaps.

The first EP is named oO0OoO0Oo, and is great from start to finish. You can download the whole EP on This is hands down my pick for Connecticut's release of the year, even though it's only 6 songs.

*Inept update - Oberhofer is not actually from Connecticut, but from Tacoma, WA. WTF/BBQ?

Titles - Up With the Sun

Titles is a New Haven Based band that doesn't need to add a new spin to an old formula. When you get the formula right on the first try, whats the point?

Captivating vocals? Check
Catchy chords? Check
Interesting Stories? Check

The songs range from sincere love ("A Happy Life") to the troubles and awkwardness that comes with it ("Fully Dressed in Bed") This wont be in your collection of 10 greatest shred CD's but the way they intertwine the strong stories with the minimalist chords should still be able to grab you and keep you listening through the whole CD without noticing it. Coupled with a great production this album brings nothing but good times. If you're ever driving long distances, toss this CD on and feel the warmth of a collection of songs done right. It could be listened to song by song but if you want the whole experience check it all out at once.

Titles have a new album currently in the works, and it should be released in February, so keep your eyes on Safety Meeting.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Metric Mile live at Elm City Popfest

Here's The Metric Mile playing at Elm City Popfest. They were two guys who blended electronica and pop, with a laptop, keys and bass. It's a fun listen, check them out.

download it here.

M.T. Bearington: The Cloak of Nouns and Loss LP

As a kid, the discovery of cassette tapes turned me into a complete audiophile. I spent hours recording my own radio show in my bedroom. I recorded songs, conducted interviews with imaginary characters, and captured the whole thing on tape. WMRD didn't last, but I still keep all the recordings in a box.

My recordings were fairly dorky, but sometimes the bedroom is the best location for recording. Take Matt Thomas, the force behind M.T. Bearington. After fronting a handful of bands, Thomas struck out on his own to record his LP, The Cloak of Nouns and Loss. Thanks to the magic of GarageBand, he recorded the original tracks all on his own. With this new album, the difference is in the details. The buzz of a kazoo, the jingle of a tambourine, or the slip of a slide whistle all decorate his folk-pop sound. Combining reedy vocals and lush instrumental harmonies, Thomas sings about eating animals, unwarranted anxiety, and joking about Jesus. Quite a combo! Plus, Bearington's videos are tough to beat (ahhh, baby with a beard!). If you like what you hear, check your local listings; Thomas and his five-piece Bearington Band hit Cafe Nine on December 5.

The album is available on Safety Meeting Records, and comes on a beautiful big vinyl record, with a CD copy included. It doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hero's for Hire

It’s not often we’re compelled to talk about radio friendly pop punk bands, but there is an inspired one coming out of East Granby, of all places. Yes, East Granby, one of Connecticut’s many quiet towns hardly known for pumping out rock bands. Charlie Diamond fronts Hero's for Hire, a project he works hard to make both purposeful and fun. Currently a student at UConn, Charlie has been playing with bassist Dave Morris, a student at Central, and drummer Vince Caiafa, for a couple of years now. To date they’ve put out two relatively polished releases, “Montazuma's Revenge” and “RedShift”. While Charlie admits that his influences are far from what would be deemed underground or indie (The Cure, The Beatles, U2, Fall Out Boy), the band is much closer to an easygoing brand of Piebald-styled emo. Most importantly, though, they totally avoid the lame posturing of their commercially-minded brethren. “My philosophy is music for a cause,” explains Charlie, “I think music is very powerful and I hope I can change some things or at least bring some things to light.” For us jaded types, this statement might ring hollow, but we’d all do better to encourage such positive sentiments than dismiss them. Not only are Hero's for Hire pretty good at what they do, they’re not part of that phony breed of industry packaged crap that focuses on sartorial appearances over musical content. And even if the sincere enthusiasm behind Hero's for Hire doesn’t launch them into orbit over night, it will at very least help them to continue to grow musically and achieve the success they’re after.

America Addio: Plat of Zion EP

Don't get me wrong; I like electronica. Anything with a beat, a synthesizer, and the occasional robotic sound effect is good enough to move my feet. When it comes to lyrics, however, electronica can be rather lacking. On his Plat of Zion EP, M. Kestigian, a.k.a. America Addio, pulls from his old political science textbooks to create brainiac beats.

America Addio blends drum machines with more socially conscious lyrics than the average E-addled brain can handle. If T-Pain stopped by for a cameo with Passion Pit, it would probably sound like Kestigian's warbled vocals. He may be young, but Kestigian's lyrics have an old soul quality. Taking stock of the post-Faulkner South, he reflects on the world around him; sometimes the memories are pleasant while other times, the final note is melancholy. If you dig on this release, keep an eye out for his Cotton Kingdom LP on Enemies List later on this year. With any luck, this Middletown-based artist will play the Forest City in the near future. Stream the whole deal here on

Thursday, November 19, 2009

FayRey live at Elm City Popfest

So here's the recording of FayRey live at ECPF. They rocked really hard, tons of grungy sludge guitar and looping pedals. The drummer was new, absolutely killed it, and as a whole they were a fantastic duo.

download the show here.

The Dayzies live at Elm City Popfest

The Dayzies played the first set of Elm City Popfest. They played some rock tunes, with some nice alt-country undertones and ripping guitar solos. They had a lot of Big Star vibe going on - good stuff. There was a bit of a mic problem in the beginning, but things get sorted out quick - listen away!

download it here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

D. Gookin: How 2 Deal

Rocking his possessed acid-loving pants, D. Gookin (a.k.a. Mike Birnbaum) creates some wild tracks. His LP How 2 Deal features a mind-bending array of influences. With a drum kit, synthesizers, and breathy vocals, this New Haven-based artist channels straight '80s vibes. But between the space-age fades, smooth lady samples, and the '70s flute of disco classics, it's clear D isn't afraid to throw random ingredients in the blender.

Just when you think you've figured D out, he switches his game up. On the long intro to "Embrace," D interviews his mom about "standard procedures that should be practiced for certain messy situations." From spilling coffee to eating Cheerios out of a bowl, this stain-centric interview drives home an important moral: it's always important to have at least 20 clean rags. As the track fades into a glockenspiel and static crackle, you're left wondering, "Did that just happen?"

I actually saw D a couple weeks ago when he opened for Body Language and Neon Indian at the Wadsworth. He did a great job of warming up the crowd, but he also left a good impression. After blazing through tracks of his own, he finished off the set with a cover of "1979." No matter the music, Mike always looks like he's having a good time. Catch him Thursday with Juiceboxxx in West Haven or give his album a listen here.

Folk Punk Night @ Heirloom Arts

Folk Punk Night

Nov. 25th
Heirloom Arts Theatre

7:00-7:15 Matt Enemy
7:15-7:30 Max and Justin and Sam
7:30-8:00 The Better Tomorrow
8:00-8:30 Indra Zen Versus the World
8:45-9:15 Time and Place
9:30-10:00 Wood Spider
10:15-10:45 New Years Revolution
11:00-11:30 Mutiny Amongst Friends

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Sunny Day in Glasgow live recording

Thanks to everyone who came out to Elm City Popfest, it was a great time. I hope everyone had fun! Thanks to tweefort for putting together a good lineup. I hope this benefit helped the Artspace.

Here's the live session of A Sunny Day in Glasgow's set, I know you've all been waiting for it.

Expect more band's sets to go up this week as I tweak the audio. The recording quality is really killer.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Elm City Popfest 2009

download it here.

Two New Haven Shows

Two shows coming up:

DJ Dog Dick
Ed Schrader

75 Daggett Street, Apt. 1-4a, New Haven
Tuesday, Nov. 17 (that's tonight!)
all ages, free, 8pm

D. Gookin
Roman Wolf

West Cove Gallery, 30 Elms St., West Haven
Thursday, Nov. 19th
all ages, $5, 8pm

WPKN Food Drive

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT



WPKN is working with the CT Foodbank on two events as we lead up to Thanksgiving. You can participate in a "Virtual Foodbank" by following the link HERE.

There is also a benefit concert at Cafe Nine on Friday, November 20th that ties into the CT Foodbank:


Monday, November 16, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Estrogen Highs Tell it to Them

Estrogen Highs Tell it to ThemIt seems so impossible that the Estrogen Highs came out of nowhere with such brutally animated rock & roll. So what if they share the same lo-fi shebang of the Black Lips, I feel like a Black Lips a-side wished it was half as good as the weakest Estrogen Highs song. It's not that they're better songwriters, but so intensely authentic you cannot resist turning them all the way up to try and sort out why what you're hearing sounds so incredible. Don't bother putting Tell it to Them on if you're trying to listen to anyone about anything, because it ain't gonna work. Even when they bring it down into a grimy strut like on "No Opinion" they're commanding your complete attention. It's exhilarating and empowering, what rock should be. And they're consistent. Every song has its share of late-sixties analog sweetness but with a beautifully rank proto-punk attitude. You just don't get this from anywhere these days. I don't think there's a record coming out of Connecticut right now that comes as any more highly recommended. Grab your copy of the LP at

Check out a track here: CLICK ripped by Brushback

Steven Deal: Radio Twelve

Steven Deal is no stranger to the CT scene. He's fronted a number of early 90s punk bands, including Bleached Black, Chopper, and Absolute Zeros. After over a ten year hiatus from songwriting, he's returned with Radio Twelve. This is his first solo album, however, and it's a ton of hateful punk songs with an indie pop sheen. Playing with him are Naomi Star's Dan Kohler and Lisa Hammer (film-maker, singer in Mors Syphilitica and voice actor in my favorite TV show "The Venture Bros.") It's on his own label, Seditionary Kitten. The album is a foray into self-deprecation and whiskey, a maddening spiral into loathing and an overall panning of relationships. Despite the subject matter, the songs remain upbeat and fun. There's a lot of genre-bending here, with snippets of rock, folk and 60s all rolled into a nice little album full of catchy tunes. He'll be playing a few shows coming up as well, Dec. 12th at the Artspace and Jan 8th at Cafe Nine.

Shiny New Flyer

We have a new flyer, so please print this up and pass it around if you feel so inclined. I think it looks awesome, a huge thanks to Shehara Doe. Check out her site for some really incredible artwork. Click the image for full-size, and if you want a really high-res image pop over an email.

Grogan Social Scene at The Space

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grogan Social Scene at The Space
The Space
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden CT
$10.00 - 7:00PM - All Ages


We talked about Grogan Social Scene not long back HERE and now it's time to see him live. One caveat: before embarking to the show, remember to leave your wives and girlfriends safely at home. In the meantime, a new digital single is being made available. It's two acoustic folk tracks, one recorded last week during a trip to San Francisco with folk musician Christopher Ward of Basecamp, and the other was recorded in Grogan's home studio here in Connecticut. Download them here by entering your email address and the link will be sent to you:

As if that wasn't enough, tune in to WESU 88.1 FM this Sunday night at 10:30. Grogan will be playing a live in studio set on DJ Chesire Cat's show!

Also sharing the stage at The Space show:
The End Piece
What's Left of the Trees
Ghost Dance

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Video: Mark Mulcahy - I Have Patience

A great video for a great song. I started up a youtube playlist for more at local videos at CT TV. Pass any videos you happen to know about our way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ciao My Shining Star: New Haven CD Release

December 11, at Toad's Place is the New Haven CD Release Show of “Ciao My Shining Star.” It will be a celebration of the songs of Mark Mulcahy, featuring a ton of amazing artists. We've written a lot about the CD already, and what a good cause it is. Just check out a list of artists that will be playing:

Elvis Perkins
David Berkeley
Chris Harford
Chris Collingwood (of Fountains of Wayne)
Jounce (little Pete from Pete and Pete)
Butterflies of Love
Gravel Pit
School for The Dead
Spike Priggen
The Zambonis
Frank Critelli
The Reducers
The Furors

These are some really great bands. I can't believe The Furors will be playing!

I know it's very early to be talking about this show, but you should order tickets as soon as possible, in case this sells out (it will.) At the very least I want to make sure this is on everyone's radar.

ADVANCE: $10.00
DAY OF SHOW: $10.00


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miracle Legion live at WESU - 12/31/1986

Alright readers, I've got a treat for you today. Here's a recording from New Year's Eve, 1986 of Miracle Legion playing at Middletown's WESU (88.1FM). Miracle Legion was a jangle-pop band from New Haven fronted by Mark Mulcahy. They were active from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. This was back when they were just starting out, and even though the quality of the recording has seriously deteriorated over the years, there are some serious stand-out tracks here like "Butterflies" and a killer version of "The Backyard". Sure it sounds like an old cassette, but only because it was.

Download it here.

Singing Bridges: Three Trains EP

Singing Bridges' Three Trains EP harkens back to the days of early 90s jangle pop. The 5-song CD is full of reverbed-out female vocals, jangly rhythm guitar, and a glimpse of sonic experimentation. Simple, straightforward songs like "Crazy Street" hammer the point home and show they definitely have an ear for the genre. It's no surprise to find that two of the band members, William and Christine, run Skipping Stones Records, a local label handling tweepop bands like The Besties and Iceland's Dyrdin. They have also organized Popfest! New England the past few years. While the demo isn't really breaking any new ground, if you're a fan of Bunnygrunt, Calvin Johnson, or really anything on K Records, you might want to check them out. You can snag the EP at Skipping Stones.

El Ten Eleven - Cafe Nine Nov 19th

I've seen these guys twice and this show will be my third round. El Ten Eleven was one of the top shows I've seen this year and seeing them again will probably be another mind blowing experience. If you're a fan of math rock and are bored with the overly abused formula of making weird noises over real music come see El Ten Eleven. See math rock done right. See music done right.

*Edit* Seems like I was right when I said Fake Babies were gonna be the next big thing in CT , they just got scheduled to open for el ten eleven

Cafe Nine-Thursday November 19th

El Ten Eleven
Fake Babies
Time: 9 pm
Cost: $6

photo by Michael Klayman

Elm City PopFest with A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Elm City PopFest with A Sunny Day in GlasgowSaturday, November 14th, 2009:

Artspace New Haven
50 Orange Street
New Haven, CT

The Tweefort and CT Indie team-up is almost here, so get ready for the Elm City PopFest!

RSVP on Facebook!

All proceeds will go to benefit Artspace New Haven, which has undergone more than $90,000 in budget cuts this year. Artspace is an artist and volunteer run contemporary arts non-profit whose mission is to catalyze artistic efforts, to connect artists, audiences, and resources.

A full day ticket is $8, afternoon only or evening only are $5 each. Both the afternoon and evening shows are All Ages.

Drinks will be provided at the evening event by New Haven’s 116 Crown.

Elm City PopFest with A Sunny Day in GlasgowTo go down as follows (with DJing between by members of Boy Genius):
3:00 PM - The Dayzies
3:45 PM - One Happy Island
4:30 PM - FayRey
5:15 PM - The Cavemen Go
6:00 PM - The Metric Mile
7:00 PM - Intermission
8:00 PM - ArtSpace Underground @ Elm City PopFest begins with a set by resident-DJ Peter Kuhn
9:00 PM - The Tyler Trudeau Attempt
10:00 PM - A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Cold Snap Record Release Show

Thursday, November 12th, 2009:

A new Cold Snap 7", limited to 200 copies, is out on Hot Air Press. To celebrate, a record release show is happening tomorrow at the Wallingford American Legion along with My Heart To Joy, Brava Spectre, and Touche Amore. Head over to the new Hot Air webstore here CLICK to grab your copy, or just go to the show to buy one from the merch table.

Wallingford American Legion
190 Ward Street
Wallingford CT

$7 - 6:00PM - All Ages

Click here

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cutlery and 8 Inch Betsy at Two Boots

Every Thursday they'll be free shows at Two Boots of Bridgeport. This is part of an ongoing series of Thursday night shows called "Indie Thursdays."

This week, check out minimalistic female folk trio Cutlery. They're based out of Brooklyn and play banjo, violin, and a wide assortment of tiny instruments as accompaniment.Playing with them, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, will be another female trio: the Chicago-based pop punk band 8 Inch Betsy. This is show is absolutely free!

Two Boots
9pm, free

Metric @ Webster Theatre - Nov 18th

Who says nothing good comes from Canada or comes to Connecticut. This one show proves both statements wrong. I saw these guys a few years ago at some seaport show not expecting much and was pleasingly surprised. They're tight, loud and will be in your face at the Webster.

Webster Theatre
- November 18th
Time: 7pm

William Elliott Whitmore + Hoots and Hellmouth + Sidewalk Fave @ Toquet Hall

Sometimes while rummaging through youtube you find something amazing. Be it an elephant painting or a kid reciting a speech from a movie, it sticks. I was lucky enough to be doing so when a video of William Elliott Whitmore popped up on my what people are watching bar. This guy encompasses everything I love about music, his music more than progressive chord changes and abstract drumming its just a guy and his guitar sincerely giving his soul to the crowd. No hipster bullshit here. This genre of music admittedly isn't usually my bag but if more artist start showing a talent in music like him I will probably have to start a CTFolk blog. I don't usually go to folk shows but with Hoots and Hellmouth and Sidewalk Dave this show seems like one of the more solid lineups in the area.

Toquet Hall - November 14th
William Elliot Whitmore
Hoots and Hellmouth
Sidewalk Dave
Doors: 7:00pm
Cost: $7/$9 Doors
All Ages

Nana Grizol , Bomb The Music Industry and All the Friends @ The Space

A mob of people with horns and guitars sounds like a fun time to me and if you're like me this show is for you. If you go to this show and don't end up in a state of some kinda laugh induced drunken stupor I'd be pretty shocked. This lineup is a dense nugget of happiness and should be seen at all costs (especially after having midterms)

Monday, November 9th @ The Space
Nana Grizol
Bomb The Music Industry!
All The Friends
7pm - $6

Spider at The Space

Tuesday, November 11, 2009

Jane Herships Spider at The Space
The Space
Tues., Nov 10th
7pm $10 all ages

Spider is Jane Herships' folk project. Bathed in warm, reverb-heavy drenched electric guitar, sparse, slow-picked melodies that drift, and soothing quiet vocals you want to keep close to the ear. Jane plays intimate folk-infused soundscapes and songs about dreams, with enough warmth and fullness to keep the darkness at bay. Spider's beautiful songs remind us that the strength of our thoughts and emotions might not be very noisy but can be very powerful indeed. Spider tours in support of the release of her Sophomore album "Things we liked to Hold." (spidersongs 2009)

This Frontier Needs Heroes is the family folk duo of brother and sister Brad and Jessica Lauretti. The Heroes self released their self titled debut album in 2009 and spent a year rambling on the road across America with over 100+ dates from California to New York City. They recently returned from a tour of the UK where they played the End of the Road Festival and dates supporting Tallest Man on Earth and the Handsome Family. Originally from Connecticut.

Echo and Drake are an experimental indie rock band from CT.

Magdyn Osh plays pastoral campfire jams for the New Great Depression. Led by vocalist/songwriter Michael Flis and a collective of multi-instrumentalists

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shotgun Party plays Cafe 9

Austin, TX based acoustic trio, Shotgun Party plays original music inspired from early blues, swing, country and bluegrass. They're currently touring to support their newest album Mean Ole Way. They will be performing at Cafe Nine in New Haven on Wednesday, Nov. 11th with fellow Austinite Leo Rondeau. Wear your cowboy boots.

Cafe Nine
9 pm

photo by Geoff Marslett

Black Taxi Returns to Connecticut

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Black Taxi to play The Field in Bridgeport
The Field
3001 Fairfield Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06605
Cost: ? - 8:00PM


Black Taxi is pulling into Bridgeport to play at The Field on November 13th. If you're not from Fairfield University, you've probably never heard of the The Field. It's not a usual stop for original music, but this night is one of the exceptions. Black Taxi just released their latest project, Things of That Nature, with a blow-out gig at The Gramercy Theatre in NYC, and is touring the East coast for the remainder of 2009 before hitting up SXSW in spring 2010.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Neil Hamburger Tonight

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

$10 - 10:00PM - 21+

He's back:

Neil Hamburger is the name of a stand-up comedian character played by Gregg Turkington. Hamburger’s jokes range from variations of “Why did the chicken cross the road?” to Diana, Princess of Wales jokes to Paris Hilton jokes. His pacing is off, and he clears his throat nonstop through his entire routine, which is all part of the ultimate goal: to be the world’s “worst” stand-up comedian.
Drag City

J. P. Incorporated
Formerly Pleaseeasaur. On tour with Neil Hamburger.
Comedy Central Records

Redscroll Records Black Out at Sunrise

Redscroll Records
is having a huge Black Friday sale. There will be unprecedented markdowns and the store's going to open at 6AM with free coffee. Hell yeah.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Two Man Gentleman band @ Cafe Nine

Raise your fancy beers in celebration, as these two swell chaps will be in New Haven spreading the sounds of education and morality. Dont get caught up in tomfoolery and miss this show. If you end up going, study a little before you show up, Connecticut doesn't deserve to be triangled.

Cafe Nine
November 12th 2009
Two Man Gentleman Band
Tickets: $5
Doors:9 pm

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yeasayer w/ Fake Babies @ Toad's Place - Nov 14th

Yeasayer at Toad's Place with Fake Babies
Brooklyn experimental/psych band Yeasayer will be at Toad's Place with CT Indie fave Fake Babies on the 14th. From what I've heard a Yeasayer show is like a trip on acid. Flashing lights, wavery vocals and abstract samples all there to mess up your senses. With Fake Babies also in the mix I can see this being one of the more eccentric shows you'll see this year. This will be an early show so try to get out early if you want to see them.

Toads Place
- November 14th
Fake Babies
Tickets: $15 Adv/$17 DOS

CT Indie Update

A big thanks to Bones, the super duper cool cat that hooked CT Indie up with a black and white banner that now crowns the page. And even though Sgt Big Ears will continue to be on duty, when our broke asses get some coin together, we'll also be getting a logo done by a pro eyeball poker, too.

Meanwhile, share some love by hosting this banner on your site!

CT Indie

<a href=""><img src="" alt="CT Indie" border="0" height="52" width="331"></a>

Social Studies At Larry's

Social Studies w/ Kindergarten
Cousin Larry's Café
1 Elm Street
Danbury, CT
Tuesday, November 10 @ 9 PM

San Francisco quintet Social Studies dislikes predictability. Founding members Nathalia Rogovin and Michael Jirkovsky are constantly on the lookout for new guests and perspectives to shake up their tunes. No matter the lineup, the band pumps out California pop staples with a twist. Keeping the instrumentals simple with drums, bass, and an old-school Casiotone, the group blends sunny, surf-infused baselines with danceable beats and a dash of pipe organ.

Rogovin's vocals top off the whole lot. Her sweet pipes sound vaguely reminiscent of The Bird and The Bee's front woman, Inara George. When she sings, "We'll fight together for half our lives," the proposition doesn't sound half bad. Currently, they're awaiting the release of their first full-length recording in 2010. Until then, tide yourself over with their singles and catch them at Larry's on November 10.

Social Studies: Time Bandit

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fake Babies

Fake Babies at Daniel StreetHave you ever heard something that made you feel dirty after? Be it a conversation you weren't supposed to hear, or a secret you didn't want to know. That's the feeling I get when listening to Fake Babies. After ripping it up at The Submarine on Halloween, they have shows lined up on the 12th at Daniel Street and 14th at Toads Place opening for Yeasayer.

CT faves Welcome will be bringing on the pop joy, while Seafire will be bringing the funky bass lines with them to Daniel St. I don't know much about H.T.L.L. but from what I got from their MySpace if you like pretty women and catchy hooks they will be sure to please.

Fake Babies
Hot Tub Lava Lamp

Daniel St
November 12
Doors: 8:00pm

Everybody's Scene

Everybody's Scene The story of Connecticut's Anthrax Club
On Friday, Nov. 27th, a very special book will be released: "Everybody's Scene - The story of Connecticut's Anthrax Club". The book was written by Chris Daly, and tells the story of The Anthrax - a small punk and hardcore music club in suburban Connecticut from 1982 through 1990.

The release party will be held at Cafe Nine. Lost Generation and Powersurge will actually reunite and take the stage to blast through sets! There will be a ton of free give-aways and raffle prizes, and free vegan food, so don't miss this!!

Also, you can pre-order the book right here.

Cafe Nine
Nov. 27
8 pm