Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fake Babies

Fake Babies at Daniel StreetHave you ever heard something that made you feel dirty after? Be it a conversation you weren't supposed to hear, or a secret you didn't want to know. That's the feeling I get when listening to Fake Babies. After ripping it up at The Submarine on Halloween, they have shows lined up on the 12th at Daniel Street and 14th at Toads Place opening for Yeasayer.

CT faves Welcome will be bringing on the pop joy, while Seafire will be bringing the funky bass lines with them to Daniel St. I don't know much about H.T.L.L. but from what I got from their MySpace if you like pretty women and catchy hooks they will be sure to please.

Fake Babies
Hot Tub Lava Lamp

Daniel St
November 12
Doors: 8:00pm

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