Monday, November 23, 2009

Titles - Up With the Sun

Titles is a New Haven Based band that doesn't need to add a new spin to an old formula. When you get the formula right on the first try, whats the point?

Captivating vocals? Check
Catchy chords? Check
Interesting Stories? Check

The songs range from sincere love ("A Happy Life") to the troubles and awkwardness that comes with it ("Fully Dressed in Bed") This wont be in your collection of 10 greatest shred CD's but the way they intertwine the strong stories with the minimalist chords should still be able to grab you and keep you listening through the whole CD without noticing it. Coupled with a great production this album brings nothing but good times. If you're ever driving long distances, toss this CD on and feel the warmth of a collection of songs done right. It could be listened to song by song but if you want the whole experience check it all out at once.

Titles have a new album currently in the works, and it should be released in February, so keep your eyes on Safety Meeting.

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Brushback said...

This was probably my favorite Ct. release of 2008, and I'll still listen to it regularly even a year later.