Friday, November 13, 2009

Steven Deal: Radio Twelve

Steven Deal is no stranger to the CT scene. He's fronted a number of early 90s punk bands, including Bleached Black, Chopper, and Absolute Zeros. After over a ten year hiatus from songwriting, he's returned with Radio Twelve. This is his first solo album, however, and it's a ton of hateful punk songs with an indie pop sheen. Playing with him are Naomi Star's Dan Kohler and Lisa Hammer (film-maker, singer in Mors Syphilitica and voice actor in my favorite TV show "The Venture Bros.") It's on his own label, Seditionary Kitten. The album is a foray into self-deprecation and whiskey, a maddening spiral into loathing and an overall panning of relationships. Despite the subject matter, the songs remain upbeat and fun. There's a lot of genre-bending here, with snippets of rock, folk and 60s all rolled into a nice little album full of catchy tunes. He'll be playing a few shows coming up as well, Dec. 12th at the Artspace and Jan 8th at Cafe Nine.

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