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Rave On: A Tribute to The Reducers: Vol. 1, a 24 track tribute to New London, CT's The Reducers hits September 22

The Reducers rocked CT for 34 amazing years. They are the true definition of Independent. Some awesome people got together to compile a tribute album to one of the best local CT bands to ever grace a stage.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Gentle Stunts new video - Tall Retrieve

Jason Devin has made a new video for The Gentle Stunts and it is awesome! Check out "Tall Retrieve" below and go to Jason's Vimeo Page to see more videos for The Gentle Stunts as well as Werewolf Police and The Inclined Plane!

George Lesiw - Clarity

Well, you can take George Lesiw's album title literally. Clarity is an instrumental jazz-rock venture released this summer, and with it Lesiw delivers an intentional and open-faced jam sandwich. It also comes across as a carefully structured collaboration with his studio instrumentalists. His guitar work floats over the top of a steady rhythmic core, which is expanded by the crazy percussive score.

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Arc Agency Shows This Week!

The Arc Agency continues its string of great shows in September with three coming up this week! Here's what's in store:

The Ferns by The Ferns

Burlington slackers The Ferns have put together their debut album and it is a warm cozy collection of tunes ready to bring you back to the summer!

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Fake Babies EP

Fake Babies are back with an eponymous EP filled with dance tunes to rock your body and soothe your soul! This EP expands upon the promise of their 2011 debut LP "We Started Blues" with 4 new awesome tracks guaranteed to keep any party going!

Friday, September 14, 2012

9/16 - Salvation, Heavy Breath, Loach, The Two Funerals, Mope @ The Horse's Mouth, New Britain

The Arc Agency continues it's long streak of six shows this month with another hardcore show in a basement. This show features PA stalwarts Salvation, fresh off an appearance at Power of the Riff East, currently on tour supporting their new Youth Attack Records 7", "House of the Beating Hell." Also on tour are VA punk band The Two Funerals, whose sound brings to mind acts such as Sleater/Kinney and Sonic Youth. Their new 12", "Boys' Club" is available via Rorschach Records.

For the local portion of the show, we have New Haven's Heavy Breath who've been working hard for the past year on three new songs that put a wild, apocalyptic twist on their signature sound. Then there's Loach (also from New Haven) whose members have been/are in too many bands than we have room to list in here. They play fast, aggressive hardcore punk and are quickly becoming a really intense and fascinating live band. Rounding out the lineup is Mope, a noisy metallic band composed of one hell of an all-star lineup (featuring members of Iron Hand, Stone Titan and Gowl) whose rumbling low end perversions should get your night off to a glorious start.

At The Horse's Mouth in New Britain, CT ( for the address)
show up at 6:00 PM - minimum $5 donation for touring bands

LOACH - for information about this and other upcoming shows!


Indie Thursdays at Two Boots in Bridgeport is always bumping, but this show is gonna be something ELSE! Filled with talented bands, this promises to be an instant dance party, so bring yr comfy shoes!

Monday, September 10, 2012

SINGLE: Cold Feet - Anna

In the mist of neo-disco irony and reverb-saturated chicness, Cold Feet's "Anna" dares to embrace bubble gum pop music... and that is not a bad thing. Cold feet, while embracing cheeky pop elements, still manage to pull off a cascade of wonderful sounds. Sounds which drips down and in your ears--filling your body with a cheerful warmth--letting you lose track of your troubles and a bad day. Keep it up, hope to hear more from Cold Feet.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sidewalk Dave Release Celebration on 9/15!!

Time to celebrate because Sidewalk Dave's new LP is here! He is throwing a record release party on 9/15 and I better see you all there! Fake Babies will be there and performing also!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Early Graves find the strength to carry on

John Strachan | Chris Brock | Dan Sneddon | Tyler Jensen | Matt O'Brien | Makh Daniels (RIP)

San Francisco loud rock band Early Graves have had their share of tragedy in the past few years. On August 2, 2010, as the band was traveling to Reno from Portland their van crashed, tragically killing their charismatic lead singer Makh Daniels. After some deliberation, the band decided to keep going with friend, and Funeral Pyre vocalist, John Strachan taking over on vocals. It was a long road back, but the band, which includes guitarists Chris Brock and Tyler Jensen, bassist Matt O'Brien, drummer Dan Sneddon was able to persevere. They have a new record entitled "Red Horse" coming out on October 30 on No Sleep Records and will be making a stop at the Cherry Street Station on September 24 with Skeletonwitch and Havok, Pristina and Shallow Ground. We sent Brock and Strachan a bunch of questions and here are there answers on a whole variety of subjects including the van accident, touring, their new label and their new record. It's a very a candid and honest look at a band.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

SUNS / REACHING MOON @ The Heirloom Arts Theatre 9/15

Chicago's Suns are on tour and stopping by The Heirloom Arts Theatre for a night of indie rock goodness that you can't afford to miss so get off your duff and make the trek to Danbury!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hanging Hills EP

Willimantics Hanging Hills have released an eponymous EP a few weeks ago and it sweeps you away in a sea of warm tones and beautiful songs.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fins - Lawnmower

The rolling hills of New Milford are set a blaze with the mighty noise of Fins. John Lydon, Scott Bowers-Defino, and Nate Sadowski are Fins, a band formed in the wake of several lauded experimental-music endeavors. Lawnmower is a four song EP that introduces us to them with high fives instead of clammy handshakes. Where noise rock can get a little pretentious, the tunes on Lawnmower cut through with garage concrete gusto, emboldening with zero traces of standoffishness. Spirit is really what sets Fins apart from other fuzz peddlers. Scary spirits that slam doors and break your stuff.

Reckless abandon propels "Foxfires" forward, with buried hooks and vocals screamed like a British man, standing in the rain, outside the house where he used to live. Brash surf-punk is brandished by sunny percussive entropy and wet reverb. "Lawnmower," the song, is a start and stop descent into a funnel with no light, where sonic-waves of melodious guitars strive to contend with near and pure dissonant harmonization. "Hags" really brings back that surf-heavy-on the punk-sound, with a lo-fi pizzazz that rounds off with arm and arm shouting. "Hold" has an urgent, straight forward attack that comes close to something one might find in the hardcore section. This aggression was concealed all along, but only beneath the surface.

No time is wasted on Lawnmower, and you never really get to catch your breath. Barely any of the tracks break the two and a half minute mark, so you better live in it while you got it. Fins are about having fun and playing high-volume, drink-spilling-music, which will certainly get the cops called to your house party. This fall will see Fins embarking on an East Coast tour, so pay attention for dates.

(Edited by J. Chance)

OLD MONK / DEAD WIVES @ The Space 9/9

Brooklyn trio Old Monk are playing The Space on 9/9 with Dead Wives, one of CT's best bands! Do yourself a solid and treat yourself to a nice night of indie rock loud licks!

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Sidewalk Dave - Hard On Romance

Sidewalk Dave is a New Haven icon. His albums keep getting progressively better.  No wonder New London's The Telegraph Recording Company was quick to sign him! New Haven's Mandee Potter reviews his new LP "Hard On Romance" after the break.