Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hanging Hills EP

Willimantics Hanging Hills have released an eponymous EP a few weeks ago and it sweeps you away in a sea of warm tones and beautiful songs.
The rich vocal harmony opening up "Ode to Olympia, WA" has a light country flare but soothes with its welcoming notes. The words tell a story of preference of New England over the west coast as a wondeful guitar lick creeps in.

"Untitled/Yours" grabs one's attention just in the irony of its title, and the song boosts up the tempo to a soft rocking folk song. This is a feel good single, opening the door into this band's intricate world full of wit and whimsey.

"Stranger" keeps the energy level steady and explores an even folkier side to this band, reminding one a bit of The Inclined Plane. The lead guitar is impressive with its mix and effects. This is some classy indie rock!

"Providence" is a slower song, wrenching the heart. Despite its 5:42 time length, it keeps things moving and begins to slowly swell into an urgency. The song showcases the instrumental talents of this band  as there is more room to explore and fill.

Lastly, "Lucky on a Different Day" is an epic sprawling finale track. This song is all over the place and vocalist G.W. Dyson shows off his chops in a big way. The vocal harmonies employed toward the end are stellar. This is a band that is really going places so keep yr eyes peeled!

(Edited by J. Chance)

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