Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rave On: A Tribute to The Reducers: Vol. 1, a 24 track tribute to New London, CT's The Reducers hits September 22

The Reducers rocked CT for 34 amazing years. They are the true definition of Independent. Some awesome people got together to compile a tribute album to one of the best local CT bands to ever grace a stage.

New London, CT --- Once dubbed 'America's best unsigned band' by CMJ, New London, CT's The Reducers spent much of their 34-year career skirting the edges of wider mainstream popularity. But what they lacked in broader exposure, they made up for in critical acclaim and influence on generations of musicians and music fans around the world.
A brand-new international compilation, "Rave On: A Tribute to the Reducers Vol. 1" (Good Sponge Records,, coming Sept. 22, features 24 tracks that pay sound tribute to the band's longstanding musical legacy.
Formed in 1978, The Reducers released three very well-received power pop "pub rock" records from 1983-1986 that propelled them to the national spotlight, where they found themselves touring the country opening for bands like The Ramones and The Replacements. (The Replacement's front man Paul Westerberg spoke openly of his appreciation for the band's songwriting.) Later albums like "Shinola", "Redux", "Old Cons" and 2010's "Guitars, Bass and Drums" only cemented their reputation as staunchly reliable rockers, and their influence as elder statesmen of rock n' roll continued to grow across the United States and beyond.

In 2004, 25 years into their career as a band, the Reducers were invited to headline a ten-day tour of Japan, playing with like-minded Japanese bands that had grown up adoring their music. The band came back to the U.S. more energized than ever. Together for 34 years, the Reducers' long run ended earlier this year with the death of bass player Steve Kaika, who died after a courageous battle with cancer. The original members, Peter Detmold (guitar/vocals), Hugh Birdsall (guitar/vocals), Tom Trombley (drums) and Kaika had been the only members of the band throughout its entire span. (More info on the history of the band can be found at

"Rave On: A Tribute to the Reducers Vol. 1" features brand new music performed by bands and artists touched by the The Reducer's music at some point during the band's long tenure. Some tracks are reverent, almost note-for-note covers (particular care is paid to bassist Kaika's renown "lead bass" lines), others are re-imagined in ways that showcase the timeless impact of the band's songwriting. The disc opens with perhaps the Reducer's best-known song, "Let's Go," performed by New York City's The Rattlers (featuring Mickey Leigh,, brother of the late Joey Ramone). No less than five Japanese bands put in hard rocking tributes, including Rockbottom and Firestarter, two of the bands The Reducers toured with in Japan.

Miracle Legion's Mark Mulcahy ( joins old pals Chris Harford and Andrew Weiss (Rollins Band, Ween, Jello Biafria) in a new outfit called Birdfeeder, turning in what can only be described as a front-porch soul version of the Reducer's song "Sound of Breaking Down." Canadian rocker Dave Rave (Teenage Head) shows up with old pal Lauren Agnelli (The Washington Squares), sneering their way through the romper "Company Man." Boston's Frigate lays down one of the fiercest tracks, "Boys Will Be Boys," fronted by bassist/vocalist Linda Bean, as do fellow Beantowners The Dogmatics, who deliver a growling version of "Black Plastic Shoes." The Reducers' label mates Heap also make an appearance, as does Fresno, CA's The Backstabbers, fronted by Jes Farnsworth, nephew of the late Steve Kaika.

Fellow current New London artists Paul Brockett Roadshow, Matt Goeutte and The Rivergods add hometown flavor to the disc, as do a few reunited New London bands that were peers to the Reducers at earlier times, The Clothespins and Blonde Furniture. The latter delivers a beautiful, forlorn version of the Reducers' song "Closing Time" toward the album's end. The once-bustling New Haven scene also represents with contributions from the Manchurians, the Big Bad Johns, the Del Crandalls, and the aforementioned Mulcahy.
Track listing for "Rave On: A Tribute to the Reducers Vol. 1":

1. Let's Go - The Rattlers
2. Life In The Neighborhood - The Backstabbers
3. Better Homes And Gardens - Heap
4. Boys Will Be Boys - Frigate
 5. San Antone - Rockbottom
 6. Fashion Of The Times - The Manchurians
 7. Nothing Cool - Paul Brockett Roadshow
 8. No Ambition - The Gimmies
 9. Company Man - Dave Rave & Lauren Agnelli
 10. Out Of Step - Fran Fried w/The Backstabbers
 11. Fistfight at the Beach - The Del Crandalls
 12. Black Plastic Shoes - The Dogmatics
 13. Rocks - P.C.2. (a.k.a. Paychannel)
 14. Real Gone - Missy Roback
 15. My Problem - The Rivergods
 16. Sound Of Breaking Down - Birdfeeder
 17. Don't You Wanna - Tim Lee 3
 18. Yeah Yeah - Big Fat Combo
 19. Meltdown - Firestarter
 20. All About You - Matt Gouette
 21. Avoidance Factor - The Clothespins
 22. Scared of Cops - Frantic Stuffs
 23. Closing Time - Blonde Furniture
 24. Endless Bummer - Male Curriers


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