Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fins - Lawnmower

The rolling hills of New Milford are set a blaze with the mighty noise of Fins. John Lydon, Scott Bowers-Defino, and Nate Sadowski are Fins, a band formed in the wake of several lauded experimental-music endeavors. Lawnmower is a four song EP that introduces us to them with high fives instead of clammy handshakes. Where noise rock can get a little pretentious, the tunes on Lawnmower cut through with garage concrete gusto, emboldening with zero traces of standoffishness. Spirit is really what sets Fins apart from other fuzz peddlers. Scary spirits that slam doors and break your stuff.

Reckless abandon propels "Foxfires" forward, with buried hooks and vocals screamed like a British man, standing in the rain, outside the house where he used to live. Brash surf-punk is brandished by sunny percussive entropy and wet reverb. "Lawnmower," the song, is a start and stop descent into a funnel with no light, where sonic-waves of melodious guitars strive to contend with near and pure dissonant harmonization. "Hags" really brings back that surf-heavy-on the punk-sound, with a lo-fi pizzazz that rounds off with arm and arm shouting. "Hold" has an urgent, straight forward attack that comes close to something one might find in the hardcore section. This aggression was concealed all along, but only beneath the surface.

No time is wasted on Lawnmower, and you never really get to catch your breath. Barely any of the tracks break the two and a half minute mark, so you better live in it while you got it. Fins are about having fun and playing high-volume, drink-spilling-music, which will certainly get the cops called to your house party. This fall will see Fins embarking on an East Coast tour, so pay attention for dates.

(Edited by J. Chance)

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