Monday, September 17, 2012

Fake Babies EP

Fake Babies are back with an eponymous EP filled with dance tunes to rock your body and soothe your soul! This EP expands upon the promise of their 2011 debut LP "We Started Blues" with 4 new awesome tracks guaranteed to keep any party going!

"Don't Hold Your Breath" follows the rules of simple pop songs, while evoking emotions far outside that scope. Defiant and boastful, this song has intimate/claustrophobic qualities and large cathedral hall reverberations.

"Island" is a slow grooving R&B song and it is near impossible to hear without bobbing your head. These guys have their strongest command over these thick grooving beats. Their synth choices fit perfectly as well, enveloping the listener in sound from all sides.

"Talk Like My Baby" is next, with its deep low soulful croon. This is my favorite song on the EP. Totally solid beat and instrumentals with a smooth and confident refrain: "Talk like my baby, cause yr not my baby...". If this song doesn't get you laid, you should check yourself in the mirror.

"Real" is the quiet song on this EP, but it still kicks. The singing kicks back into a croon and the beat is a guide, bringing you down a dark woods path that twists and turns. This is a very adventurous song and showcases the band's talents in an uncommon way, at a snail's pace! What these guys can do inside any given space is always impressive.

Get this when it comes out 9/18 via their bandcamp, this is an AWESOME and unusual release from one of CT's finest and most original bands.

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