Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Order of Ennead, Ipsissimus, Katahdin

Tuesday, August 31 2010, Manic Productions brings

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford CT

$10 - 9:00PM - 21+


Buy tickets now, or pick them up at Redscroll or DETRITUS

Order of Ennead, hailing from Tampa, FL, play a unique style of extreme metal. Blending elements of death and black metal seamlessly together with emphasis on songwriting and structure. The well trained ear can also pick up the distant influence of the days of thrash. Not forgotten is the ever elusive guitar solo that at times is melodic and other times shredding. The band consists of Steve Asheim (Deicide) on drums, Kevin Quirion (Council Of The Fallen) handling vocals and guitars, Scott Patrick (Resurrection) on bass, and John Li taking care of lead guitars. Earache Records

CT black metal. Ex-members of Catalyst. Metal Blade

Based out of Northern Connecticut, Katahdin is a three piece Black Metal band with many influences. New England's dark past has been set aside and forgotten about for hundreds of years. We intend to invoke the unrelenting gloom that once eclipsed this land through armor piercing blasts, consistently ruthless thrashing, and utterly depressing tales of it's past.

Order of Ennead 2010 Tour:
Aug 31 Daniel Street Milford, Connecticut
Sep 1 Bug Jar Rochester, New York
Sep 2 Santos Party House New york, New York
Sep 3 Popeyes Peekskill, New York
Sep 4 Hardbean Cafe Bethlehem, PA
Sep 5 Krugs Frederick, MD
Sep 6 Talking Head Baltimore, MD

Monday, August 30, 2010

Conversion Party Seeking Practice Space

A message from Matt Clark of Conversion Party:

I'm reaching out to see if you may know of any bands in the greater New Haven area that have a practice space that they'd be willing to share with us (we'd pay, obviously), or if there are any places where spaces are available for rent. Half of the band lives in New York, while the other half lives near New London, and we just lost our midway space, which was in Norwalk, CT, so we're trying to find a new space.

Basically anywhere from New Haven to Bridgeport would be doable for us (the closer to Bridgeport, the better probably, but we're beggars here, not choosers). We'd need a spot where we were guaranteed a dedicated weekend day/night once a week.

Send an email to conversionparty [AT] gmail [DOT] com with any information.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Will Destroy You, Irepress, Constants, Wess Meets West

Monday, August 30 2010, Manic Productions presents

Toad's Place
300 York Street Street
New Haven CT

$12 ($10 adv) - 7:00PM - All Ages


Buy tickets now or grab them at Redscroll or DETRITUS

This Will Destroy You are an instrumental quartet from the great state of Texas who play a cascading brand of cinematic rock music. Often compared and linked to purveyors of the “post-rock” sub-genre, the band has managed to transcend the tag and carve its own niche via a delicate and balanced infusion of electronics, strings, and an array of unconventional “rock” instrumentation over bombastic and receding harmony.
Magic Bullet Records

Formed in Sharon MA, Irepress are a soaring instrumental prog-metal band whose influence comes largely from the post-rock field shared in their genre by groups like Pelican, Russian Circles, Isis, etc. A great deal of experimental texturing and math-rock time signatures are also present in the group's original and powerful compositions, coming together to create a surprisingly unique entry in the often interchangeable atmospheric sludge metal field.
Translation Loss

Constants is a post-hardcore/post-rock/shoegaze band from Boston, MA. In 2005, the band released their second album “The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril” and toured the United States for ten months straight in 2006 in a 66 passenger school bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil, becoming strong proponents of sustainability. Jon Hassell (ex-Seneca) was added as a second guitar player, and stayed on as a full-time member for some time after. In early 2008, the group enlisted Rob Motes (ex-The Coma Recovery, The City is the Tower) and the band released a split 7” with fellow Boston post-rockers Caspian.

Wess Meets West began in late 2005 and was created by Sam Stauff (The Morning After, My Holy Ghost, A Paper Tugboat). Initially, it was intended solely as an electronic music project supplemented by Sam on guitar. The project stayed this way until February 2008 when Sam recruited bass player Bryan Gottshall and drummer Jesse Vengrove, turning Wess Meets West into a live band. The band fused it's electronic roots with it's newly found live elements, bringing the music to a whole new level and finally allowing the music to be performed in a live setting. For fans of early Appleseed Cast, Explosions in the Sky, Russian Circles, etc.

This Will Destroy You Tour:

08/11/10 : Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
08/12/10 : Cafe Coda (no Autolux) - Chico, CA
08/13/10 : Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
08/14/10 : Neumos - Seattle, WA
08/15/10 : Venue - Vancouver, BC
08/18/10 : Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN
08/19/10 : The Annex - Madison, WI
08/20/10 : The Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
08/21/10 : Southgate House - Newport, KY
08/22/10 : Magic Stick - Fucking Awesome Fest - Detroit, MI
08/24/10 : Lee’s Palace - Toronto, ON
08/25/10 : La Sala Rossa - Montreal, QC
08/26/10 : Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY
08/27/10 : Middle East Downstairs - Cambridge, MA
08/28/10 : Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY
08/29/10 : Maxwell’s - Hoboken, NJ
08/30/10 : Toad's Place (no Autolux) - New Haven, CT
08/31/10 : Johnny Brenda’s - Philadelphia, PA

09/04/10 : Deppe Music Pavillion - Jacksonville, NC
09/05/10 : The Music Farm - Charleston, SC
09/07/10 : Valarium - Knoxville, TN
09/08/10 : Bogart’s - Cincinnati, OH
09/10/10 : Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
09/11/10 : Rapids Theatre - Niagara Falls, NY
09/12/10 : Crocodile Rock Cafe - Allentown, PA
09/13/10 : Club Zoo - Pittsburgh, PA
09/14/10 : House of Blues - Cleveland, OH

18/09/10 : Incubate Festival – Tillburg (NL)
19/09/10 : Atak – Enschede (NL)
21/09/10 : BHF-Langendreer – Bochum (D)
22/09/10 : Magnet – Berlin (D)
23/09/10 : Gleis22 – Münster (D)
24/09/10 : Reeperbahn Festival – Hamburg (D)
25/09/10 : Juha West - Stuttgart (D)
26/09/10 : Werkstatt – Köln (D)
27/09/10 : Moho – Manchester (UK)
28/09/10 : Stereo - Glasgow (UK)
29/09/10 : Arts Centre – Norwich (UK)
30/09/10 : Underworld – London (UK)
02/10/10 : Schlachthof - Wiesbaden (D)
04/10/10 : Feierwerk – München (D)
05/10/10 : Fri-Son – Fribourg (CH)
06/10/10 : Grabenhalle – St. Gallen (CH)
07/10/10 : Apartamento Hoffman – Conegliano (Treviso) (IT)
08/10/10 : Init Club – Rome (IT)
09/10/10 : King Club – Livorno (IT)
10/10/10 : PMK - Innsbruck (A)
11/10/10 : B72 – Vienna (A)
12/10/10 : Beatpol – Dresden (D)
14/10/10 : 16tons - Moscow (RU)
15/10/10 : Dom Kultury - Ryazan (RU)
16/10/10 : PV - Ekaterinburg (RU)
17/10/10 : Tancy - St Petersburg (RU)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Friday, August 27, 2010:

71 Orange Street
New Haven, CT

RSVP to this event here.

On Friday, August 27, 2010, DETRITUS opens its doors. From 6 pm - 8 pm, words and refreshments, compliments of Bespoke, will be offered.

DETRITUS is a curated bookstore offering chapbooks, artist books, zines, and other editioned and ephemeral print media, opening in downtown New Haven. DETRITUS has been furbished with repurposed industrial materials, and the shelves stocked with an eclectic mix of independent and local print media. Included will be Showpaper (bands take note, as much as Showpaper poopoos the internet, we love and support what they do), the Judges Cave box set, 12 Sun Songs, and Bas Morsch (The Moi Non Plus). Also, along with the ever awesome Redscroll Records, DETRITUS will be another source for tickets to all Manic Productions shows.

For the next few months, DETRITUS will host engaging, interactive events that facilitate collaboration and engage the community. Events like multimedia readings, film screenings, workshops, and book signings, all to meet their goal of bringing our creative community together, and expand its reach beyond New Haven.

There will be an all ages after-party at Popeye's Garage by Shaki Presents featuring Sunburned Hand of Man, Rubber Leather, and Creepoid at 8 pm. RSVP to the event here.

This whole project would be impossible without the generous support of several entities:

DETRITUS is a project of The Dirty Pond, a locally-focused online literary journal. DETRITUS is made possible through the support of Project Storefront, a pilot program of New Haven's Economic Development Corporation, the Departments of Economic Development and Cultural Affairs, and New Haven Festivals, Incorporated. Through the generous support of the Residences at Ninth Square, DETRITUS is located at 71 Orange Street in the heart of downtown New Haven's Ninth Square and granted a lease of 90 days. DETRITUS is also a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, and through this organization has been granted temporary 501(c)3 status.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Captain's Log

Things will be a little slow this week. I work at a school, and being the week before the start of the new year means things are especially busy. Email or text me anything super super super important, or if anyone wants to chip in to help out this week, send over an email.

Have fun.


Monday, August 23, 2010

M.T. Bearington Solo No Values

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

No Cover - 9:00PM - 21+


Even if it's tough for us to come up with anything new to say about M.T. Bearington, it's pure ease to throw more love Matt Thomas' way. He's appearing solo Tuesday night with DJs Tim Daltrey and Donovan at Cafe Nine's No Values.

Check out Meg's review of Cloak Of Nouns And Loss and then buy that shit from Safety Meeting Records or pick it up at Redscroll.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kimono Draggin' Coriander Video

Kimono Draggin' put together some footage from the studio back in 2004, when they were recording the controversial My Summer in Paris album. They decided to make a video out of it, and they figured it made sense to use the most controversial song on the album, "Coriander." None of this footage has ever been previously released.

Don't forget, you can see Kimono Draggin' in action tonight at the Studio 158 Reunion show at Wrench in the Works!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poison Control Center, Sean and the Big Machines + More

Thursday, August 19, 2010:

The Space
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden CT

$10 - 6:30PM - All Ages


Buy tickets now

Poison Control Center is an Indie / Powerpop band from Iowa. The band is currently on Afternoon Records.

Universal Remote is a band from New Haven, CT.

October Rain is an Indie / Rock / Pop band from Madison, CT.

Sean and the Big Machines:
Sean McVerry is a singer songwriter and pianist from Middlebury CT. Involved in a few projects and groups in Westchester NY, He has created a strong following in Westchester County as well as the Lower East side of Manhattan. Combining styles of artists from Billy Preston and Ben Folds, to George Gershwin and Jack White, The Big Machines will put on a show you won't soon forget.

Hostage Calm- S/T; Release Celebration

Saturday, August 21, 2010:

The job of all local music blogs is to exaggerate the greatness of the scene in their particular state. It isn’t uncommon to read that Band A’s latest LP is a classic record that will be shared for generations, or that Band B puts on a live show that is among the best that the reviewer has ever seen. This trait seems to be common in the fans of area music as well, and it’s completely understandable because a truly great local band unites people from all over the region and gives them something to be proud about, not unlike a championship winning sports team. Now Hostage Calm’s self titled album is not one of the best records I’ve ever heard, I’m not going to make any statements that I know are not true and I cannot back up entirely, and giving relentless praise to this band as a truly classic ensemble of musicians isn’t something I can justify. That said, Hostage Calm have put out the best album by a band from this state in 2010.

Hostage Calm used to be a hardcore band, and a damn good one. Lens, their debut full length was a half hour of aggressive punk rock with politically savvy lyrics and a unique spin on a genre that tends to be riddled with cliches. Their self titled sophomore release can be described in a similar manner; aggressive, political and unique, but instead of the band tackling hardcore they chose to try pop music. Yes, that’s right, Hostage Calm is very much a pop album, filled with Latin tinged guitar riffs, layer upon layer of harmonies and grandiose sing-a-long choruses. Lyrically, the album is fantastic. Vocalist Chris Martin, who has greatly improved his singing voice from his previous work, writes songs about revolution (Rebel Fatigues), wasted potential (Wither on the Vine) gay marriage (Ballots/Stones) and the decay of youth (Jerry Rumspringer) all while maintaining a personable and refreshing lyrical tone. Martin is knowledgeable, personal and opinionated, but never pretentious nor banal. Musically, the other 4 members of Hostage Calm have their instruments down to a science. The rhythm section of this band continually blows me away. The drumming is among the most tight and intricate of any band currently making music and the bass lines are constantly groovy and captivating. The guitar riffs are almost always worthy of shaking your hips to and even the chord progressions aren’t predictable and trite.

Now that Hostage Calm has signed to a decent sized label (Run For Cover Records), toured the US a few times, played some of the biggest hardcore and punk festivals in the country, and released two stellar full length albums, it seems that they are poised to get exceptionally bigger. With their stylistic changes, but their ability to remain faithful to their roots in the hardcore and punk scene, it is almost impossible to not envision Hostage Calm becoming more widely appreciated in the music community. And as residents of Connecticut, readers of CT Indie and fans of local music, its clear we have to pull for them and support them in their endeavors. Isn’t that what being involved in this scene is all about? It’s about the pride that we feel when one of our own is recognized nationally. It’s happened before and it seems certain to happen again. Take this as your warning, and don’t jump on the bandwagon too late.

Hostage Calm isn’t having a release show for this album, they are having a release celebration! On Saturday, August 21 at the Cheshire Masonic Temple at 6pm, the band will play a headlining set with support from Pennsylvania Pop Punk band Title Fight, Connecticut emo/indie favorites My Heart to Joy, CT indie pop ensemble Midi and the Modern Dance and CT groovy hardcore band Heavy Breath. The mixed bill has at least one band that nearly everyone likes, and to be quite frank, is a damn good show and is worth coming out early for (and it's for a good cause; see below).

"To celebrate the release of their self-titled record,
Hostage Calm will be joined by their friends in,
My Heart To Joy
Title Fight
Midi & The Modern Dance
and Heavy Breath

Saturday August 21st at the Cheshire Masonic Temple
9 Country Club Road, Cheshire CT
Doors at 5:30, Music at 6 PM sharp

$8 Admission, $2 from each ticket will benefit COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS, a social entrepreneurship organization focused on providing safe drinking water to poor, rural communities in Central America."

Listen to four songs from the Hostage Calm self titled full length here.

RSVP to the Release Celebration here.

Photo credits to Alan Huck and Future-Breed, respectively.

Gasoline Silver, Procedure Club

Friday, August 20, 2010:

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

$5 - 9:00PM - 21+

Gasoline Silver is a three-piece combo from Minnesota. Formed in 2009 in the Twin Cities, Gasoline Silver includes Ron Franklin (vocals, harp, guitar), Andy Hertel (drums), and Josh Misner (synthesizers and tambourine).

Prior to starting the band, Ron Franklin toured the U.S. and Europe with just a telecaster, a harmonica rack and a mess of feedback. In 2007 and 2008, he released three full-length solo albums (RON FRANKLIN, CITY LIGHTS, and BLUE SHADOWS FALLING). He also played in several Memphis bands, including the Natural Kicks, Mouserocket, and, briefly, the Memphis version of Arthur Lee and Love.

After a spell on the road, Franklin found himself with a batch of songs that led him in new directions. He began recording, stacking drumbeats and electrical instruments until he heard the desired mix of colors. After enlisting Hertel and Misner, they completed the album as a trio, discovering they had an instant live band rapport.

Sometimes I wish Procedure Club would stop doing stuff because they are turning this page into a damn Procedure Club fan site. They are a collaborative "bedroom-pop" project founded by Andrea and Polish emigré Adam Malec in New Haven, Connecticut in 2008. The two began recording as a natural progression from their boredom with living in poverty in New Haven, sharing musical tastes in shoegaze and pop bands of the 80s and 90s, such as Black Tambourine, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as a common admiration for Baroque artists such as Purcell and Bach. Out of this god-forsaken alliance comes Procedure Club, in which Adam and Andrea have combined melodic song structures with heavily reverbed vocals, stuttering mechanical drum beats, dirty bass, synths, and alternately washed-out and jangly guitars.

Lots more on their pre-Doomed Forever debut here.

Procedure Club "Rather" from Lizzie Boredom

Gasoline Silver dates:
8/20 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine
8/21 New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
8/23 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler
8/28 Memphis, TN @ TBA

Procedure Club tour:
August 20 - Cafe Nine, New Haven CT w/ Gasoline Silver
August 26 - Casa del Popolo, Montreal QC w/ the Pink Noise, the O-Voids
August 28 - Parts and Labour, Toronto ON w/ Bishops Morocco
August 30 - C.A.I.D., Detroit MI
September 6 - The Comet, Seattle WA
September 7 - East End, Portland OR
September 9 - The Hub, Sacramento CA
September 10 - The Hemlock, San Francisco CA w/ La Corde, G Green and The Burning Yellows
September 11 - Tin Can Ale House, San Diego CA
September 12 - Part Time Punks @ The Echo, Los Angeles CA
September 13 - Sound Kontrol, Phoenix AZ

Tape Reels for Eyes Annual Company Picnic 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010:

Here's one from Tape Reels for Eyes:

Once again we tread lightly through the dog days of summer and settle into a permanent sweat and state of constant heat exhaustion to the point where life becomes a constant hallucination. However, Summer means being busy, active, wild, ad inf. and of course the Tape Reels for Eyes annual company picnic. This will be the third year that we are claiming Clatter Valley park to be our own for one day and packing it with bands, artists, freaks, and food.

A brief biography:
Tape Reels for Eyes began a few years ago in the recesses of New Milford with a few bands, a few ideas and an unlimited supply of motivation. Nearly four years later we find the original cohorts scattered in all areas of Connecticut and the eastern seaboard, but still connected and united via their voracious appetite for creation and willingness to share. The shows around New Milford may be less frequent, but the ideals of Tape Reels for Eyes was always to create a loose network of tight knit people sharing the same ideas and ethos. Over the past years we have released books, records, tapes, and zines. Organized shows, workshops, reading groups, discussions, potlucks, mass scale improvisation sessions and anything else the reaches of our minds can wrap their fingers around. It has been a very incredible, very special thing to be a part of.

Because Connecticut is so amazing in the Summer time and we all share such a particular affinity for the nostalgia and enjoyment of a New England summer we have always found the best way to cap it off at the end was with a giant "festival" at Clatter Valley park calling upon everyone involved with the collective over the past months. There we cook, enjoy company, catch up with friends, make new ones and see the music we have all been working on. We will also have some folks selling records and displaying zines, books and other handmade merchandise. This year will be the third year we are hosting this festival at Clatter Valley.

August 21st, 2010
Clatter Valley Park, New Milford CT 06776
Located on Clatter Valley Rd.

Prayer Buddies
Hermit Thrushes
Family Arrow
Muscle Belt
Two Ton Bug
Jack Callahan
Dan Witrock
Thunder Bums
K.C. Masta Peace
Devin Disanto

Readings by Wilde Uglies literary collective

Swimming in lakes after the show.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Studio 158 Throwback

Saturday, August 21, 2010:

The Wrench In The Works Collective
31 Moulton Court
Willimantic, CT

Free - 5:00 PM - all-ages

Facebook event page

Studio 158 was a non-profit, all ages, independent music club in North Windham, CT from 1993 until 1995. During this time we hosted hundreds and hundreds of local, national & international punk, hardcore, metal, ska and rock bands. This was a special time and a very special place that would be hard for anyone to imagine if they didn't go there at least once. This place was about giving musicians good and some BAD a chance to play in front of people with no strings attached, you didn't have to be cool, smart, funny, or cute to be here, you didn't have to sell tickets and give us your money, christ, you didn't even have to know how to pickup a guitar in some cases. This was by the people, for the people and for the sake of supporting artists that we thought needed a platform and for the people who NEEDED to see them. - Vic Szalaj, 9/2/05

The bands playing on Saturday:

Kimono Draggin (Members of Council of 5 Nations)

Zeno's Eros (Dawn from the B. Shrine Heads)

Brothers & Sisters (members of Maude)

Know Nothing (is about to release new cd)

Trash American Style will be there slinging rare and hard to find Vinyl

Poor Pluto

Powerblessings (members of Maude)

The Clearer (members of Gabriel)

Weird, it was around when Kevin Seconds played Cafe Nine and Ted Leo came through that I was feeling nostalgic and mentioned something about Studio 158 on the fan page. So it's really exciting to see that this event is happening. When 7 Seconds played at Studio 158, I couldn't get down there for whatever reason, but a drummer that I was in a band with at the time called Tracy Jane took our PA speakers down to donate them for the night. He got Kevin Seconds' autograph for me, which I still have folded up in the Soulforce Revolution cassette buried in my garage somewhere. It read something like, Sorry you couldn't make it... Funny how that became my modus operandi ever since; I miss everything. The curse of Kevin Seconds continues since I am already tied up Saturday, and so will miss this, but without a doubt everyone that knew and loved Studio 158 will be there in spirit. I still have a letter that Charlie sent me in response to one I sent to Vandal Children Records asking how to put out music on a label. I swear, I think I was like in middle school at the time. Point being, this was a place run and supported by people that genuinely cared, and who would take the time to write a letter back to you, or ask for help when it was needed. This website exists in large part because of the tremendous influence Studio 158 had on me back then. A thousand thank yous to everyone that put this together!

A near complete list of everyone that played at Studio 158 is on their MySpace page, including pictures of some of the bands and a ton of the old flyers:

The bands: Bimbo Shrineheads, Mi6, Forklift, Milktoast, Raining, Maude, Ben Hur, Cable, Thinner, Endure, Mister Bister, Structure, Daniel Shays, Opposite Way Of The Arrow, Shrike, Steadfast, In Vain, Gabriel, Jasta 14, Spring Heel Jack, Sorry Excuse, Silence, Pageant, Council Of Five Nations, Big Mistake, The Pist, Brutally Familiar, Faultline, Evolve, Age Of Reason, Skinhed Magnet, JC Superska, Spicy Gribletts, Nigel 6, Ska King Crab, Sgt. Scagnetti, Johnny Too Bad & The Strikeouts, Know Knothing, Natchez Burning, Gods End, Muck, United Hardcore, Disillusioned, Mushbum, Unexplained, Smackhead, G String Eyepatch, Fine Line, Roadkil, Frostbite, Malachi Krunch, Aimed Aggression, Spooge, Small Boy Vanishes, Stalwart, Justify, Vomit Punks, Mankind?, Mindwar, Hatebreed, Justified Front, Snapper, Chokepuppy, Cathode Ray, Shiv, Plink, Stickfigure, Break Faith, Cornerstone, Crumb, Nevergreen, Chuckbeat Grog, 108, Snapcase, Dirt, Born Against, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Strife, Colossus Of The Fall, Chamberlain/Split Lip, Grip/Dayspring, Endpoint, Falling Forward, Exhumed, Deadguy, Total Chaos, U.O.A., Crown Hate Ruin, The Queers, Blanks 77, Jawbreaker, Scapegrace, 1.6 Band, Contagen, Kerosene 454, Samuel, Blownapart Bastards, Garden Variety, Los Crudos, The Insignificant, Drop Dead, Beltaine, Devoid Of faith, Squidlaunch, Arise, Overcast, Eyehategod, Scobby Don't, Medicine Man, Hell No, Unbound, Daltonic, Pansy Division, Shades Apart, Halfman, Bugout Society, Sense Field, Four Walls Falling, Texas Is The Reason, Floodgate, Still Life, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Rain Like The Sound Of Trains, Earth Crisis, Fifteen, The Casualties, Unwound, Schlong, Alloy, Final Warning, Highway 66, Primative Tribes, Third Age, Converge, 7 Seconds, Shelter, Banner Of Hope, Iconoclast, Thirteen, Shift, The Yahmos, Baby Gopal, Iceburn, Engine Kid, Whirlpool, Holy Rollers, Antioch Arrow, Up Front, Ashes, Frail, Rye Coalition, Richochet, Bog Blast, Shroomunion, Dive, Indian Summer, A Chorus Of Disapproval, Warcry, Fatday, Jara, Naked Aggression, State Of The Nation, Kukim, Die 116, Brothers Keeper, Sweet Diesel, 5' 10", Channel, DI, Asphalt, Boulder, Buzzoven, Greyhouse, Mardu Fox, Lifetime, Ressurection, Policy Of Three, Glazed Baby, Marjan Crash, Frodus, Sleeper, Stick & Stones, Walleye, Hellbender, Damnation AD, Endeavor, Mouthpiece, Chokehold, Avail, Ensign, Elements Of Need, Freemasonry, The Marshes, Hose Got Cable, Doc Hopper, Transcend, Cause For Alarm, Prema, Despair, Anasarca, Christie Front Drive, Bleed, Whatever, Action Patrol, Cast Iron Hike, Bob Evans, Aus Rotten, Flatus, Render Useless, Introspect, Jihad, The VSS, Disolve, Cavity, Threadbare,Heroin, Morsel, Scrog, Shotmaker, Hellbender, Huasipungo, SFA, Ashes, All Fall Down, Opposition, Vision, Rain Still Falls, Earshot, Floodgate, J Church, Burst Of Silence, Bloodlet, Crisis Under Control, Stretch Armstrong, Dons Ex-Girlfriend, Assfactor 4, Pink Lincolns, Chisel, Gin Mill, Lifeline, Showcase Showdown, Weston, Radio To Saturn, 7 Years War, Catharsis, Karate, Impetus Inter, Quincy Punx, Portraits Of Past, Guilt, Enkindel

Album Leaf with The Files and Fires Photos

From the Wednesday, August 11 2010 Manic Productions thrown show at Daniel Street.

All shots by William Boguski. A gallery with more pics can be found here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cavemen Go Outdoors at Beecher Park

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Facebook event page

Tomorrow there will be a FREE outdoor show in New Haven's Westville neighborhood. The Cavemen Go will be performing an extra long set on the lawn at Beecher Park, which is located on Whalley Avenue between Harrison and Phillip Streets, adjacent to Mitchell Library. Jeremy will also be performing a special acoustic mini-set to start off the show.

The show starts at 6:00 PM sharp and ends by 7:30 PM. Lawn chairs and/or a blanket as well as provisions for a picnic are recommended. Rain location is inside Mitchell Library. There are also numerous restaurants/bars in the immediate vicinity if that's more to your liking.

This show is presented by the kind folks at Westville Village Renaissance Alliance.

Head over to February Records for a few preview tracks off of New Lives.

Lou Barlow Tonight

Figured a Lou Barlow appetizer was in order in light of tonight's show. Here is part one of his Dirty Laundry interview.

Oh, and download this mp3 of Gravitate from Goodnight Unknown, out on Merge.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lou Barlow + the missingmen, Wye Oak

Tuesday, August 17 2010, Manic Productions presents

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford CT

$12 - 8:00PM - 21+


Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records

Lou Barlow + the missingmen:
In the four years since his career-redefining, mostly acoustic record Emoh, Lou Barlow has reunited with Dinosaur Jr. and reissued three of Sebadoh's classic albums. But as the brilliant new Goodnight Unknown illustrates, hes hardly living in the past. Borrowing the live-band energy of Dinosaur Jr. and the stylistic reach of Sebadoh, Barlow has built on Emoh's full production and written a set of immediate, melodic pop songs that Lou describes as, "a cross between my later work with Folk Implosion and my earlier work with Sebadoh...to my ears, anyway." Lou Barlow + the missingmen will kick off their first headlining US tour on June 10 at the Casbah in San Diego. To celebrate, Merge are releasing a brand-new digital EP entitled = Sentridoh III. Described by the band as “an almost live representation of the Lou Barlow + the missingmen live show,” =Sentridoh III is another step forward for Lou Barlow, and his first release with new backing band the missingmen (guitarist Tom Watson and drummer Raul Morales). With new cuts, rocking reworks of songs from Lou’s Merge debut Emoh and his latest solo record Goodnight Unknown, as well as a hauntingly beautiful cover of Skip James’s “I’m So Glad,” = Sentridoh III is a must-have testament to this remarkable partnership. Merge

Wye Oak:
The droll tone and fleeting sweetness of a Yo La Tengo are cut into the more deeply textural concerns of shoegaze in the Baltimore group’s work. It’s an interesting alignment, given the contrast in senses of humor. But Wye Oak successfully shed tonnage from the latter without losing potency. Wye Oak are Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack. Jenn & Andy have been playing music together and apart in Baltimore, MD, and chose their name from the honorary state tree of Maryland. They spent much of the first Wye Oak record, If Children, submerging their songs of youthful love and dread in a distortion haze, but the band's new record, The Knot, starts with a bell. From the first clarion-clear note, Wye Oak's collective vision is sharpened on The Knot, a set of songs that sway, stretch, and scream while always reaching outward for personal connection. One of the loudest 2 piece bands we have ever seen! Merge

More tour dates with Wye Oak:

Aug 18 Washington, DC - Rock N Roll Hotel
Aug 19 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
Aug 20 Asheville, NC - Grey Eagle
Aug 21 Nashville, TN - The Basement
Aug 22 St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway
Aug 23 Madison, WI - The Frequency
Aug 25 Minneapolis, MN - 400 Bar
Aug 26 Chicago, IL - Schubas
Aug 27 Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
Aug 28 Toronto, Ontario - Horseshoe Tavern
Aug 29 Montreal, Quebec -II Motore
Aug 31 Northampton, MA - Iron Horse
Sep 01 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
Sep 02 Cambridge, MA - Middle East
Sep 03 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brendas

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nite Jewel, CAVE, Fake Babies

Thursday, August 12 2010 Manic Productions Presents

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

$8 - 9:00PM - 21+


Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records

California native Ramona Gonzalez first began her transcendent minimalist dance-pop escapades in the privacy of her own home in Los Angeles. With the aid of her multitrack cassette recorder and whatever keyboards, drum machines, and other instruments that were available to her, she very quickly developed her own unique sound and began performing live in the L.A. area under the moniker Nite Jewel.

Later teaming up with Cole M. Greif-Neill (formerly of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti) and Corey Lee Granet, the Nite Jewel act became a three piece band, touring alongside the likes of Deerhunter, Massive Attack, Little Dragon, and DaM-FunK. The Nite Jewel sound has been likened to that of a warped, lo-fi version of Late-80's Freestyle Electro sensation Debbie Deb and has also found appeal among not just the 'indie rock' & 'experimental' crowd but also among avid listeners of hip hop, funk, disco, & soul. While very fond of these aforementioned genres and artists, Nite Jewel gathers much of her inspiration from the likes of L.A. Free Music Society's experimentalist Tom Recchion, obscure UK new age electro-acoustic duo Woo, and the sublime ambient electronic music of groups like Germany's Cluster and Italy's Sensations Fix. Nite Jewel never hesitates, however, to cite 90's R&B pop groups such as TLC & SWV as influences who left an indelible mark on her music sensibilities as a teenager.

In 2009, Nite Jewel self-released her debut album Good Evening, recorded with the assistance of longtime collaborator Cole M. Greif-Neill. Good Evening was met with critical acclaim and was taste-making record store Other Music's fourth top-seller of 2009. In summer of 2010, Nite Jewel received critical acclaim for a remix of Caribou's "Odessa" and another of "Die Slow" by nu-grunge band HEALTH. In August 2010, Nite Jewel will independently release a six song EP titled Am I Real?, in collaboration with Cole M. Greif-Neill (formerly of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti). Title track "Am I Real?" features a collaboration with Daniel and Andrew Aged from Teen Inc. Nite Jewel is also currently collaborating with DaM-FunK, among others, and working on her second album set for release in the winter of 2011.

CAVE formed in 2005 mainly playing improvised sets in the Columbia, MO area with as many players as 10 at one time. Recording took place while living in a communal farmhouse for the Hunt Like Devil and JAMZ EP's. Making the move to Chicago a core group was set and new ideas turned into shared visions. Since then, CAVE has recorded several EP's, singles and an LP. Reviewers have compared CAVE to Krautrock, UK Post Punk, Psychedelic Rock and Experimental at times. CAVE is releasing the PURE MOODS 12" EP on Drag City on May 18th and is touring all year long. Drag City

Fake Babies:
"With woozy synths, processed drum machines and even-more-processed vocals, beats alternately insistently pulsing and jagged, Fake Babies sound weird, arty, chemical and spacey, but also melodically inviting and often downright danceable." - Brian LaRue "New Haven Advocate". Recently they were voted best band Connecticut and are currently fourth in the 50 best new bands in the US by the Boston Phoenix.

Nite Jewel tour:

07/29 Los Angeles, CA Echoplex *
08/09 New York, NY Mercury Lounge #
08/10 Wilkes-Barre, PA Cafe Metropolis $
08/11 Allston, MA Great Scott %
08/12 New Haven, CT Cafe Nine &
08/13 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie
08/14 Brooklyn, NY Glasslands $

* = w/ Memoryhouse, Baths, Kisses
# = w/ Violens, Prince Rama
$ = w/ The Samps
% = w/ Glasser
& = w/ CAVE

Huge CAVE tour:

Aug 11 Temple Boston, Massachuse
Aug 12 Cafe Nine New Haven, Connecticu, US
Aug 14 Cakeshop New York, New York
Aug 15 ISSUE PROJECT ROOM Brooklyn, New York , US
Aug 16 the BANK Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 17 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, PA
Aug 18 Gooskis Pittsburgh, Pennsylvan, US
Aug 19 Cafe Bourbon St. Columbus, Ohio
Aug 20 Russian Recording Bloomington, Indiana , US
Aug 21 Alvin's Detroit, Michigan
Oct 1 Mojos Columbia, Missouri
Oct 2 Cropped Out Festival Louisville, Kentucky
Oct 7 El Perro Club Madrid, ., SPAIN
Oct 8 ZDB Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Oct 9 CAEP Portalegre, PORTUGAL
Oct 10 Monkey Week Cadiz, SPAIN
Oct 13 L'Assomoir St. Etienne, FRANCE
Oct 17 Water Moulin Tournai, BELGIUM
Oct 18 Luminaire London, UNITED KINGDOM
Oct 21 Empire Music Hall Belfast, IRELAND
Oct 22 Star and Shadow Newcastle, UNITED KINGDOM
Oct 23 Supersonic Festival Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM
Oct 25 Scheld Apen Antwerpen, BELGIUM
Oct 26 Astra Stube Hamburg, GERMANY
Oct 27 Lades Copenhaguen, DENMARK
Oct 28 TBA Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Oct 30 tba Stockholm, SWEDEN
Nov 1 Bang Bang Club Berlin, GERMANY
Nov 2 Ost Pol Dresden, GERMANY
Nov 4 TBC Vienna, AUSTRIA
Nov 5 Kino Ebensee Ebensee, AUSTRIA
Nov 6 Rocking Chair Vevey, SWITZERLAND
Nov 7 Le Kab Geneve, SWITZERLAND
Nov 10 Sinistro Club Roma, ., ITALY
Nov 11 La Claque Genoa, ., ITALY
Nov 12 L'embobineuse Marseille, FRANCE
Nov 13 La 2 de Apolo Barcelona, SPAIN
Nov 18 CAVE (Drag City/USA) @ El Cau Tarragona, Cataluña, SPAIN
Nov 24 the Arches Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
Nov 28 Le Guess Who Festival Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
Dec 6 ATP In Between Days at Crazy Horse Minehead, UNITED KINGDOM

Slow Hands

Sunday, August 15, 2010:

photo by michael persico

The Owl Shop
268 College Street
New Haven, CT

Slow Hands, aka Ryan Cavanagh, makes chilled out house music. His sets have made him a staple at Wolf + Lamb, the Brooklyn label that Resident Advisor ranked #3 of 2009. A handful of releases have also popped up on Moodgadget and Fade Records. Stop by this killer cigar lounge and bar for some fresh beats, and enjoy $6 Sea Hags and shot combos all night long, too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Historic - Ephemeral Stampede

Heavily percussed and violently accompanied by accordion, one of Adam Matlock's many project is titled An Historic. He just released his album Ephemeral Stampede. It features layer after layer of his soulful voice singing over top of eastern European and Balkan influenced music. He shows that he's not afraid to get a little weird, like all of the vocal layers on the first track, Briefest Eye; but later in the album in On Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? he goes completely beyond the realm of normal songwriting, where he elicits a gypsy jazz swing tune, complete with clarinets and what I think is a washtub. Fans of Beirut and A Hawk And A Hacksaw should perk up their ears and take notice.

Preview the tracks below courtesy of bandcamp:

<a href="http://gzarapanecko.bandcamp.com/album/ephemeral-stampede">Briefest Eye by g. zarapanecko/An Historic</a>

The Album Leaf, The Files and Fires

Wednesday, August 11 2010, Manic Productions presents,

Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford CT

$14 ($12 adv) - 8:00PM - 21+


Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records

If you have an Album Leaf tattoo, you will get free entry to Album Leaf shows. You must send an e-mail here five days in advance of the show to gain access on the Album Leaf's guest list. Put, "leaf tattoo guest" in your subject line. You must include a photo of your face AND tattoo.

The Album Leaf officially began in 1998 as the solo project of Jimmy LaValle, guitarist for San Diego, California-based post-rock band Tristeza. LaValle has also performed in several other San Diego-area bands, including Swing Kids, The Locust, GoGoGo Airheart, and The Black Heart Procession as well as collaborating with Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós. The new Album Leaf album A Chorus of Storytellers, marks the first decade for the group. In those 10 years, LaValle has gone from initial improvised home recordings to now five complete studio albums, from opening slots to leading an incredible world-touring band to the stage at Red Rocks, headlining the Metamorphose festival in Japan and performing at the Hollywood Bowl with the Incredible String Band. LaValle’s well-earned reputation as a crafter of impeccable sonic imagery even led to a critically-acclaimed show at the Seattle International Film Festival where The Album Leaf performed a live score for the 1927 silent film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans. On Sub Pop.

Jimmy LaValle is currently backed by:
Matthew Resovich - Violin, Keys, Vocals
James McAlister - Drums (has played for Sufjan Stevens, Ester Drang and David Bazan among others)
Brad Lee - Bass, Guitar, Keys & Trumpet
Gram LeBron - Bass, Keys, Guitar & Vocals

Connecticut band The Files and Fires opens this show. They are similar to post-rcokers This Wil Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky.

The Album Leaf tour dates:
Supporting STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9)
Aug 12: Roseland Theatre - New York, NY*
Aug 13: Bank of America Pavillion - Boston, MA*
Aug 14: Penn's Landing - Philadelphia, PA*
Aug 15: Pier 6 - Baltimore, MD*

Sep 4: Metamorphose Festival - Japan
Sep 7: Bentley Music Auditorium - Selangor, Malaysia
Sep 9: TAB - Singapore
Sep 10: TAB - Singapore

Supporting Owl City
Nov 9: Enmore Theatre - Sydney, Australia* Buy Tix
Nov 10: Palais - Melbourne, Australia* Buy Tix
Nov 11: The Tivoli - Brisbane, Australia* Buy Tix
Nov 13: Powerstation - Auckland, New Zealand* Buy Tix

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

America Addio - Cotton Kingdom

America Addio has done it again. In case you haven't heard this band is the work of one M. Kestigian, a synth genius recording pop in his bedroom. His second release is titled Cotton Kingdom, and it's mindblowing. Over the past two years he's been working on recording the album, and it's finally finished and available as the 9th release on Middletown label Enemies List.

It's danceable pop, with catchy guitar licks and fun vocal effects, but if you listen deeper, you'll hear intelligent vocals and very complex effects and production. With lines like "We're all raised by nature /Some of us by the woods and some of us by the wolves" in the track Simply Living and "I will have my Grushenka / The same girl that my father adored" in Astray in Hawkeyeland, you know Kestigian is well-read, and won't settle for typical pop tune lyrical fluff. When was the last time you heard someone spitting lines about Dostoyevsky? The entire album as a whole is a beautiful faded snapshot of the life in the midwest that seems to both praise and criticize all of it's flaws.

There's no way you should miss this. You can stream the album from last.fm but please consider buying one from Enemies List, as it's only $10, and all profits are being donated to Heifer International, an organization that fights poverty and hunger by providing useful and profitable animals to needy families.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Myty Konkeror - I miss the future.

"I miss the future." is a new album out by Myty Konkeror. If you're looking for crazy blissed-out stoner metal grooves, this album is for you. The music elicits the don't-care attitude of 70s anthemic rock with psychedelic experimentation and beautiful guitar dissonance. This album seems to be much more experimental than previous releases, and I can't wait to spin that thing in it's entirety.

You can snag it digitally on their facebook page. They're releasing a limited run of 30 clear records, and cassettes to follow, so make sure you snap one up as soon as possible.

Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, Ghost of Chance

Tuesday, August 10 2010 - Ampeater Music and Manic Productions Present:

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT

$8 - 9:00PM - 21+


Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records

Twin Sister create the kind of buzzy hypnotic pop you’ve been dreaming about since Galaxie 500 fizzled, cut with Tusk-era Fleetwood Mac thump, and a shot of Lynchian weirdness for good measure. They’re slack yet focused, a spark in the dark distance on a desert highway where speed is relative. Formed in Long Island two years ago and since relocated to Brooklyn, the band has lately been wooing fans and critics alike, with glowing write ups in Chocolate Bobk, Pitchfork, Stereogum, Said the Gramophone, My Old Kentucky Blog, and dozens more, all on the strength of a free debut EP.

This is a fan vid, but whatever:

Amidst a haze of sepia-tinged delirium, the swirling reverb-cloaked concoctions of Toronto, Canada’s Memoryhouse exist to soundtrack the indelible moments residing in the obscure backrooms of memory. Translating songwriter Evan Abeele’s experience with classical modes and modern ambient composition, Memoryhouse create vivid depictions of surrealist beauty, unfolding with crystalline clarity and with a gentle vulnerability both lush and subtle. Accompanied by singer Denise Nouvion’s tender, nostalgic vocal delivery, Memoryhouse renders the blending of the contemporary with the forgotten, the traditional and the technological, the visual and the aural, forged within the sonographic landscapes of ‘dream pop’. Arcade Sound Ltd.

Ghost of Chance are an experimental rock band based in New Haven, Connecticut. The group’s distinctive style is characterized by subtle time signature changes and sonically open experimentation set to surrealist lyrics. Ghost of Chance’s sound takes its influence from 1960s psychedelica, math rock and post punk while maintaining the shimmer of classic pop sensibilities. February Records.

Manic Productions and Ampeater Music Present: Twin Sister and Memoryhouse

This post syndicated from Ampeater Music
On August 10th, Ampeater Music is teaming up with Manic Productions to bring Twin Sister and Memoryhouse to New Haven, CT. While Ampeater was conceived in New York City, our writers are scattered across the 5 boroughs and around the world--South Korea, Philadelphia, and even Connecticut (that's me). My biggest concern in making the move from the big city out to what in comparison seemed like a provincial community of subsistence farmers, was whether I'd be able to continue seeing live music with the same frequency as I had in New York. As it turns out, not only is there plenty of good music to be had, but concertgoing is actually more enjoyable up here than it ever was in New York. Since the market for promising independent music isn't completely over-saturated, the listening public actually gets excited about shows. The venues are smaller and more intimate, which means that I don't need to show up an hour early to secure a decent spot. Plus, the artists usually hang around and chat up fans, which as a music writer is pretty convenient. The reason this all exists is largely thanks to a fellow named Mark Nussbaum, or "Manic Mark," who runs the best local booking and promotion agency, Manic Productions. Their goal is to "help the best local and regional acts into a brighter spotlight, while proving to national acts that Connecticut is a legitimate and important tour stop by running well organized and promoted, and therefore well attended, shows." That first bit sounds an awful lot like Ampeater's mission to help underexposed artists, and so we got a-talkin' with Manic about doing something in CT. Next thing we knew, we're throwing a bash on August 10th at Cafe Nine in New Haven with Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, and a killer local band (TBA). Sweet!

You all remember November 11th 2009 as an important date, right? Well, that's the date we released Twin Sister's Ampeater 7-inch, which is still available as a free download right here. You might also remember January 8th as a slightly less important date--well, maybe not. That's when the giants over at Pitchfork caught on to Twin Sister and featured their first Forkcast track, which happened to be the B-side of Twin Sister's Ampeater 7-inch. Coincidence? Yes, probably, but we still got there first [basks in warm glow of self-satisfaction]. Ahh, that's the stuff. In his review, Ampeater writer emeritus Jacob Brunner wrote, "Twin Sister are a true pop band’s pop band. There may not be any overt innovations in their music, but it’s so well conceived, so well crafted and, most importantly, so well executed that you’d be foolish not to give their music a serious listen. A-side “Ginger” is a crash-course on everything the band does well. It starts off with a wave of texture so simultaneously diaphanous and huge it feels like U2 hallucinating in a cathedral. Insistent drums pound out a simple rhythm on toms and snare, a tinny acoustic guitar creeps stealthily in the left headphone, a beautifully cheap keyboard holds down the bass line. It’s the element of restraint that makes the track so successful. The marriage of sophisticated textures with streamlined structures makes for an irresistible hypnotic thrust. By the time the guitar stabs creep in towards the end of the verse, you’re almost paralyzed by bliss. Finally the curtain draws back, revealing a chorus like a wave of melodic reverb. At times it sounds like bouncy guitar pop of the Smiths slowed down to the speed of a slow-moving liquid. In a word: heavenly. They wisely ride out the chorus to victory, throwing in a beautiful guitar solo and a goosebump-inducing harmony of the words “I love you.” If it sounds corny on paper, get thee to a listening station and revel in great pop’s transformation of the familiar into the unfamiliar." That listening station would be right here.

With Twin Sister come Memoryhouse, the recently dubbed king and queen of the burgeoning dreamwave/chillwave movement. It's appropriately named--this is music to sit to, to think to, to dream to, and it bodes to be a great pairing with Twin Sister, whose textural approach to pop music is refreshing if not revelatory. The best description of Memoryhouse I've heard to date comes courtesy of Coke Machine Glow, and describes their sound as "a [Brian] Eno vinyl so deep in dust you could mow it." I actually have a couple Eno records with the requisite amount of dust, and the statement above pretty much holds true. This is the kind of show that encourages listeners to tune in and drop out, to let the music work its magic and patch things up from the inside out.

For those of you who call New York City home, New Haven's just an hour and 40 minute ride on the Metro North, and this show's a great chance to escape the summer heat and get out for a bit. I officially offer anyone who needs it a bed/couch/floor at my place and a ride to/from the train station. Seriously.

Ben Heller

Cafe Nine
250 State Street
New Haven CT
$8 - 9:00PM - 21+

Click here

Click Here

Constants, City of Ships, De Omega, Aether Wave

Tuesday, August 10 2010, Manic Productions presents:

Cherry Street Station
491 N. Cherry St Ext
Wallingford CT

$8 - 7:00PM - 21+


Buy tickets now or pick them up at Redscroll Records

Constants is a post-hardcore/post-rock/shoegaze band from Boston, MA. In 2005, the band released their second album “The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril” and toured the United States for ten months straight in 2006 in a 66 passenger school bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil, becoming strong proponents of sustainability. Jon Hassell (ex-Seneca) was added as a second guitar player, and stayed on as a full-time member for some time after. In early 2008, the group enlisted Rob Motes (ex-The Coma Recovery, The City is the Tower) and the band released a split 7” with fellow Boston post-rockers Caspian.

City of Ships is a three-piece progressive/post-rock influenced band from Pensacola, Florida. Translation Loss Records.

De Omega:
Experimental prog rock in the vein of Isis.

Aether Wave:
Loud guitar rock from New Britain, CT. They like to rip off bands like: Deep Purple, Hum, Electric Wizard, and Soundgarden.

Constants tour:
08.07.10 - Burlington, VT Monkey House w. City of Ships, Mose Giganticus
08.08.10 - Allston, MA Great Scott w. City of Ships, Mose Giganticus
08.09.10 - Portland, ME Geno's w. City of Ships
08.10.10 - Wallingford, CT Cherry Street Station w. City of Ships
08.11.10 - Providence, RI The 201 w. City of Ships
08.13.10 - Philadelphia, PA The Khyber w. City of Ships, Mose Giganticus
08.14.10 - New York, NY The Acheron w. City of Ships

Friday, August 6, 2010

They Might Be Giants in CT

They Might Be Giants announced two dates in CT:

09/25: Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Wolf Den
FREE 5th annual audience appreciation show (21+)

10/30: Fairfield, CT @ Quick Center for the Arts
with a family show at 2PM and a grownup show at 8PM.

Shine your mink car and sharpen your fang. It's kind of amazing they're doing a free show for all you folks working minimum wage (heeyahhh!) For more info and more fun, click over to their site.

Built to Spill and Chikita Violenta at Toad's

Built to Spill are probably one of the oldest indie rock bands that are still touring, and definitely one of the most influential. Since they were formed in 1992, they've released a staggering 7 albums, and have been on tour almost nonstop. They are absolutely legends in their own time. Doug Martsch is literally one of my heroes. You can't really deny the staying power or the longevity of Built to Spill, or the fact that they're continually creating great new music. Their last album There Is No Enemy was released after three and a half years in the making, and shows that they've still got it. Combine that with the fact that their live shows are notoriously top-notch, and you know it's going to be one hell of a show.

I first heard about Mexico City's own Chikita Violenta years ago, when one of my friends from Mexico actually sent me their album, telling me they were total BSS ripoff artists. Well, I might be inclined to agree to an extent, but there's a reason for that. Their second album, The Stars and Suns Sessions was produced by David Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Apostle of Hustle, Super Furry Animals) and was recorded in Toronto's Stars & Suns studio, the same place where BSS records. What's wrong with sounding like BSS anyway? It's damn good. Since then, they've gotten signed to Arts & Crafts and become the flagship band for the new Mexican indie wave that's hitting pretty hard down there. After hearing a leak (shame on me) of their upcoming third album, I can say that you guys should really be at this show. You can download the singles from their upcoming album TRE3S below:

Friday, September 3, 2010
Toad's Place and Manic Productions Presents....

Built to Spill
Chikita Violenta

$25 ($20 adv) - 8:00PM - All Ages
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
Buy Tickets

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chip's Unnamed Local Band Show

Do you guys watch The CT? They've just started running Chip's Unnamed Local Band Show, a 30 minute monthly show focusing on local, original music from in and around Connecticut. This guy will talk about anything, so long as it's local - he's fighting the good fight. The other day, they ran a special on Safety Meeting Records, including an sweet interview with Titles, a broadcast of the fantastic "When You Were Young" video and an exclusive peek at a new M.T. Bearington video for "When We Climb" off their upcoming record Love Buttons. He also interviews blues legend Rocky Lawrence. Since it's only the first episode, I expect to see a lot more good things happening as time goes on. You can get ahold of them and follow them on facebook here.

If you missed it, you can check the first episode here:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Field Recordings at The Space

Tomorrow night at The Space in Hamden, you can catch local favorites The Field Recordings playing a show with four other bands from all over the place. Here's the lineup:

The Field Recordings - garage rock/post-punk band from CT. We talk about these guys all the time, so I don't think an intro is necessary. They play all over the place, hell, they've even played my damn house. Here's what you want to hear:

<a href="http://thefieldrecorders.bandcamp.com/album/the-sad-cataloguers">The Awkward Circuit Boards (Or: Look Out! I Think I'm Going To FEEL!) by THE FIELD RECORDINGS</a>

The Framecell are a self-described "ambient/pop/shoegaze" band from New Britain, CT, but they sound way more like a straightforward rock band to me with just a kiss of the jagged guitar fuzz that I want to hear anytime someone says shoegaze.

The Morning on Fire - are from San Diego, and mix up post-rock guitar tones with growly vocals that totally have an Isaac Brock thing going on. Not what I wasn't expecting from their band name, but I'm really pleasantly surprised.

Stamps the Goat - before checking out their website I knew nothing about them, but they're from Manchester and do some fun lo-fi powerpop. They're clearly enamored with late 60s britpop, but when was that ever a bad thing? I'm interested to see how they'll sound live.

Eolune hail from Boston, and mix complex guitar-work with electronics, and super-clean drumming.

Doors open at 6:30 PM – $10

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Show Review: Arab on Radar @ Cafe Nine

During the Providence noise scene’s creation in the mid-90s, one of the most rousing predecessors was Arab on Radar. 8 years after their 2002 hiatus, Arab on Radar ended their first reunion tour close to home at CT’s Café Nine. Although a few members of the 21+ crowd were likely too young to have listened to noise music when Arab began, it seemed as though no time had elapsed between the members or the music. Even the presence of a younger crowd proved that Arab on Radar’s music has held its place in the noise scene and continually wins over new fans. Lead vocalist Eric Paul even snarled, “The only difference between 2010 and 2001 is 4 guys…. you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you!? Ha HA!” The four piece was decked in matching blue jump suits and lit from below causing a haunting surreal look that matched their dysfunctional music, while Eric Paul’s sneering voice complemented the abrasive noise punk, especially on the crowd favorite, ‘Birth Control Blues.’

Brava Spectre from CT was direct support, playing for 30 minutes nonstop of what seemed to be one single maelstrom of repeated rifts and technical chaos, but was essentially 3 separate songs. Bookending the set were the 2 songs off their new 7” record, which was unofficially released at the show. In the middle was ‘By the Lust…’, a favorite of Eric Paul’s. The 7” can now be downloaded for FREE here.