Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Studio 158 Throwback

Saturday, August 21, 2010:

The Wrench In The Works Collective
31 Moulton Court
Willimantic, CT

Free - 5:00 PM - all-ages

Facebook event page

Studio 158 was a non-profit, all ages, independent music club in North Windham, CT from 1993 until 1995. During this time we hosted hundreds and hundreds of local, national & international punk, hardcore, metal, ska and rock bands. This was a special time and a very special place that would be hard for anyone to imagine if they didn't go there at least once. This place was about giving musicians good and some BAD a chance to play in front of people with no strings attached, you didn't have to be cool, smart, funny, or cute to be here, you didn't have to sell tickets and give us your money, christ, you didn't even have to know how to pickup a guitar in some cases. This was by the people, for the people and for the sake of supporting artists that we thought needed a platform and for the people who NEEDED to see them. - Vic Szalaj, 9/2/05

The bands playing on Saturday:

Kimono Draggin (Members of Council of 5 Nations)

Zeno's Eros (Dawn from the B. Shrine Heads)

Brothers & Sisters (members of Maude)

Know Nothing (is about to release new cd)

Trash American Style will be there slinging rare and hard to find Vinyl

Poor Pluto

Powerblessings (members of Maude)

The Clearer (members of Gabriel)

Weird, it was around when Kevin Seconds played Cafe Nine and Ted Leo came through that I was feeling nostalgic and mentioned something about Studio 158 on the fan page. So it's really exciting to see that this event is happening. When 7 Seconds played at Studio 158, I couldn't get down there for whatever reason, but a drummer that I was in a band with at the time called Tracy Jane took our PA speakers down to donate them for the night. He got Kevin Seconds' autograph for me, which I still have folded up in the Soulforce Revolution cassette buried in my garage somewhere. It read something like, Sorry you couldn't make it... Funny how that became my modus operandi ever since; I miss everything. The curse of Kevin Seconds continues since I am already tied up Saturday, and so will miss this, but without a doubt everyone that knew and loved Studio 158 will be there in spirit. I still have a letter that Charlie sent me in response to one I sent to Vandal Children Records asking how to put out music on a label. I swear, I think I was like in middle school at the time. Point being, this was a place run and supported by people that genuinely cared, and who would take the time to write a letter back to you, or ask for help when it was needed. This website exists in large part because of the tremendous influence Studio 158 had on me back then. A thousand thank yous to everyone that put this together!

A near complete list of everyone that played at Studio 158 is on their MySpace page, including pictures of some of the bands and a ton of the old flyers:

The bands: Bimbo Shrineheads, Mi6, Forklift, Milktoast, Raining, Maude, Ben Hur, Cable, Thinner, Endure, Mister Bister, Structure, Daniel Shays, Opposite Way Of The Arrow, Shrike, Steadfast, In Vain, Gabriel, Jasta 14, Spring Heel Jack, Sorry Excuse, Silence, Pageant, Council Of Five Nations, Big Mistake, The Pist, Brutally Familiar, Faultline, Evolve, Age Of Reason, Skinhed Magnet, JC Superska, Spicy Gribletts, Nigel 6, Ska King Crab, Sgt. Scagnetti, Johnny Too Bad & The Strikeouts, Know Knothing, Natchez Burning, Gods End, Muck, United Hardcore, Disillusioned, Mushbum, Unexplained, Smackhead, G String Eyepatch, Fine Line, Roadkil, Frostbite, Malachi Krunch, Aimed Aggression, Spooge, Small Boy Vanishes, Stalwart, Justify, Vomit Punks, Mankind?, Mindwar, Hatebreed, Justified Front, Snapper, Chokepuppy, Cathode Ray, Shiv, Plink, Stickfigure, Break Faith, Cornerstone, Crumb, Nevergreen, Chuckbeat Grog, 108, Snapcase, Dirt, Born Against, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Strife, Colossus Of The Fall, Chamberlain/Split Lip, Grip/Dayspring, Endpoint, Falling Forward, Exhumed, Deadguy, Total Chaos, U.O.A., Crown Hate Ruin, The Queers, Blanks 77, Jawbreaker, Scapegrace, 1.6 Band, Contagen, Kerosene 454, Samuel, Blownapart Bastards, Garden Variety, Los Crudos, The Insignificant, Drop Dead, Beltaine, Devoid Of faith, Squidlaunch, Arise, Overcast, Eyehategod, Scobby Don't, Medicine Man, Hell No, Unbound, Daltonic, Pansy Division, Shades Apart, Halfman, Bugout Society, Sense Field, Four Walls Falling, Texas Is The Reason, Floodgate, Still Life, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Rain Like The Sound Of Trains, Earth Crisis, Fifteen, The Casualties, Unwound, Schlong, Alloy, Final Warning, Highway 66, Primative Tribes, Third Age, Converge, 7 Seconds, Shelter, Banner Of Hope, Iconoclast, Thirteen, Shift, The Yahmos, Baby Gopal, Iceburn, Engine Kid, Whirlpool, Holy Rollers, Antioch Arrow, Up Front, Ashes, Frail, Rye Coalition, Richochet, Bog Blast, Shroomunion, Dive, Indian Summer, A Chorus Of Disapproval, Warcry, Fatday, Jara, Naked Aggression, State Of The Nation, Kukim, Die 116, Brothers Keeper, Sweet Diesel, 5' 10", Channel, DI, Asphalt, Boulder, Buzzoven, Greyhouse, Mardu Fox, Lifetime, Ressurection, Policy Of Three, Glazed Baby, Marjan Crash, Frodus, Sleeper, Stick & Stones, Walleye, Hellbender, Damnation AD, Endeavor, Mouthpiece, Chokehold, Avail, Ensign, Elements Of Need, Freemasonry, The Marshes, Hose Got Cable, Doc Hopper, Transcend, Cause For Alarm, Prema, Despair, Anasarca, Christie Front Drive, Bleed, Whatever, Action Patrol, Cast Iron Hike, Bob Evans, Aus Rotten, Flatus, Render Useless, Introspect, Jihad, The VSS, Disolve, Cavity, Threadbare,Heroin, Morsel, Scrog, Shotmaker, Hellbender, Huasipungo, SFA, Ashes, All Fall Down, Opposition, Vision, Rain Still Falls, Earshot, Floodgate, J Church, Burst Of Silence, Bloodlet, Crisis Under Control, Stretch Armstrong, Dons Ex-Girlfriend, Assfactor 4, Pink Lincolns, Chisel, Gin Mill, Lifeline, Showcase Showdown, Weston, Radio To Saturn, 7 Years War, Catharsis, Karate, Impetus Inter, Quincy Punx, Portraits Of Past, Guilt, Enkindel


Brushback said...

"lol @ anyone who cared about 7Seconds after 1986"

I personally never went to Studio 158, it wasn't really close to where I was living at the time (the Tune Inn was a lot better for me). The one show that I had definite plans on going to, Screeching Weasel and Boris the Sprinkler, ended up being cancelled last-minute when Ben Weasel fired his booking agent... I ended up having to do a phone interview with Norb over the phone afterwards... so much for my Studio 158 recollections.

CT Indie said...

ha! Hell, I don't think I heard 7 Seconds until... maybe 89/90? Too young I guess.

Brushback said...

I saw 7Seconds on the "New Wind" tour at the Anthrax in '87, literally one of THE WORST SHOWS I've ever seen in my life. Like, top 5 worst.

CT Indie said...

That is hilarious! Top 5? ha. oh shit....

Hey, I finally checked out Motorama. Definitely like the Joy Division thing they have going on.

Brushback said...

Oh yeah, that Russian band. They're pretty good, though I mainly like them because they're Russian. I gave away my Interpol CDs years ago.

Anonymous said...

Studio 158 WAS my high school experience. The shows there and the scene (as well as at a few other spots, Eclectic House at Wesleyan comes to mind) shaped a teenage me and were a gift to anyone with an inclination to explore lesser known music in the region. Some of it blurs together, but the shows that stick out are Huge Bear, The Yah Mos, Unwound, Bikini Kill and Iceburn. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Anonymous said...

Buddy’s band was “Roadkill” from Glastonbury and we went to many shows here. What was the band with the two singers? Saw Slapshot there. I think I saw most of the bands on that Tune Inn compilation CD on Elevator Records. Good time. Just went between here, El-N-Gee, and there was a place in New Britain “The Sports Palace”. Murphy’s Law opening for Life of Agony in 95? Yes.