Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Field Recordings at The Space

Tomorrow night at The Space in Hamden, you can catch local favorites The Field Recordings playing a show with four other bands from all over the place. Here's the lineup:

The Field Recordings - garage rock/post-punk band from CT. We talk about these guys all the time, so I don't think an intro is necessary. They play all over the place, hell, they've even played my damn house. Here's what you want to hear:

<a href="">The Awkward Circuit Boards (Or: Look Out! I Think I'm Going To FEEL!) by THE FIELD RECORDINGS</a>

The Framecell are a self-described "ambient/pop/shoegaze" band from New Britain, CT, but they sound way more like a straightforward rock band to me with just a kiss of the jagged guitar fuzz that I want to hear anytime someone says shoegaze.

The Morning on Fire - are from San Diego, and mix up post-rock guitar tones with growly vocals that totally have an Isaac Brock thing going on. Not what I wasn't expecting from their band name, but I'm really pleasantly surprised.

Stamps the Goat - before checking out their website I knew nothing about them, but they're from Manchester and do some fun lo-fi powerpop. They're clearly enamored with late 60s britpop, but when was that ever a bad thing? I'm interested to see how they'll sound live.

Eolune hail from Boston, and mix complex guitar-work with electronics, and super-clean drumming.

Doors open at 6:30 PM – $10

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