Tuesday, August 10, 2010

America Addio - Cotton Kingdom

America Addio has done it again. In case you haven't heard this band is the work of one M. Kestigian, a synth genius recording pop in his bedroom. His second release is titled Cotton Kingdom, and it's mindblowing. Over the past two years he's been working on recording the album, and it's finally finished and available as the 9th release on Middletown label Enemies List.

It's danceable pop, with catchy guitar licks and fun vocal effects, but if you listen deeper, you'll hear intelligent vocals and very complex effects and production. With lines like "We're all raised by nature /Some of us by the woods and some of us by the wolves" in the track Simply Living and "I will have my Grushenka / The same girl that my father adored" in Astray in Hawkeyeland, you know Kestigian is well-read, and won't settle for typical pop tune lyrical fluff. When was the last time you heard someone spitting lines about Dostoyevsky? The entire album as a whole is a beautiful faded snapshot of the life in the midwest that seems to both praise and criticize all of it's flaws.

There's no way you should miss this. You can stream the album from last.fm but please consider buying one from Enemies List, as it's only $10, and all profits are being donated to Heifer International, an organization that fights poverty and hunger by providing useful and profitable animals to needy families.

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