Monday, August 9, 2010

Myty Konkeror - I miss the future.

"I miss the future." is a new album out by Myty Konkeror. If you're looking for crazy blissed-out stoner metal grooves, this album is for you. The music elicits the don't-care attitude of 70s anthemic rock with psychedelic experimentation and beautiful guitar dissonance. This album seems to be much more experimental than previous releases, and I can't wait to spin that thing in it's entirety.

You can snag it digitally on their facebook page. They're releasing a limited run of 30 clear records, and cassettes to follow, so make sure you snap one up as soon as possible.


Brushback said...

Wow, if this thing's really lathe-cut and on clear vinyl, then I think I wanna own one of these.

I've got the lathe-cut Mountain Movers 7", but I've never listened to it.

twinlakes said...

It's really lathe-cut, and on clear polycarbonate plastic.