Saturday, November 21, 2009

M.T. Bearington: The Cloak of Nouns and Loss LP

As a kid, the discovery of cassette tapes turned me into a complete audiophile. I spent hours recording my own radio show in my bedroom. I recorded songs, conducted interviews with imaginary characters, and captured the whole thing on tape. WMRD didn't last, but I still keep all the recordings in a box.

My recordings were fairly dorky, but sometimes the bedroom is the best location for recording. Take Matt Thomas, the force behind M.T. Bearington. After fronting a handful of bands, Thomas struck out on his own to record his LP, The Cloak of Nouns and Loss. Thanks to the magic of GarageBand, he recorded the original tracks all on his own. With this new album, the difference is in the details. The buzz of a kazoo, the jingle of a tambourine, or the slip of a slide whistle all decorate his folk-pop sound. Combining reedy vocals and lush instrumental harmonies, Thomas sings about eating animals, unwarranted anxiety, and joking about Jesus. Quite a combo! Plus, Bearington's videos are tough to beat (ahhh, baby with a beard!). If you like what you hear, check your local listings; Thomas and his five-piece Bearington Band hit Cafe Nine on December 5.

The album is available on Safety Meeting Records, and comes on a beautiful big vinyl record, with a CD copy included. It doesn't get much better than that.

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Brushback said...

Safety Meeting almost always does an awesome job with their records (packaging, pressing, the whole bit). Well recommended.