Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BunnyBrains88 - Squirrel Attack EP

Got the BunnyBrains 88 (they're going by Ultrabunny now) vinyl EP: Squirrel Attack. It's sonic experimentation at it's most wild - sludge, noise and wild guitar riffs all combine with effects-heavy vocals and a thrashing bassline. The A-side contains the song "Squirrel Attack" in two versions, one just instrumental and one featuring vocals. The B-side is a live cover of Hawkwind's "Born to Go" and another track: "Independent Civilian Interrogation & Defense Contractor." The package is loaded with goodies and extras, and as you can see the record itself is a very flashy red and clear 10" vinyl pressing.

Order it here at Equation Records.

Also, be sure to read the interview we did with Ultrabunny's bassist Malcolm Tent last month.

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Brushback said...

I've almost bought this a couple of times from Malcolm, but I didn't know the vinyl looked that good.