Monday, November 9, 2009

William Elliott Whitmore + Hoots and Hellmouth + Sidewalk Fave @ Toquet Hall

Sometimes while rummaging through youtube you find something amazing. Be it an elephant painting or a kid reciting a speech from a movie, it sticks. I was lucky enough to be doing so when a video of William Elliott Whitmore popped up on my what people are watching bar. This guy encompasses everything I love about music, his music more than progressive chord changes and abstract drumming its just a guy and his guitar sincerely giving his soul to the crowd. No hipster bullshit here. This genre of music admittedly isn't usually my bag but if more artist start showing a talent in music like him I will probably have to start a CTFolk blog. I don't usually go to folk shows but with Hoots and Hellmouth and Sidewalk Dave this show seems like one of the more solid lineups in the area.

Toquet Hall - November 14th
William Elliot Whitmore
Hoots and Hellmouth
Sidewalk Dave
Doors: 7:00pm
Cost: $7/$9 Doors
All Ages

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