Friday, November 20, 2009

America Addio: Plat of Zion EP

Don't get me wrong; I like electronica. Anything with a beat, a synthesizer, and the occasional robotic sound effect is good enough to move my feet. When it comes to lyrics, however, electronica can be rather lacking. On his Plat of Zion EP, M. Kestigian, a.k.a. America Addio, pulls from his old political science textbooks to create brainiac beats.

America Addio blends drum machines with more socially conscious lyrics than the average E-addled brain can handle. If T-Pain stopped by for a cameo with Passion Pit, it would probably sound like Kestigian's warbled vocals. He may be young, but Kestigian's lyrics have an old soul quality. Taking stock of the post-Faulkner South, he reflects on the world around him; sometimes the memories are pleasant while other times, the final note is melancholy. If you dig on this release, keep an eye out for his Cotton Kingdom LP on Enemies List later on this year. With any luck, this Middletown-based artist will play the Forest City in the near future. Stream the whole deal here on

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