Saturday, September 8, 2012

Malcom Tent Album Release Show / Tour Kick Off! @ Molten Java 9/16

There is only one Malcolm Tent and he has a new album coming out! The album drops at his release show/tour kickoff at Molten Java in Bethel on 9/16

From The Man Himself:

"Album, tour, album, tour... such is the life of a rock star. I’m knee deep in it and I like it!

The next phase of the cycle is set to begin. I’m touring the Southern states in September/ October and I’ll have a new album to cart around with me. Join me at Molten Java in Bethel for the kickoff soiree. I’ll be playing 3 big sets starting at 5:00. I’ll have copies of the new meisterwerk with me (on cassette, cd, and maybe 8 track) and members of Team Tent will be working the crowd for donations. It’ll be like Kickstarter, but in real life.

How many Malcolm Tent songs can an audience take? Find out on September 16. Don’t forget your pillow."

Show your support, Connecticut! Malcolm Tent gives so much to you, not it's time to give back!

Malcom Tent
LIVE @ Molten Java
213 Greenwood Ave, Bethel CT.

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