Friday, September 14, 2012


Indie Thursdays at Two Boots in Bridgeport is always bumping, but this show is gonna be something ELSE! Filled with talented bands, this promises to be an instant dance party, so bring yr comfy shoes!

From the Facebook Event Page:

Nominees for the CT Music Awards are coming to rock Two Boots in celebration of's Grand Band Slam!

Ceschi (pronounced Chess-key) Ramos has been in a lot of bands. There’s the experimental post-psych-rock-hop-jazz-fusion outfit Anonymous Inc.started in the mid 1990s with his brother David, the genre-defying latin progressive group Toca which collaborated with everyone from Busdriver to Aceyalone, Hardcore Metal band Dead by Wednesday, the lo-fi synth pop group with Blue Sky Black Death called Deadpan Darling, the Crunk-rap crew Knuck Feast and many more that he may or may not own up to. But most of us know Ceschi Ramos best as a one man band. Drawing from the experience of these groups, he ignites crowds around the world with simply his acoustic guitar, a laptop and the bravado of his dynamic voice. From quiet and playful indie folk ditties to literally pushing the audience, spitting fast-chopping raps; Ceschi embodies the spirit of a true showman - proving to us that one man can do it all. He’s spent the last four years since the release of his acclaimed They Hate Francisco False honing these skills and collaborating with an innumerable amount of today’s most talented MC’s, producers and artists of all genres. He’s toured America, Europe and Japan with independent hip-hop heroes such as Myka 9, Awol One, Sole and Onry Ozzborn and even created his own successful record label - Fake Four, Inc.- that these artists now call home. All the while, he still found time to play in those aforementioned many genred bands.

The Fake Babies live/work warehouse space in New Haven, CT, dubbed The Submarine, was used as a DIY music venue hosting crowded dance parties and touring acts. As of now, walls have been built and foam has been added, creating a control room and sound booth... forming Submarine Studios. With an in house engineer, Fake Babies now have their own private recording studio to birth what they like to call Dirty Soul.
With one eye on creating hazy psychedelic soundshapes and the other on pinning said shapes to the floor four at a time with whumping crunk underpinnings, this Constitution State electro-crew creates the perfect soundtrack to cruising aimlessly after the afterparty, trying to find more trouble to get into. Standout tracks like “Sophisticated Thighs” roll out with a sleazy Iggy Pop vocal nuance, but then chop the mood up with glitchy tension in a way that both frustrates and titillates.
"With woozy synths, processed drum machines and even-more-processed vocals, beats alternately insistently pulsing and jagged, Fake Babies sound weird, arty, chemical and spacey, but also melodically inviting and often downright danceable." - Brian LaRue "New Haven Advocate"

KLOKWIZE is a standout recording artist and live performer known for his trendsetting style and sound. Blending melodic, organic pop sensibility with rock and hip hop flair, the rapper/singer (born Patrick James) and his namesake live band (including wizkid guitarist Mike Alves) have been rapidly winning over listeners across the world as well as gaining a cult-like following in their native New England.

While most band try and describe themselves Mandrake Mechanism hasn’t had one person agree how we sound so you might as well throw away any notions this is that kind of profile. Instead we’ll just describe the band a little and you can “Jump to Conclusions” (office space) on your own.
The Lost Leader – Rook – Provides Vox and sometimes angular guitar playing when he feels like getting all rocker chic with his bad self. Most of the band discourages his Andy Kauffman type performance art that seems to grip at his very being. A gifted freestyle rapper Rook can switch a seeming normal show and erupt it into an all out riot. His main influences are Fugazi, Soul Coughing, Aesop Rock, Daft Punk, The Toadies, Kenna, Electric Six, and The B-52’a
The Caged Animal – Mike Macbeth – The Drummer and wolverine of the unit. Macbeth provides an explosion of percussion on ya dome. His famous catch phrases will keep you thinking for days if they actually exist or are just random facts. Macbeth is know for his style of fusing the jazz, electronic, and polyrhythmic patterns of world music together into an amazing buffet of tasty drum licks
Mr. Perfect – Chris Anander – Nobody has ever seen him mess up a part. He knows the bands parts better than the people who actually play the parts. He can outplay all of us. Has Perfect Pitch. Has a better Car. AND LAYS THE LOW END DOWN!! The wizard of the 5 string. He loves animals and will make a mean cup of coffee.
Beards and Braun – Anthony Volpe – Plays guitar after previous guitar player Tricky was killed during a Mountain Lion attack. He is mostly know for his awesome beard and making sweet guitar solo faces. He enjoys Burritos and Rollerblading alongside the rails to trails river basin.

LIVE @ Two Boots Bridgeport
(Indie) Thursday September 20 @ 9PM
Facebook Event

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