Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cold Snap 2008 Demo

The back of Cold Snap's photocopied folded-piece-of-paper-as-CD-cover reads, "This is the demo we recorded in 2008. Since then we've evolved from ape to man." Apes are still cool, though, and their bone crushing strength is definitely nothing to mess with. Ditto this demo. There's nothing groundbreaking going on, but no bullshit either. They save the best for last and then without any hesitation drive straight off a cliff into a pit of noise. It's not the self-indulgent crap you'd expect, just a simple case of the film getting too hot in the projector and burning up.

These locals definitely harken back to the bands that used to play Studio 158, and hearing this stuff reminded me of just how much I miss those days. Cold Snap are all energy, locked in, and aimed right at you like a rocket-propelled grenade. A small gripe is only that, next to the two fisted guitars and the steel toe booted stomp of the drums, the vocals are thin in spots. Nothing to worry about, though. Evolution refines things.

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Brushback said...

The photo that Mitch Dubey took that's on the Cold Snap MySpace is like the best photo ever.

I have a Cold Snap demo, too, but it's got a different cover... I think it's the same demo, though..