Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wooden Shjips rocked New Haven

Last night I saw The Stoned Ambassadors and Wooden Shjips at Cafe Nine. The place was packed with flannel and beards, as expected. The Ambassadors sort of had a Brian Jonestown Massacre vibe going on - dark shades and groovy 60s styled songs. The singer wore shades and played a big red hollow body. He wasn't really singing, giving more of a deadpan delivery, but it was still a real nice set.

When Wooden Shjips went on they really kicked ass. Waves and waves of drone and noise with a great driving backbeat all night. The guitar was incredible, and the vocals echoing from here to next Friday. They played most of the tunes off their new album, and they added a new one they said was part of their soundtrack to The Wicker Man (they're doing the soundtrack for a screening of it in NYC on the 30th.) They even closed the set with Neil Young's Vampire Blues featuring a guest harmonica player. Of course it was done up so it sounded like a Wooden Shjips song, but there's no problem with that. These guys nailed it - I hope they make it back to the East Coast soon.

photos by Matt Bohannan

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