Monday, October 12, 2009

Old Hannah - Bright World

Folk duo Old Hannah have released their new four-song EP Bright World.

With the opening vocals of "Wayfaring Stranger," you can tell this is going to be a powerful set of songs. Singer A.K. belts out the melody with a ton of passion while a lone banjo plunks out some accompaniment. It's the standout track here, and A.K.'s voice shimmers with raw power, something that carries through the entire set of songs. The second song "Lost at Sea" is an interesting duet with Tyler singing lead, and has my favorite moment on the disc - there's a beautiful guitar outro with a few sparse melodica chords played overtop. "When I Die" is a touching ballad featuring floating ethereal vocals. The last song "Black Star" is fun and playful, and the chorus singing along is catchy as hell.

There's a lot of promise in this album, and it makes me eager to go see them live. The songwriting is so strong, and these are some really well-crafted folk songs. Old Hannah is definitely a band to keep on your radar. They're planning a couple of upcoming shows, so stay tuned. Bright World is available to purchase and download from Willimantic-based label One Hundred Year Media. This is a good one, folks!

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