Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hatestick - Devil Whim 7"

It has been some years since Vernon, CT's Hatestick have given us any new music but lo and behold! A new 7" foretelling of a new full length LP to come!

"Devil Whim" is like a glitchy modern electronic Johnny Cash song. It's got the attitude of a beaten down blues man, with the glitch-synth sound of today. It is very experimental sounding and the vocals are very nonchalant and confident. The combination is perplexing. I love being perplexed by music.

The b-side "Silver Bones" is no less perplexing! Cheery organ reminds me of BS2000, with a drum machine that sounds peculiar and menacing. It builds to a slight sense of urgency at the end which I think makes for an interesting little piece of wax (if it gets to come out that way! [i hope!])

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