Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Wee Bees - Sunset Parade EP

New Haven's The Wee Bees may have gotten the inspiration for their name from this guy but their music comes from a long relationship with pop music.

These guys are seasoned professionals with a sound that must have taken years to refine. Their new EP "Sunset Parade" showcases their remarkable sound and fills your ears with dreamy bliss!

Opening track "The Traveler" jumps right into smooth indie pop. My first impression was that this sounds a little bit like Little Wings vocals on Decemberist's quality instrumentals, maybe more on the side of OK Computer era Radiohead. I love the leading guitar on this track and think the strings are a very elegant touch.

Then the tempo kicks up a notch for "Wintergreen", which has clear single potential. I am sure this song does VERY well in a live setting. By this point I noticed these guys all take tremendous care in selecting each instruments tone and effects. They clearly have a command over their gear and use it appropriately for each track.

"The Whale" slows things down a bit to a more "shoe-gaze" tempo but doesn't bore in the least with its jangly almost disjointed guitars and vocal harmonies. An awesome thought that came to my mind as I listened was that it reminded me in a way of Julee Cruze in the Roadhouse on Twin Peaks.

"Kitschy Pink Flamingos" is a real standout track. I feel like if someone were to ask me "what do The Wee Bees sound like?" I would say this song. A prime example of their unique pop sensibilities and command over tone, effect and composition. This track also has a stellar dismount.

Finally the title track "Sunset Parade" closes out this wonderful EP. Let me put it to you this way, we all liked this track so much at CTINDIE.COM that we made it track 1 on one of our summer mix tapes (the BLUE one). It's a fantastic tune that does very well in the last song position.

These guys are one of my new local favorites. Take the time to see them and at the very least take the time to listen to this awesome EP.

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Green Eyed Loco-Man said...

Thanks for the outstanding review. We are truly honored!