Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheerleader - Cheerleader

Cheerleader - New Daze by mexicanrobots
Hailing for the Harford, Conn area, Cheerleader indulges their audience with sonic cotton-candy; lush and dreamy pop. Their debut EP, eponymously named, is short... very short... two songs... which is quite disappointing, since it is so damn good. The group's upbeat overall sound embrases the classic 'indie-rock' sensibilities while still keeping the music fresh and interesting. There is a slight 80s feel, but I think it's just because of the drum machines. Cheerleader is a primarily keyboard/synth driven group, with dreamy guitars chiming in dueling with the buried vocals.
Cheerleader released this EP June of 2011, not sure why we didn't hear about them till now! But stay tuned for more music from these guys. I really think they are going to be doing some great stuff.
Download full EP at Bandcamp here!


Anonymous said...

Second link is dead. Super chill.

Jay said...

fixed! thanks :)