Saturday, June 9, 2012

Speedy Ortiz - Sports EP

Sports EP finds Speedy Ortiz expanding on the intricacies of songwriting that was being hinted at in the Taylor Swift b/w Swim Fan single that came out in march. Their instrument tones and mixing is still at an all time high and this clarity allows all of the lush details each member expertly adds to be noticed.

"Basketball" starts this EP off and is very listenable, even radio friendly. A very smart move to reel in the uninitiated.

The vocal harmonies are more prevalent here, and it pays off. The awkward guitars create a cumbersome environment on "Indoor Soccer" but vocalist Sadie Dupuis find the melody anyway and exploits it with perfect skill.

"Curling" is a slower song, but despite its tempo it remains menacing; brooding even. I particularly appreciated the guitar leads in this song as they added a whole new level of creepy to the environment.

A perfect summer sing-along is found in "Silver Spring". I would consider this to be the lead single from this collection. It's mild verse into swelling chorus is a great combination, keeping all manner of indie rock fan happy. It twists and turns around many variations and rhythms. All around a wonderful song.

Jangly closer "Suck Buddies", like "Silver Spring" before it has a real Pavement vibe, but not in a rip off way. I just get the same summer nostalgia and wonder I did all those years ago on summer days hanging out downtown with nothing to do. Super inventive vocalizing thru this maze of a song again by Ms. Dupuis! A balls to the wall blast of noisey rock at the end brings this great 5 song collection to a close, almost abruptly.

While the "grunginess" of Taylor Swift is turned down a bit in favor of horizon expansion, I think this EP showcases a maturing Speedy Ortiz, ready to give us a ton of new and exciting songs that challenge the way we look at traditional pop/rock compositions.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a bunch of reviews popping up. It's a welcome contrast to the constant show listings. Im much more inclined to download a EP than go to a show.

Robert Denby said...

More coming up this week, as well as an(incredibly lengthly) interview!