Friday, February 18, 2011

Nude For Satan! NightBitch, Part Deux, This Time It's Sleazier

It's been a while since we last heard from our own home grown denizens of doomy sleaze metal, and in that time the band has been very busy, preparing for some new releases, playing shows and generally raising a ruckus with their unholy racket. I checked in with guitarist Ryan Adams to get the low down on what has been going down with the 'Bitch these days as they prepare to play a show with sludge legends Eyehategod on Monday at Daniel Street in Milford.

So what has been going on with the band, since the last time we spoke?
Lots going on since we last spoke.

I heard you changed vocalists. What is the situation on that?
We have amicably parted ways with Phil Swanson and our drummer, Chris, is now handling vocals in addition to drumming. We played our first gig as a three-piece last month with our friends Black Pyramid and it went quite well. Chris keeps faithful to Phil's melodies and phrasing while putting his own personality into it and the result is pure sensual menace! We couldn't be more pleased with his performance.

The "Sex & Magic EP" was recently released on vinyl and there are plans to release on CD, can you tell us a little bit about that?
The "Sex and Magic" LP was released by Cyclopean Records on December 7th and sold out by the first week of January. Select American and European distros may still have some copies in stock and I believe our friends at Redscroll Records in Wallingford have a few as well. We have set a certain number of our own copies aside for both the EYEHATEGOD show and our upcoming appearance at No Life Fest in Boston in early March to take care of our friends and supporters here at home. With regards to a repress... time will tell. Jason and Cyclopean did a tremendous job and we cannot thank them enough. It really came out beautifully.
Phil, despite no longer being in the band, has been an invaluable ally to the band and while I cannot divulge any proper names at this time, it looks as though he has found a very well-regarded European label to release "Sex and Magic" on luxurious digipak CD format. Hopefully these will be in our hands by summer.

Do you have any new material that you are working on?
Prior to our trip to Dublin this past September, much of the time we would have devoted to writing new material was spent perfecting the Hour of 13 set. Since our return we have written and demoed four new macabre fantasias, one of which, "Disrober", we will be debuting on Monday. It is as much an homage to the occult / sexploitation films of the 70's with their cryptic rituals and otherworldy atmosphere as an experiment in focusing our collective will upon one specific and ignoble goal. "Nude for Satan", indeed!

~photo: aaron michael pepelis

What are your upcoming plans for the band?
We plan to take a break from live activities after these two shows to focus on writing and recording for a full-length. We have been fortunate enough to attract the attention of some excellent labels and we would like to precede the full-length with a 7" to showcase the new vocals and also include a cover for the B-side. We are also Hell-bent on returning to Ireland to sleaze with our brothers once again, bless their fucks.

Has your mission of "bringing a sleazy strut to the Connecticut music scene" changed?
Thus, our Hell-ordained mission of sleaze has not changed in the slightest. If anything, it has been crystallized. There are so many influences - musical, aesthetic, chemical and carnal - that play a role in shaping Nightbitch's refinement, evolution and forward-regression that each practice is like some reprobate alchemical experiment. We never know what it will yield, but we can be sure that GOD WON'T LIKE IT!
"By cryptic ritual compelled...
Nubile flesh...
Nude for Satan"

So there you have it. No reason why you should miss this show!

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Thy Will Be Done

Monday, February 21
Daniel Street
21 Daniel Street
Milford, CT
7:00 pm - 21+ - $16

Buy tix online from Manic Productions or scoop them up in person at Redscroll Records.

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