Thursday, February 17, 2011

Duchampion S/T

Duchampion are a melodic indie rock, pop driven, post-hardcore-ish band. I read online somewhere that one of the guys in Duchampion studied with Alvin Lucier (I Am Sitting In A Room) among having a handful of other academic musical fun. So, like the other solid and similar local act Fugue, you can hear the brainy compositional spine in their sound, but also like Fugue, they still manage to feel spontaneous. The new s/t record's production is pretty slick, but the one complaint is that the vocals are very very thin. I had mentioned the D.C. band Faraquet when I talked about Fugue in December, but I think maybe Faraquet and Duchampion have even more in common. Duchampion might want to check out the LP The View From This Tower to get those vocals better for next time around. Whatever, though, all the guitar work is intricate as hell and the drumming super tight. Check out the whole thing on their Bandcamp.

The LP is available in an edition of 500 black 12"ers. Purchasing the LP also includes a free, high-quality digital download in a format of your choosing. $15 USD.

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