Wednesday, July 15, 2009

House show

House show, Sunday, July 19th. It looks like Hot Air Press is hosting.

Justin Pigott (from Guilt Lust)

Peter Bonneman (from Denmark, played in Gorilla Angreb)

Crystalline Roses (western ma, plays bass in Aerosols)

Abraham King (from New Haven area)

Baby Grand (members of Hostage Calm, Make Do And Mend and Jettison)

Justin Pigott, Crystalline Roses and Peter Bonneman just released a three-way split, with four songs each. It's released on Justin's label Devine Noise. Abraham King's Mark of the Mess and Baby Grand's cassette are on Hot Air Press, with Baby Grand's cassette just releasing today.

Sunday, July 19th
77 Ellis St, New Britain, CT

Suggested $5 donation to help out the bands on tour.


Brushback said...

Hey, maybe I'll go to this. It's not too far from me.

CT Indie said...

Do you happen to know if Mai from Gorilla Angreb is still doing anything? I hadn't heard of them before this show, and I read that they split pretty much after she left the band.

Brushback said...

Gimme a break! I don't know ANYTHING about that stuff.

CT Indie said...

HA! yeah, man, me neither. I wish I could get down to that show, though, but I'm running around with the kids this weekend.

John H. said...

I'll try to go. Can't make any promises...