Wednesday, August 31, 2011

JEFF The Brotherhood coming to The Space

While their name might be a little bit misleading, because there are no Jeffs in the band, brothers Jake (guitar/vocal) and Jamin (drums) Orrall play a stripped down version of garage rock that touches on punk, glam, psycehedelia, power pop and 70’s hard rock. While some people say they the duo sounds like Weezer, to these older and more seasoned ears, I hear traces of the Ramones, Cheap Trick and a whole bunch of bearded anonymous 70’s riff mongers in their sound. Whatever you want to call it, they take all these cool influences and turn it into one energetic and thoroughly enjoyable racket.

To put it bluntly, this shit rocks.

On their newest record (and fifth overall) entitled “We Are The Champions”, which was released through the duo’s own Infinity Cat Recordings, they bring the rock early and often giving a listener an infectious jolt of rock n roll, that’s sure to tickle the their pleasure centers.

Opener “Hey Friend” builds off a primitive, yet effective, beat from Jamin and adds a psychedelic, Middle Easter sounding guitar riff to the mix as Jake sings about loving your mom… and dad. “Cool Out” is a Ramones-like speed workout, while “Bummer” piles on epic and catchy rawk riffs. “Shredder” lives up to its name, as the band plays fast and furious with a riff that is eerily reminiscent of Turbonegro in their “Apocalypse Dudes” hey day. This one just accelerates and accelerates until it explodes in your lap. “Ripper” quite frankly, rips with its combo of punk speed and groove laden riff breakdowns, while “Diamond Way” is pure power pop bliss. Closer “Wastoid Girl” merges all that is good about the band’s sound into one rousing finale. (They also made a very cool video of this song, which will hopefully be featured below. One thing though, it does contain some nudity.)

What’s even more amazing about the duo, is that Jake only plays with three strings on his guitar and Jamin uses just three drums and three cymbals. It’s interesting how they can turn this minimalism into maximum rock’n’roll and have been doing so since they started playing together in their hometown of Nashville back in 2002.

So here’s a chance to see a really excellent band in a nice intimate performance space. Still, this band does sound like they would go better with booze, and The Space, is alcohol free, but no problem, you can just cross the parking lot to the Outer Space and get your drink on if you are so inclined.

So, what are you waiting for?

Manic Productions Presents:
JEFF The Brotherhood
Colleen Green
Dead Wives

Friday, September 2, 2011
The Space
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden, CT

BUY TICKETS NOW or buy them at Redscroll Records

7:00pm - $10 – All Ages and 21+ to drink in the Outer Space

Also playing:

"Green One" is Colleen Green's first release for Hardly Art! Four tracks of lovely, catchy, fuzzy songs that range from 80s pop goulash to psychedelic drone; from 90s power punk to homemade Sebadoh-style songs of heartache.

Ovlov is an alternative grunge rock band based out Newtown, Ct. As Steve and Dave's previous band, Home Movies, had finally come to its slow but certain demise, they decided to pick up where they left off with a heavier take on the pop rock scene, and a new name, of course. Priding themselves on being the loudest band in the room, Ovlov craft alternative rock songs that are smart and infectious. They may wear their influences on their sleeve, but that shouldn’t suggest that they’re simply retreading old territory. The grunge elements are all there, but they’re rearranged in a way that feels fresh. Ovlov perform their songs with such infectious energy and enthusiasm that you’ll banish any thought of this being some winking, ironic tribute to the sounds of yesteryear. If anything, they are carrying that lo-fi torch into the future.

Dead Wives started in 2007, inspired by songwriters such as Robert Pollard and Lou Barlow to compile a vast musical catalog. Their fifth and most recent demo tape was completed in summer 2010, with more apparently on the way, all of which heavily incorporate the muddiness of 80’s proto-grunge. Dead Wives' current lineup formed in 2009, a dynamic 3-piece including members of Ovlov and The Screw-Ups. Some initial reviews described the music as “skate-rock,” a tag the band has proudly adopted. Their “Scuz Bucket” EP was self-released in February 2011.

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