Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Track Premier: Ladyhips - The Crows

I hear the Ladyhips are working on new recorded material! While we all salivate for it, they have decided to give us a new/old track, an unreleased song from their 2012 "Best Friends" sessions, called The Crows. This is a much more serious and dramatic song than we are used to from Ladyhips and further shows off their versatility and experimentalism.

Direct from the band:

"This track was recorded back in 2012, during the "Best Friends" sessions. Our good pal ended up moving to Tennessee soon after "Best Friends" was finished. As a result, this song sat on the back-burner for quite some time before we sent it off to be mastered.. This song was written while Sean was happing sleeeeeeeeep issues..
We hope you enjoy this tune! It's definitely a step away from a lot of our other material and a great look into how experimental the band was during their first experience in the studio."

If you are up in Putnam you should go see Ladyhips at The Stomping Ground March 15. Here is the link to the Facebook Event Page!


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