Thursday, July 31, 2014

Loner Chic - Pretty Void EP

Loner Chic have debuted their first release, an EP called Pretty Void. It is chocked full of pop punk and garage rock goodness!

"All Natural" has all the makings of a high energy pop punk song: major cord dominance, speed and spit! This is an all around perfect summer song sure to get everyone moving. "Be A Burnout" is a total chillout track, with Pavement like grooves. It builds and crescendo's in its finale apex, blown out and glorious.

"Imaginary #2" kicks it back up a notch with a pop punk sound reminiscent of Dead Milkmen. This song, and the rest, seem like they would suited well for the live experience. Sad closer "Christie" definitely takes it out on a somber note, full of attitude and emotion. This EP certainly ranges wide for a meager 4 songs.

It stands to reason by this example that Loner Chic will do some interesting and surprising things in the future. For now, listen to their debut EP and check them out at some shows as they tour with Milkshakes! Dates listed below the player.

8/10 - New Haven, CT // Stella Blues (21+)
8/11 - Worcester, MA // Stone Soup
8/12 - NYC/NJ/?? HELP!!!!
8/13 - Wilmington, DE // Paper Soap Street Factory
8/15 - Annapolis, MD // The Room
8/16 - Long Island, NY // TBA *
8/17 - Philadelphia, PA // Teri's Diner and Bar *
8/18 - Alexandria, VA // Milhouse *
8/19 - Virginia Beach, VA // College Park All Ages *

* = with Milkshakes

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