Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ian Svenonius & Calvin Johnson

Chain and the Gang, The Hive Dwellers and Toby Goodshank at Heirloom Arts, Tuesday, April 21, 2009.

~photo by Sarah Cass

Heirloom Arts Theatre
155 Main St
Danbury CT
$10 (door) $8 (advanced) - 8:00PM - all ages

Ian Svenonius & Calvin Johnson are on tour with their respective new bands Chain and the Gang and The Hive Dwellers (no page online for this new Calvin Johnson project yet), and they're hitting Heirloom. Toby Goodshank shares the bill. Get the skinny on Goodshank here (from when he played Heirloom Arts Sept. of '08).

RCRD LBL has debuted a track off Down With Liberty … Up With Chains that you can stream or download here: CLICK. The song “Interview With The Chain Gang” is “... sleazy skuzz funk undercurrent that kicks, stomps and struts its way right into the well-read side of your brain before traveling down to the hips … Sounds like funk 45s so rare, they don’t exist.”

For Svenonius, this is another step in a life clearly spent trying to do as little as possible. He's only been seen on stage as a lecturer, promoting his essays in the book The Psychic Soviet, sung in the groups Make Up, Weird War, and Nation of Ulysses, and also been the interviewer of interesting people on the Vice TV internet chat show “Soft Focus.” Pssh.

Rounding out Chain and The Gang is Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good to Me, City Center), Brett Lyman (Bad Thoughts, His Name is Alive), Brian Weber (Dub Narcotic Sound System) and Sarah Pedal.

Calvin Johnson will be using the same backup band for The Hive Dwellers. Johnson has been recording new songs and will see a release later in the year, or early next. The live show will showcase their respective iconic idiosyncrasies as completely individual frontmen, whose presence alters the sound of a band.

Check out this Soft Focus with Ian Mackaye; one of my favorites. Find out if Mackaye's negative thought waves are the reason why everything is such a mess in the world.


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