Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May 9th @ Artspace Underground

Tweefort will be taking over New Haven's Artspace Underground art parties once a month! The first bill includes headlining L.A. indie poppers The Tartans and the local indie band Panda and Child. In June, they'll be bringing Boston's powerful indie pop troupe The Hush Now to town.

The Tartans are in the area for the New York City Popfest May 14-17, and we're lucky enough to have them show up for a show at the Artspace Underground! The Tartans play janglepop with swirling organs, blaring horns, jazzy chords and plenty of handclaps. Their mellow, infectious melodies remind me a lot of a fusion between Belle & Sebastian and The Sea and Cake.

Hometown heroes Panda and Child will also be on the bill. If you're unfamilar with Panda and Child, they're a diverse, unique indie band that's been on the circuit for quite some time now. Their music ranges from soft horn-driven instrumental arrangements to blaring, noisy post-punk. There's enough wild flute lines and offbeat songs to satisfy even the weirdest weirdo. They hail from Manchester, CT; home of the infamous Grady Tavern. They've played just about everywhere in CT, the Midwest, and the Southern US.

Don't miss what's sure to be a great show!

The Artspace Underground is at the gallery at 50 Orange St., New Haven.
$5 at the door
$6 drinks provided by 116 Crown

The party is 8 p.m.-11 p.m. Don't be late...


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