Friday, June 24, 2011

Cervix, Iron Hand, Brick Thrower, Zone

Wednesday, June 29, 2011:

Whitney House
thanks for the scan Brushback
Hartford, CT

$5 - 7:00 PM

Please bring donations of canned food for Hartford Food Not Bombs to the show.

Cervix make Whitney House a stop on their Life Fucker tour next week. Washed out reverbed banshee vocals front this NYC punk band by a girl that sorta looks like the Ju-on monster. Grab a "special version" of their newest 7", out on Video Disease Records, at the show.

Hear Cervix's Death Culture:
alt :

Supporting are three Connecticut bands, the all-crushing Iron Hand and the new Brick Thrower and also new Zone (ex Ripshit/Dark Circles).

Cervix tour:

Friday-6/24/11-Ottawa w/ Asile, Nightmare Reality, Antimony
Saturday-6/25/11-Montreal w/ Locked Out, Subliminal Decay
Sunday-6/26/11-Montreal (Day off)
Monday-6/27/11-Albany, NY w/ Cancer, Dead Folk
Tuesday-6/28/11-Boston, MA w/Gash, Bloodkrow Butcher
Wednesday-6/29/11-Hartford, CT at Whitney House w/ Iron Hand, Brick Thrower, Zone
Thursday-6/30/11-Philadelphia, PA (Day off)
Friday-7/1/11-Philadelphia, PA at Philly Punx Picnic w/ Nomad, Ratface, plus more
Saturday-7/2/11-NYC Undead Vol. 35 w/ Kromosom, Mundo Muerto, Gash, Porkeria, Perdition
Saturday-7/9/11-Richmond, VA w/ Direct Control, plus more


Anonymous said...

why would you have to describe what they look like? what does that have to do with the band?

CT Indie said...

I don't know, ask GWAR