Saturday, June 18, 2011

Get your sleaze on tonight with NightBitch in Meriden!

~photo: aaron michael pepelis

Sue us! One of our favorite local bands is NightBitch, purveyors of some of the finest occult-themed, sleazed-out, trad-flavored metal around. The band will be celebrating the release of their “Sex & Magic” EP on CD, this Saturday at Scotty O’Boyles in Meriden. We thought it would be a good time to check in with guitarist Ryan Adams and see what’s new since the last time we spoke. This show looks like a lot of fun and it’s free, so there is no reason why you can’t get down there and get your sleaze on!

So what’s new in the world of the ‘bitch?We're busying ourselves with writing songs for our debut full-length. We have a few labels in mind who we would like to see behind it and we may precede the full-length with a 7" featuring a cover as the B-side. Probably 10-12 tracks of what you've come to expect from Nightbitch... tradish heavy fucking metal, riffs and sleaze with a sensual, occult bent. We're about half-way to where we need to be. Tons of riffs and a few solid skeletons in place. Also working out a couple of killer new covers that we'll be unveiling Saturday night. Gird your loins and fasten thee chastity belt!

ALSO... Chris and I have just completed our contributions to the Vestal Claret (Phil Swanson project) full-length. I appear on three tracks doing guest rhythms and solos and Chris shares vocals on a track with Phil. Just this week, we received final mixes and we are nothing less than thrilled to have participated in such a stunning album with so many phenomenal guest appearances (Andy from Black Pyramid, Jason from Iron Age / Cyclopean recs, Leo from Forsaken and many more).

I see that you are celebrating the release of the EP on CD after it’s been on two other formats on two different labels. Can you tell me how this came about?Though we have parted ways as bandmates, Phil Swanson remains a very good friend and ally of the band and we have the utmost respect for him. He actually put us in touch with Mark at Psychedoomelic Records, who just released the "Sex and Magic" CD and we couldn't be more pleased with how it all turned out. It's a gorgeous release and we are nothing short of honored be on a label that has released the likes of Reverend fucking Bizarre, amongst other doom luminaries. After selling out of the No Visible Scars cassette and the Cyclopean vinyl pressings, the time was right to enter the digital realm.

There’s going to be a CD release party for it tonight at Scotty O’Boyles in Meriden, can you tell me about this? What’s the idea behind this?Scotty's is my favorite bar in my hometown of Meriden and is conveniently located down the fucking street. It will be nice for once to get shit-hammered and have a 30 second trip home, should I not wind up in the bed of some lucky lady. We'll be taking turns DJ'ing before our set and Handsome Bill Connolly from No Visible Scars will be doing a guest DJ set as well. Vinyl only. FUCK OFF DIGITAL BUTTDARTS! Expect lots of Sabbath, Purple, Priest, B.O.C., Rainbow, Sir Lord Baltimore and Mercyful fucking FATE!!! Basically a bunch of friends fucking off in the company of friends. If you're not into riffs, sigils, tits and Ritchie Blackmore... YOU ARE NOT OUR FRIEND.

You are playing at midnight, any special significance for the band?It's the fakkin witching hour, bro. DUH.

Are there any plans to put out a full length soon? You told me you had some labels interested in the band? Where does that stand? Chris has yet to make his singing debut on a NightBitch record…will that be happening soon?Oh yes. Full-length forthcoming. We'll be shopping around a few songs in the next couple months and hopefully releasing a 7" of one or two new jams and a cover. Chris will surely be singing on it, as he's been hitting it out of the fucking park since assuming vocal duties.

How do you find time for both of your bands? How do any of you find time, as a band, as you all have other projects going too…isn’t Chris in like 20 bands right now?If you're passionate about something, you make time for it. I've got both Nightbitch and Ipsissimus. Mark has De Omega and Nightbitch. Chris has five bands at last count. The man is a promiscuous dynamo, bless his fuck.

Are you hoping some hot nubiles will take it off to your song “Disrober” and then shake it to “Sex & Magic”?It is Hell-ordained, Thomas.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scotty O'Boyles Cafe
23 North Colony ST
Meriden, CT

Free admission

"The vibe is SLEAZE: dress sleazy, drink too much and get sketchy!"

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