Monday, July 11, 2011

Energy, Mountain Man, Heavy Breath, Old Wounds, Code Orange Kids, Al Borland

Friday, July 22, 2011

Branford American Legion
243 North Main Street
Branford, CT

$8, doors at 6:30, show at 7 (booze is nearby, but respect the hall and keep it dry)

Heavy Breath are releasing their first LP The E.Ps August 9th on Get Young Records. The A side is their new Ugly Americans EP (recorded in June with Jay Maas at the Getaway Group) with their debut EP Synthemesc Dreams on side B. Their debut was tied together thematically, which I dug, and pretty much blew the doors in start to finish. Kilian's voice will always be one of my favorites in the world of melodic hardcore (even though in general melodic hardcore has never been one of my standbys). So, Heavy Breath sounded clever and interesting on Synthemesc Dreams, even making something as culturally pervasive as A Clockwork Orange part of the EP's thrust instead of a dumb distraction. All we get to check out of the new stuff is the song Real Man, which is closer to Refused territory than their last batch of tunes. Seems like they got way better and tighter as a band, though maybe getting a little too conventional in the process, but it's not fair to judge based on only one track. I do rather appreciate their... ahem... ballsy cover art.

The E.Ps will be available in red, white or blue vinyl - 100 of each color. The first 25 pre-orders come with a cassette copy of the LP.

And as for their upcoming show:

Bookface event page here

Energy (MA Punk)

Mountain Man (MA, Think Fast Records, ex-Last Lights, I Rise)

Heavy Breath (Get Young Records)

Old Wounds (on tour from NJ)

Code Orange Kids (on tour from PA)

Al Borland (first show, ex/current PoW/Das Hate/Cold Snap)

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