Friday, July 22, 2011

WESU's Homegrown - what got missed

God damn it, Alice, turn it back up, Ferocious Fucking Teeth are on

We tried to sneak High Pop's For Jord on at the very end of the show, but Thank You Mr. Keating's A Change of Plan faded out into the next program. Here's the track:

We didn't get to Medication at all, but it was going to be Judgment Day:

Medication - Judgment Day by sacredbones

Base Camp by Snake Oil was another that I wanted to spin. Here it is:

I wanted to play Female's song Bull Mugg off of their A Spider's Web release. Here's the entire album for your listening pleasure:

Dead Lights by Get Haunted was another favorite that we couldn't get to:

Finally, the new EP from Ovlov, What’s Great About the City? got missed - planned to spin the song The City:

I wanted to bring some Ferocious Fucking Teeth, but I couldn't come up with a non-lame way to not say Fucking on the radio, so fuck it, here's their EPIC track Hombre

Thanks again to Rob DeRosa for having me down. We'll do another session in the fall.


Anonymous said...

I caught the show. It was great and I am digging listening to your recommendations!

Supporting local artists!!
lsg original

CT Indie said...

Oddly enough, Rob and I were talking about yr photography at one point. He mentioned your B.O.M.B. Fest coverage as being pretty sick.