Thursday, January 5, 2012

Royal Baths w/ Jane Jane Pollock, and Jacques Le Coque @ BAR

Free show at BAR (254 Crown StNew Haven, CT 06511
January 11th @ 9pm 

* Royal Baths
* Jane Jane Pollock
* Jacques Le Coque 

Royal Baths
Jeremy Cox and Jigmae Baer started Royal Baths without a plan in mind but soon the foundation for their writing found inspiration from Cox's interest in the alternate and open tunings of delta blues, their shared fascination in the African rhythm of early Chicago blues, and Baer lyrically attempting to reflect with black humor and little judgment, and the thrills and troubles they stumble through.

Recording on whatever cheap four or single-track cassette recorder they could find, they eventually borrowed a Tascam 388 to make their first 7". The unexpected encouragement of the 7" drove Cox and Baer to perform their first show in a basement in San Francisco's Chinatown. Six months later they began work on Litanies, their debut full length released on Woodsist.

The band began touring before the album was released, opening for bands the first two of which Baer had previously been a member: first with Thee Oh Sees, next Ty Segall, the Fresh and Onlys, and Wild Flag. The Royal Baths went on their first headlining tour after that, where they found inspiration to write their second full-length record, to be completed this time in a studio on higher quality 2" analog tape. They declared the recording process complete only when their meager bank accounts were drained and they had borrowed too much money. Although the Royal Baths developed amidst the encouragement of friends in San Francisco's garage scene they felt stifled by comparisons to a movement where their sound didn't belong to, so they upped and moved to New York to assert their sound. The album Better Luck Next Life is set to be released by Kanine Records on February 7, 2012.
Kanine Records

Royal Baths - Darling Divine by mexicanrobots

Jane Jane Pollock
Jane Jane Pollock is an experimental-pop quintet that formed in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. We border hop for our slumber party practices in a comfy trailer hidden in the woods of Thomasville, GA. The sound of our music ranges from a haunted carnival to a hyper moldy children's toy marching band. Pots and Pans, glockenspiel, mandolin, space echo, Wandering Genie organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, jangly guitars, drum machines, 2 female vocals and 1 male crooner comprise our sound. The rest is a mystery.

Jacques Le Coque
Born out of a 60's nuggets and Velvet Underground open mic cover band, four young Connecticut lads quickly transformed into the raw, dirty, garage punkers they were meant to be, Jacques Le Coque. Two years and a hundred shows later, the band now thrives as a two piece, calling to mind Cramps/Ty Segall style surf grit with fuzzed out melodic burners and Back From the Grave era vigor. Garage Punque. Jacques Le Coque.

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