Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 TON BUG = WTF?!?! = X-D

2 Ton Bug is heady! It's a combination of VERY different sounds, in an amalgam of VERY different moods and teetering the line of silly and serious. When I first listened to their LP "Wedding of the Century" it sorta left me scratching my head. I couldn't seem to make heads nor tails of it because it conjured a bunch of different flavors of memories and influences. It was just straight up unusual. Then once I got past MY issues with the combination, the pop set in. This is easily one of the catchiest LP's out in CT last year! It has something for everybody: strong dancability, blues riffage (and other southwestern bits), noisy feedback and other sonic landscapes for people of different musical backgrounds and tastes.

The opening track is called "Time Trabblin'" and is a barn burner, taking place inside a burning barn! A mad riff breakdown takes this track to the next level near the halfway point. "Tank Wipe" has immense intensity for busting out your speakers. All songs stand out specifically as party songs but for some reason I feel "Follow the 2 Ton Bug" stands out as a super hit. Allie belts out the shouty awesomeness as the song chugs along like a freight train. "Meth Mouth" is like an old punk rock song set through the 2 Ton Bug filter. "Upgraded" it would seem.

Here is a brief and appropriate Q/A with the band via email:

how do you write your songs?
My grandpa taught us all the songs on Wedding of the Century at a pool party, except for "Follow the 2 Ton Bug" which is just a direct musical transcription of some sick Egyptian hieroglyphics.

what are your recording techniques?
We try to do all our recording in Mike's mobile mixing unit, at various checkpoints on I-84.

do you have any more recordings coming out in the near future?
We will have a fresh new LP coming out for 2012 once we find out from the record company how much it will cost to get 9 songs pressed to a gigantic cookie AND whether we wanna call the record "Tummy Troubles", "The Computer Chronicles" or "ASS WARD"

when is the very next time we can see you play live??!?!?!
I think we're playing at the Flywheel in Easthampton on January 5th, BUT you can always see 2 Ton Bug within the laughter and bonding of families all across Connecticut.

There you have it. Get on board and follow the 2 Ton Bug

2 Ton Bug - Wedding of the Century - 05 Follow the 2 Ton Bug by CTINDIE

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That's horrible. Look how compressed that audio file is... and it sounds like it.